How To Break Down A Rabbit? In 5 Easy Steps!

Meat is our primary source of protein, and we usually get it from chickens, cows, and pigs; but this article talks about how to break down a rabbit.

I know you might be shocked as to why some would eat rabbit meat since it is known as a lovely pet. Yet back in 1940-1950, rabbit meat was as popular as chicken meat that we mostly eat to this day.

how to break down a rabbit

And rabbit meat helped families go through the hard times of the depression. But rabbit meat lost popularity over time. So why not bother trying rabbit meat? Keep on reading to learn why.

Why Try Rabbit Meat?

Before learning the ways on breaking down a rabbit, you might as well want to learn why you should try rabbit meat in the first place.


how to break down a rabbit

  • The meat contains lots of protein, which is easily digested
  • Rabbit meat has less calorie value compared to most meats available in the market
  • Rabbit meat is one of the best white meats in today’s market
  • Rabbit meat contains less fat
  • Has less sodium content compared with other meats
  • The rabbit meat is cholesterol-free, perfect for heart patients to enjoy
  • The phosphorus and calcium content of this white meat is higher than most meats
  • The meat and bone ratio is high, which means that rabbit meat has more edible meat on its carcass; better than chicken meat
  • Rabbits are said to be the best as productive domestic livestock, as they produce meat weighing 6 pounds as the cow produce 1 pound of meat with the same amount of water and feed given
  • Lastly, rabbit meat does not have a strong flavor, as if you are eating a chicken, but not identical, and it comes with lots of health benefits your body will enjoy

Aren’t you convinced yet?

Rabbit’s meat, healthy white meat that is cheap to produce, is worth adding to your diet. I know that you are used to seeing rabbits as cute pets, but most people were producing rabbits to serve as dinner.

Since rabbits produce rapidly, some countries, such as China and Italy, include rabbit meat in their diet the most.

So, why not try it yourself?

Regardless, if you are already a fan of rabbit meat and want to try out new recipes, then this article is for you.

how to break down a rabbit

Before searching for a yummy dish, you might want to make sure that you know the right cuts to enjoy your meal to the fullest.

We will teach you how to break down a rabbit. Read on to learn more.

Steps In Breaking Down A Rabbit

It would be overwhelming to see whole rabbit meat for the first time; served with a skinless, gutted, and headless meat, you will be intimidated for sure.

We are used to cutting chicken since it is common meat for most of us, but a rabbit’s body differs from a chicken, so how you break down a rabbit is also different.

I can relate to this when I first encountered rabbit meat, but now I have cooked lots of delicious foods with it, let me help you with your struggle as you break down a rabbit into delicious pieces.

Step #1. Cut the forelegs first

Some shops would sell whole rabbit meat without removing the head.

So, you’d want to remove it first; all you have to do is use a quality chef knife.

Put pressure as you cut through the meat in a downward and sawing motion after you give it a good whack using a cleaver.

Now, place the rabbit’s carcass on its back as you hold the other foreleg in place, and cut the flesh which connects the foreleg to the shoulder, making sure that your knife is near its rib cage.

Do this with the other foreleg. The part is easy to cut since it isn’t connected to the bone. Now, let’s move on to the next part.

Step #2. Cutting a rabbit’s two hind legs

The most delicious part of the rabbit for me since I think of it as drumsticks, also, it is the easiest part to break down.

Since this part is almost the same as a chicken’s, the procedure of removing it would also be the same.

First, push down the rabbit’s spine; this will give you a clear view of the thigh muscles connecting to the pelvis.

Next, cut through the thigh. Now, you will see the ball joint, bend the thigh back to pop it out.

Lastly, cut the meat around the leg, separating the leg from the tail joint, causing the carcass to turn.

Repeat the process to the other hind leg.

Cutting a rabbit's two hind legs


Step #3. Take out its pelvis

Using a cleaver or chef’s knife, count two ribs up from the tail and chop between the second and third ribs. If you are interested in knowing how many ribs do rabbits have and other information about rabbits’ anatomy, you can read this article. 

Since there is less meat on the pelvis, you might as well take it out or use it for stock or sauce. The cut will let the flap meat appear on either side of the carcass.

Step #4. Backbone, cut it down

If you’re using a chef’s knife, you will need to apply more pressure since this part is quite bony.

Regardless, turn the carcass’s spine on its side facing up, then press it down with the palm of your hands to flatten the spine.

A cleaver would be best for cutting this part, but again, you can use a chef’s knife to cut the carcass in half horizontally down the spine.

Now, use a kitchen shear to cut the backbone from both sides of the carcass, as we do with chicken meat.

You can use the backbone for soup or sauce later.

Step #5. Lastly, quarter its saddle

You will need a cleaver for this part; if you don’t have any, a chef’s knife will do.

You can use any of the knives, cut across the saddle in a horizontal motion just below where it is connected with the flap meat.

Next, cut the lower portion vertically in half. After which, cut the upper portion in the same manner. Now you have the four-saddle portions.

Lastly, quarter its saddle

Now that your rabbit meal is all cut up, go and make yummy meals and your family will surely enjoy it. Happy eating!


More people are starting to take interest in rabbit meat but let me remind you to do your research first and seek professional advice if such meat is suitable for you to eat.

Regardless, please make sure that you are buying from reliable producers.

It is best to consume rabbit meat that is raised and taken care of compared to wild rabbits because their food and environment are controlled to fit the required safety standards.

Nevertheless, thank you for reading this article “how to break down a rabbit,” I hope this helps!

Thank you for reading!

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