How To Catch Rabbits In The Forest? Fun Facts To Learn!

Wild rabbits are different from domesticated ones and are not used to humans; you might want to know how to catch rabbits in the forest.

Usually, when you hear of catching an animal, you will automatically think of making a trap. It may be the most common technique, but it still works most of the time. In the case of rabbits, you can know how to trap a rabbit in this article. 

How to catch rabbits in the forest

Rabbits are known to be cute and fluffy pets, loved by most people.

But remember this: They were once in the wild, free from people. Wild rabbits know well of their environment, and catching them may take you a while.

But don’t worry because I will help you with that.

This article will tackle ways to catch rabbits. So, keep on reading to learn more!

Ways In Catching A Rabbit

How to catch rabbits in the forest? Catching a rabbit is not as easy as you think. Such a creature is always vigilant as it needs to protect itself from predators.

The forest is a huge area and finding one can be tough.

As I have said, they might be hiding from predators. That is why rabbits are said to be crepuscular.

Yet, there are ways and techniques you can try to catch different rabbits.

Before you search for traps or ways to clip a rabbit, you’d want to make sure what type of rabbit you want to catch. Is it a baby or a wild rabbit?

It is important to consider this aspect as you will need a different approach to catch either of the two.

Nevertheless, read on to differentiate the two types.

Catching Baby Rabbits

You might be wondering why catching a baby rabbit would require different steps.

You see, just like a newborn child, a baby bunny should be handled very carefully as they are fragile at that stage.

That is why the catching style will require being patient and cautious; especially wild baby rabbits; you have to track them often but don’t bring them home after capturing one.

It was observed that the kids (baby rabbits) cannot survive the abrupt change in their environment.

So, you’d want to wait before you catch a baby rabbit and take them home.

If you manage to catch a rabbit kid, make sure to provide the best care it needs to survive, I advise you to use a spacious rabbit cage.

However, if the kid’s age is above two weeks, you can apply the regular technique used for wild rabbits, which I will discuss further in this article.

Catching A Wild Rabbit

Most people would catch wild rabbits because they usually destroy gardens or crops. Make sure you are using humane methods to capture a rabbit without hurting it. 

Before you put up a trap, you want to observe their movements first.

Then, you can prepare for a rabbit trap, a wooden box with a wire mesh trap that is commonly used to catch rabbits as it ensures the animal’s safety once it’s trapped.

Rabbit traps are boxes with door rigged that falls when the rabbit enters. You can either buy or make one; it’s up to you.

Of course, don’t forget to place bait to lure them in. You can use lettuce, clover, carrots, or apple cider. If you want to add lettuce to your rabbit’s diet, this article can help answer all your queries can rabbit eat butter lettuce.

Now that your trap is all set, determine the suitable place where the rabbit is usually found.

Find the path that the wild rabbit uses often to find its cave. And that is where you install the rabbit trap with the bait.

Wait for 24 hours for higher success. I guarantee you that you will catch that rabbit in no time.

But, if you want to catch them immediately, then why not try to chase them. I’m not kidding, I know that rabbits are fast.

But if you can outlast them, then you might have a chance to catch them by hand.

So, take out the runner in you and be quick; endurance is a must as well, as you might need to run 45 minutes to make the rabbit exhausted and collapse.

However, it would be best if you just place a trap to save energy; you might be the one to collapse instead of the rabbit.

But if you’re not fond of the said technique and just want wild rabbits in your yard, then you might want to keep on reading.

How To Attract A Rabbit?

Bunnies are herbivores. They love it if you offer them fresh fruits or plants.

Carrots, apples, lettuce, and clover are perfect to use as bait since rabbits love these foods.

Wild rabbits would tend to stay in an area where their needs are catered, such as food, shelter, and water.

So, if your place can provide their necessities, then it will be a sanctuary for them.

This is a perfect way to attract wild rabbits; if they feel safe and content in your yard, they will most likely stay or come often. You can learn more how to attract rabbits in this article.

As we all know, many predators prey on rabbits; that is why they will surely seek shelter to keep themselves away from being eaten.

So, you want to shrub brier in your yard, courtyard, lawn, as walls that will make them look invisible from hunters; this will make them feel safe. Or make your lawn as gaunt as it can be since rabbits love a gawky setting.

Moving on to types of bushes that rabbits love, and these are blackberry, raspberry, and many berries that you want to have to keep them on coming back.

As for the winter season, where animals would find food and shelter to keep them warm, you might want to opt for dogwood, oaktree, and sumac to plant in your yard. Winter is here, you can know what do rabbits eat in the winter in this article. 

Why so? Rabbits love to eat brakes and floret. They will surely stay for a year if you can provide them with the things I mentioned.

Regardless, knowing what rabbits don’t want is also important to make sure that they will come to you.

Get rid of cucumber, potato plants, tomatoes, and corn since rabbits don’t like vines.

Now that you know how you can attract bunnies to your house, you can apply this when you want to catch them, or you only want them to be in your yard, then that would be okay also.


Lucky for you, if wild rabbits are common in your area because I want to experience that.

But there are times that these fluffy creatures can cause you annoyance, especially if you have a garden in your home or you just want to catch one.

That might be the reason why you searched “How to catch rabbits in the forest” and you stumbled on this article.

There is nothing wrong with catching rabbits, as long as you humanely catch them and your purpose is reasonable.

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