How To Get Wax Out Of Dog Hair: Step-by-Step Guide

Dogs like exploring everything, including candle waxes. It’s not easy to remove candle wax on a dog’s fur, especially those with long hair. But to help you out, I discussed a step-by-step guide on how to get wax out of dog hair without cutting it.

Aside from wax, sticky substances like gum, slime, and paint are a pain to remove from a dog’s coat. If your pet has coarse and curly fur, the dilemma will be twice as difficult. Despite that, my tips below will surely help.

how to get wax out of dog hair

Steps to remove wax from dog hair

If your dog got wax on its coat, the following steps would help remove it without the need to shave the affected part. Take note that it’s important to remove the wax so it won’t cause further matting and skin irritations on your pet.

how to remove wax from dog hair

Things you need

  • Cotton balls
  • Baby oil
  • Paper towels
  • Wide-toothed comb
  • Dog shampoo


Step 1. Position your dog

Before you start, you must put your dog in a comfortable position. You may need to restrain your pet if it keeps running away. In the worst cases, you can ask the vet for a sedative so you can remove the wax without ending up with scratches and bites. please read here how to retrain a dog from large nail clipping

If the wax on your dog’s coat is still soft, I suggest that you just let it dry and harden. Hard candle wax is easier to remove than scraping it off.

Step 2. Use baby oil

Next, soak a cotton ball in baby oil. Dab this on the part of your dog’s coat with wax. Coat the waxy hair with the oil. Let the oil sit on your dog’s coat.

Other pet owners use mineral oil when baby oil isn’t available. However, you have to ensure that your dog doesn’t have sensitivities to it.

Step 3. Comb through the wax

Once the wax is fully coated with oil, get your wide-tooth comb and start gliding it on the waxy part. The oil and brushing motion will loosen the wax on your dog’s hair. Just avoid pulling on it if there’s a snag. Use your fingers to work through the tangles.

Step 4. Repeat the process

After combing the waxy hair, re-apply a small amount of baby oil. Keep brushing and wipe the brush teeth with a paper towel to remove the wax you’ve taken out of the dog’s coat.

Step 5. Bathe the dog

bathe the dog

Once you’ve removed a substantial amount of wax on your dog’s fur, you should bathe it next. This is to remove any remaining wax that you didn’t remove by brushing alone.

Make sure that you use a dog shampoo. Lather it up on your dog’s coat and let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes to melt the remaining wax. After that rinse, your dog’s body and hand comb its coat. Pay added attention to the waxy part to ensure that you’ll remove the remaining substance.

Step 6. Pat the dog dry

After the bath, pat your dog dry. You can also use a hair blower with the lowest heat setting to dry your dog’s coat. Once the dog’s hair is dry, check if there are leftover wax. Keep combing the affected part until the remaining wax falls off.

In worst cases, the wax will not be fully removed in one bathing. If it’s not causing matting, you can leave it for now and repeat the process on your dog’s next bath.

When should I bring my dog to a groomer?

When should I bring my dog to a groomer

If the wax has affected a large part of your dog’s coat, it’s best to bring it to a professional groomer. Groomers use special products that you can’t find in pet stores. They can help remove the wax fully from your dog’s coat.

Going to a professional dog groomer is also the best move if you don’t trust your home remedy skills. This will save your dog from further irritations. Read more here: Yorkie Dry Skin Home Remedies

How can you get candle wax off a dog’s paw?

If your dog got candle wax on its paws, let it dry before trying to remove it. Like I said earlier, hard candle wax is easy to lift from surfaces.

For the remaining wax, you can apply baby oil using a cotton ball. After that, wipe the dog’s paws with a clean cloth to remove the wax. You can repeat this multiple times until no wax is left.

Should I cut my dog’s fur with wax?

Should I cut my dog’s fur with wax

As much as possible, you shouldn’t cut the dog’s fur with wax. However, there are cases when you are left with no choice but to do so. As long as you’re not cutting too close to the skin, I don’t think it will harm your dog’s coat.

Some owners decide to shave their dog’s coat when it got slathered with wax. Sure, this is a quick fix, but shaving your pet’s coat might damage its growth. A dog’s coat shaved too close to the skin will not grow back normally in some cases.

Is candle wax bad for dogs?

Candle wax can ruin your dog’s coat if you don’t remove it properly. The dog will also keep licking the affected part, which may lead to wax ingestion. While a small amount of wax is harmless, excessive consumption might lead to an intestinal blockage.

Aside from that, commercial candle products are mixed with various chemicals for color and scent. These could be toxic to dogs, so you should never let them consume candles or any artificial wax products for that matter.

Can I use baby wipes on my dog to remove wax on its hair?

Unscented baby wipes can help remove the wax on your dog’s hair, but it’s not the only solution. You need oil to soften the hardened wax and remove it from your dog’s coat. please read here furminator labrador short or long hair.

If you are to use baby wipes to your dog, make sure it’s unscented and alcohol-free. This is to prevent skin irritation, especially for dogs with very sensitive skin.

What wax is good for a dog’s skin?

What wax is good for a dog’s skin

While candle wax is a nightmare on a dog’s coat, other waxes are actually helpful. For example, beeswax is a very nourishing ingredient in many dog shampoos. It has anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties. Read more here: Best Dog Shampoo For Allergy Sufferers 

Aside from that, beeswax is non-toxic to dogs. You don’t have to worry if your dog ingested a small amount of it. However, it’s a different story if your dog ate a beeswax candle.


Knowing how to get wax out of dog hair will save you from expensive groomer fees. It’s also important to keep lit candles away from your dog so they won’t topple it and get wax all over their coat. Prevention is always the best solution.

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