How To Keep A Dog Cool Inside The House: 10 Easy Ways

Since dogs can’t sweat, they are prone to overheating. This is why you should know how to keep a dog cool inside the house during the summer season. You only need some household items and homemade cold treats to keep your pooch cool and safe indoors (please read my article can a dog eat cold food from fridge). Like humans, our dogs also need protection from intense temperatures.

Below, I discussed some effective ways to keep your pooch cool indoors:

how to keep a dog cool inside the house

10 Tips to Keep Your Dog Cool Indoors

keep your dog cool indoors

1. Turn your AC on

This part is a no-brainer. The most effective way to keep your dog cool indoors is by turning your AC on. However, don’t crank the thermostat too low. Keep it at a cool level so your dog won’t be too chilly. While you might be strict on the use of your AC, you should make an exception for your dog during a hot day.

2. Keep cool water available

how to keep a dog cool inside

Cool, potable water is necessary during a hot day. Your dog needs refreshments to keep overheating at bay. Keep their bowls filled with cold water that the dogs can sip anytime.

You can also add a teaspoon of green tea to make it more appealing to the dog’s taste. Also, keep your dog’s water bowl away from windows, doors, and other sources of heat.

3. Give ice cubes

Ice cubes are a nice treat for dogs during the summer season. It’s crunchy and cold, which will help them cool down on a hot day. My dog Sherlock loves ice cubes ever since he started teething. We also freeze brewed green tea sometimes for variety.

4. Provide ice packs

If it’s unbearably hot and your AC is no help, you can utilize ice packs to keep your pooch cool. This will also come in handy if your dog is already having breathing difficulties. please read here what are the signs of respiratory distress in a dog

I suggest filling multiple ice packs so your dog can lie down on it as it wishes. You should also refill it with ice once the first ones have melted.

5. Freeze some treats

Frozen treats are also an excellent option for dogs. For Sherlock, we freeze carrots, pumpkin, and watermelon. He likes nibbling on it as it melts. This is also an excellent idea for teething puppies. The cold temperature will help ease their irritated gums while keeping them cool on a hot day.

6. Give the dog a good trim

Sherlock is a fluffy Golden Retriever so we always give him a nice trim every summer. This helps him stay cool, together with other tips I recommended here.

Take note that you should only trim your dog, not shave. Shaving your pooch will only make it susceptible to hypothermia if you happen to open the AC and give ice packs. Besides, shaving too close on the dog’s skin will ruin its coat and the fur may not grow back normally.

7. Keep the area ventilated

As much as you want to keep the heat from entering your house, you should still maintain a healthy level of ventilation. Open your oscillating fans and exhaust to expel the hot air inside. That way, you can keep your house cool for your dog.

8. Consider marble flooring

Marble flooring is much cooler than carpet and hardwood. Allow your dog to lie down on a marble surface for it to cool down. You can also place ice packs near it so the cold temperature will disperse on the marble. If your house doesn’t have marble flooring, you can purchase a small slab for your dog.

9. Allow your dog to soak in the tub

During a hot summer day, we convert our ground floor bathroom to Sherlock’s “waterpark”. We let him soak in the tub, together with floating toys. From time to time, we will toss frozen treats on the floor to keep him moving.

10. Avoid hot rooms

When choosing a spot for your dog, you should avoid hot rooms. These are rooms with poor ventilation, low airflow, and is directly situated in the sunlight’s direction. While a certain level of heat is tolerable for you, it’s far more intense for your pooch.

If you live in a small apartment, you should cover the windows where the sunlight enters. We use foam insulation for our windows to keep the heat from entering, which will come in handy for you.

How to keep an outside dog cool?

how to keep dogs cool outside

Outdoor dogs are more prone to overheating since they are exposed to direct heat and other similar elements. If you can’t take your outdoor dog inside, the following tips will keep the pooch cool despite its exposure to the hot temperature:

  • Provide cool and clean water. Potable water is a necessity for outdoor dogs. Keep it filled so the pooch will have something to drink to help it cool down.
  • Provide shade. A shade under a large tree is an excellent spot for your outdoor dog to rest on. You can also put up a canvas shade to prevent sunlight from getting into your dog. If these are not available, you can consider opening your garage for your outdoor dog.
  • Time your walks. Outdoor dogs like romping and walking around. If you need to take them for a walk around the neighborhood, schedule it at dawn or dusk. These are cooler times of the day, which will limit your dog’s exposure to hot temperatures. please read here if the dog youre walking is barking at another dog what should you do
  • Set up a tub. You can keep your doggo cool outdoors by filling a large basin with water. Let the dog soak on it so they can beat the heat.
  • Avoid the dog house. Dog houses are cramped so it traps a lot of heat. Also, most dog houses are insulated to provide protection during winter. It’s best to let your dog lounge in the open, under a shade.

How do I keep my dog cool in the crate at night?

Like dog houses, dog crates are small so it could be hot to sleep at on a summer night. I suggest putting a breathable fabric underneath instead of your dog’s plush bed.

Also, remove any cover or drapes on the crate to allow ventilation. It’s best to keep your AC running if the temperature is really hot.

You should also place your dog’s crate downstairs because hot air rises on elevated floors. Ice packs also come in handy in intense temperatures.

Is dog ice cream safe for dogs?

Is dog ice cream safe for dogs

Dog ice cream is a nice treat only if it has safe ingredients. Unlike ice cream products you can find in grocery stores, those made for dogs have low lactose and free of toxic ingredients like macadamia nuts, chocolate, and excessive sugar.

Moreover, dog ice cream is an excellent treat during the hot summer season. Still, you should only give a small amount from time to time as this ice cream is a source of excess calories.

If your dog can’t tolerate ice cream, you can still explore other alternative treats. You can give frozen banana slices, carrots, and ice cubes. These are low in calories, which is an excellent option for dogs on a diet.

Does wetting dogs’ paws cool them down?

Yes, wetting your dog’s paws help in cooling it down. You can let your dog stand on cold water as a way to keep it cool on a hot day.

This is the same reason why dogs love walking on puddles and jumping into lakes. It’s especially true if you’ve just taken your pooch on a long walking during a hot day.


Knowing how to keep a dog cool inside the house is important to prevent overheating. Even if your pooch isn’t exposed outdoors, their heightened senses mean they perceive heat much worse than we do. Also, dogs don’t sweat so they find it hard to cool their body down. You should always be of assistance by providing cold water, a cool space to rest, and a small pool where your dog can wade.

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