How To Keep Cats Off Flat Screen TV? Here’s The Effective Solution!

How to keep cats off flat screen tv? Cats are naturally inclined to climb and, unfortunately, their common targets are the top of television sets. With that, many feline owners are asking me how to keep cats off flat screen TV.

Whether it’s the old-school cathode-ray tube TVs or the newer flat screens, cats have an undying affinity for climbing it. The ugly part is that their claws and predatory tendencies can lead to a ruined TV – God forbid yours is an expensive one.

how to keep cats off flat screen tv

In this post, I will discuss why cats love getting on flat screen TVs and what you can do about it. Read on and let us know if you have additional pointers to share in the comment section!

Why do cats like climbing on TV sets?

Before we dive into the practical solutions, it’s important to understand why cats climb on TV sets in the first place.

why do cats like climbing on tv sets

1. They love the warmth.

The most common reason why cats climb on top of TV screens is the warmth it emits. It’s no secret that felines love warmth as it provides them a sense of security and comfort. Technically, cats gravitate toward all appliances, including stoves, heaters, and so on. However, this habit can be catastrophic as either your kitty will get hurt or the appliance will be damaged.

2. They love heights.

Another thing you should know is that cats love heights. Perching on elevated spaces allows them to have a better view of the surroundings, which is rooted in their survival instincts in the wild. So if your flat screen TV is placed or mounted on an elevated surface, you should expect your cat to see it as a perfect spot for climbing.

3. They are intrigued by what you’re watching.

Felines are natural hunters and they often get hooked to moving objects, especially something that resembles prey. So if what you’re watching has this, your kitty may try to pursue the ‘virtual prey’ by getting on your flat screen TV. Take note that cats have varying prey drive intensity. Some are in extremes while others are more laidback.

4. They want to get your attention.

Lastly, climbing on your flat screen TV might be your pet’s way of getting your attention. This is much so if you reinforce the behavior by giving in to what your pet likes.

While kitties have a reputation for being snobbish, they can get clingy as well. This could be the reason why your pet will suddenly climb on TV sets and exhibit other unusual behavior just to beg your attention.

How To Keep Cats Off Flat Screen TV?

You shouldn’t wait for your kitty to wreck your flat screen TV before you do something about this habit. Below are some of the easy and effective ways to teach you how to keep cats off flat screen TV.

How to stop your cat from climbing on your flat screen TV

1. Use scents your cat doesn’t like

Using scents cats don’t like is an effective method to stop your pet from getting into your flat screen TV. Some of these are citrus, mint, pine, and several essential oils.

You can simply apply these scents near your flat screen TV to deter your cat from climbing. Still, be careful as some kitties may have an untoward reaction to such scents or substances.

2. Make the spot uncomfortable

Aside from using various scents, you can also make the area of your flat screen TV uncomfortable for your cat. For example, you can place cellophane tape around your TV. Cats hate the texture and sound cellophane makes whenever they touch it.

You can also try foil sheet or basically anything that your cat dislikes. One of my friends actually place a few oranges on her TV rack, which successfully repelled her cat from climbing.

3. Distract your cat

Your cat won’t target your flat screen TV if it’s occupied by other things. Providing interactive toys is a good way to do this. Overall, cats aren’t difficult to entertain. A feather tied on a string or a bouncy ball might be the easy solution you need to keep the kitty away from the TV.

4. Remove ways for your cat to climb to the TV

If your flat screen TV is mounted, you should remove any platform or surface your cat can use to climb. A common example here is shelves placed right beside TV sets. Also, you should remove anything that could attract your cat towards the flat screen TV. Avoid placing its toys, treats, or any similar object near the television, so your kitty won’t climb and try to retrieve it.

5. Limit your cat’s access to the living room

If your kitty is obsessed with your television, it will help a lot to reduce its access to your living room. You can use scat mats or training collars to create a virtual barricade throughout your home.

While cats aren’t the same as dogs, you can still try training your pet not to climb on fragile objects like television sets.

How do you keep cats off electronics?

Now you know how to keep cats off flat screen tv but what about other electronics? Cats are attracted to electronics, but they aren’t a good mix. Felines love chewing wires, slapping computer screens, and causing other damages.

To keep your pet off your electronic devices, it’s important not to reinforce the behavior in the first place. If your cat tries to step on your keyboard or bite your charger wire, say a firm no. Cat-proofing your home is also necessary to ensure that your cat is also protected from potential injuries.

Why do cats jump in front of the TV?

Cats often jump into TV screens when they perceive whatever you’re watching as prey. Always remember that felines are predatory by design, so it’s not surprising that they will try to go after squirrels or birds shown on your television. Moreover, felines have the visual acuity to identify the objects being shown on your TV.

On the other hand, your cat may jump in front of your TV in an attempt to climb. Your kitty might be trying to perch on top of your flat screen television. Whatever the reason is, you must act to prevent damages to your electronic appliances. It’s also for the sake of your cat’s safety as unmounted TV screens can easily fall over.


Cats are notorious climbers, even if it means targeting your new television. This is why you should know how to keep cats off flat screen TV to avoid costly damages. Patience is always the key as some cats can be overzealous when it comes to getting what they want. But if all else fails, barring your cat’s access to the TV area is the best solution.

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