How To Keep Dog From Digging Under Chain Link Fence

Knowing how to keep dog from digging under chain link fence is a must to prevent the pooch from running away. Since some canines are escape artists and Houdinis, you should consider using a concrete footer or rollers to prevent digging. You can also bury the chicken wire or use a wireless fence system to deter your pet from getting into the fence.

how to keep my dog from digging under chain link fence

how to keep dog from digging under chain link fence

Some dogs have an affinity to digging, so the underpart of your chain link fence might be their next target. If not addressed right away, your dog can escape your yard if it digs deep enough to create an exit hole. To prevent this, you can do the following steps:

If your dog digs and pushes a chain link fence to escape, one thing you can do is to create an L-footer during installation. You simply fold a portion of the chain link material inward then bury this part underground.

When your dog tries to dig, it will be barred by the folded portion. If you don’t want to do digging work, you can lay the folded part flat and grow some grass on top of it.

Another option that you have is to pour concrete at the base. Once it hardens, there’s no way your dog can dig on it.

Make sure that you press the bottom of the chain link fence into the concrete before it dries up. This method will take extra work, but it’s almost foolproof.

  • Install drive tent stakes

If you don’t want anything too conspicuous, you can use drive tent stakes to reinforce your chain link fence. Simply bury the stakes on an angled position, so it has extra support if your dog tries to push the bottom of the fence.

You should install the stakes close to each other to stop the dog from digging and escaping. The good thing about this method is that it’s very easy to do and it doesn’t ruin the look of your yard.

  • Bury chicken wire

Another effective digging deterrent is burying a layer of chicken wire under the chain link fence. This rough layer feels uncomfortable on a dog’s paws. It will also serve as a barrier to stop them from digging. please read here how to stop a dog from killing chickens.

  • Cover up

One of the reasons why dogs dig through a chain link fence is a distraction on the other side. To prevent this, it will help to cover the chain link fence with reed rolls or slats. Since your dog can’t see anything beyond the chain link fence, it will not have the urge to chase and pursue something past the fence.

  • Tire your dog

Some dogs have a hard-wired nature to dig because of their breed. The likes of Beagles, Jack Russel Terriers, Schnauzers, and Dachshunds love excavating due to their intense energy levels.

One thing you can do about this is giving the dog more exercise. You can take the pup on a walk around the neighborhood or give it extended playtime.

This will drain the dog’s extra energy, which will reduce the digging under the chain link fence.

  • Using redundant fences

If your dog defies all efforts you made, the most effective option is using redundant fences. No, you don’t necessarily have to put up another physical fence. You can utilize a wireless electric dog fence to discourage your dog from getting near your chain link fence. You can set the coverage a few feet away from your chain link fence so your dog won’t touch it. please read here how dose wieless electric dog fence work.

What can I put on the bottom of my fence to keep my dog in?

What can I put on the bottom of my fence to keep my dog in

You can use chicken wire, concrete, and drive tent stakes underneath your chain link fence to keep your dog in.

Remember that aside from digging, smaller dogs can push the loose footer to escape your yard.

Some pet owners recommend leaving citrus peels at the bottom of the fence since canines find the scent repulsive.

How do I stop my dogs from digging holes?

How do I stop my dogs from digging holes

Many dogs love digging, whether under a chain link fence or the middle of a garden. Training will go a long way to combat the digging habit. You can also put up some deterrents to discourage the behavior. Make sure that whatever your method is, it should be safe and not punishing the pet. Please read here why is my dog digging holes all of a sudden 

How do you fill the gap at the bottom of a fence?

To fill the gap at the foot of your chain link fence, you can pour concrete on it. You can also use tent stakes to pull the chain link down and solve the gap. Bricks may work, but most dogs can toss it away once they start digging. please read here why dose my dog dig at carpet.

How do I keep animals from digging under my fence?

How do I keep animals from digging under my fence

Aside from dogs, you also have to watch out for feral animals digging under your fence.

The solutions you use for your dog usually works for almost all stray animals that may try to breach your barriers. Striped skunks are one of the most notorious diggers on chain link fences.


Does vinegar stop dogs from digging?

Dogs hate the smell of vinegar so it will somehow stop them from touching the foot of your chain link fence. However, don’t pour pure vinegar as it will make your yard smell like a sour mess. Create a 50/50 solution of vinegar and water then spray it all over the base of your fence.

However, you should observe your dog after applying this solution. Some dogs can tolerate the strong smell and keep digging.

Can I use cayenne pepper to stop my dog from digging?

Cayenne pepper may work if your dog can tolerate vinegar. However, you should only use a small amount and always dilute it in water. In fact, you can mix cayenne pepper with vinegar to make a stronger deterrent.


You should knowing how to keep dog from digging under chain link fence so your pet won’t escape. There are simple solutions and deterrents that you can use without harming your doggo. You can use chicken wire, citrus peels, concrete, and more to solve the digging problem.

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