How To Make a Dog Diaper at Home – 5 DIY Options

Sometimes, you’d need diapers for your dog. It could be due to incontinence, other health problems, or when you’re taking the pooch outdoors. Dog nappies come handy, and it will save you from the shame of your dog pooping in public places. For this post, I will teach you how to make a dog diaper using items at home. Below, I discussed different DIY diaper options that even dummies can make.

Pros and cons of dog diapers

Pros and cons of dog diapers

how to make a dog diaper

Dog diapers can save the day, especially if you have freshly installed carpet. Aside from preventing your dog from soiling the floor, dog diapers are also useful for female dogs in heat. It blocks male dogs from licking the rear of the female canine as well as the possibility of mating. And if the female dog in heat has a menstrual flow, dog diapers will catch the mess.

Aside from that, senior dogs will benefit a lot from using diapers. Similar to humans, older dogs will have frequent accidents around the house since they no longer have the energy to move around fast. Most commercial establishments will also require that you put your dog on a diaper before going in.

Lastly, dog diapers come handy when your dog is sick or suffering from incontinence.

However, you should never use dog diapers for house training. It’s counterintuitive, and your dog will not learn how to hold it because the diaper will eventually catch the mess.

How to make DIY dog diapers?

how to make diy dog diapers

DIY dog diaper #1 – Modified baby diaper

If you’re looking for the simplest DIY dog diaper, you’re at the right place. For this DIY option, you only need a baby diaper and a pair of scissors. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Get a baby diaper, preferably one that fits your dog. If you have a baby at home, this material won’t be a problem.
  • Using a pair of scissors, cut a hole through the baby diaper where the dog’s tail will go.
  • However, if you have a tailless dog, a Corgi, for example, you can use the diaper as is.
  • After cutting the hole, put the diaper on your dog, and you’re done!

However, the downside here is that you have to keep buying baby diapers. It’s not practical and will be such a waste. If that’s the case, you can move on to the next option.

DIY dog diaper #2 – Sanitary pad diaper

For this one, you only need a sanitary pad and a pair of children’s boxer briefs. Here’s how to do it:

  • The first thing you need to do is to cut a tail hole on the boxer briefs.
  • The tail hole will usually fall somewhere in the crotch.
  • After cutting the hole, slide the sanitary napkin inside the boxer briefs. It should line up with the middle stitch that connects the two legs.
  • If your dog is small, you have to modify the boxer briefs so it will be tighter. You must do this before performing any other steps.
  • To reduce the size of the boxer briefs, cut both sides then stitch it back. I recommend taking measurements of your dog’s body girth to be sure.

DIY dog diaper #3 – Pee pad diaper

Another dog diaper is one made of a pee pad. It takes a lot more cutting, but the steps are simple and easy to follow. Here’s how it goes:

  • On a pee pad, make an hour-glass shaped cut-out.
  • Make sure that the size of the hour-glass shaped cut-out will fit your dog well.
  • Measure your dog’s hip girth and other parts where the diaper will be put on.
  • Once you have the cut-out, simply slip it through your dog’s legs and tape each side. If you want, you can use Velcro, but you’d have to remove it later on since this one is disposable.

Much like buying baby diapers for the first DIY option, pee pads will incur costs in the long run. Anyway, if you have unused pads at home, it would be convenient to use some of them.

DIY dog diaper #4 – Sock diaper

If your goal for using dog diaper is to prevent mating or for your female dog’s menstruation, the sock option works well. You only need an old sock and a pair of scissors.

  • For the sock diaper, you need a sock that’s long enough to go from your dog’s tail and down to its bladder.
  • Once you have the sock, the next step is to cut a tail hole near the toe area.
  • After cutting a tail hole, cut the leg portion of the sock into two.
  • Remember that you should lay the sock flat with the top portion facing up.
  • Once done, slip your dog’s tail on the tail hole, then pull the two sock leg pieces around your dog’s legs.
  • Pull the split sock legs up and tie it together.
  • If you wish, you can add a sanitary napkin cut-out on the sock’s bladder to prevent leaks.

The good thing about this DIY dog diaper is that the sock is washable. You can use it repeatedly on your dog without spending anything. And if the sock diaper got worn out, you can make another one out of old pairs.

DIY dog diaper #5 – T-shirt diaper

If you have an old t-shirt you no longer wear, you can use it to make dog nappies. Here are the easy steps:

  • Similar to the pee pad option I discussed above, you should make an hourglass-shaped cut-out on the t-shirt.
  • Make sure that you factor in your dog’s size
  • You can also fold the t-shirt first to double up the layer of the diaper.
  • Once you have the cut-out, you need to cut a tail hole on it.
  • Put it on your dog in the same fashion as you’d put a baby diaper.
  • If you’re worried about leaks, you can use a small peed pad cut-out or a sanitary napkin inside the t-shirt dog diaper.

Once the first t-shirt dog diaper wears out, you can make another one from just about any fabric that you have. This is cost-efficient, especially if you have a large dog that won’t fit in any baby diaper. please read here 10 best dog diaper for yorkies.


How to make dog diapers stay on

How to make dog diapers stay on

One of the struggles when using dog diapers is ensuring that it stays on your pet. Some doggos will try to take it off the first time you put it on. This is a normal response since dogs aren’t used to wearing anything. Here are some of the hacks I recommend so the dog diaper will stay on the entire time:

  • Use canine suspenders. Canine suspenders are similar to the suspenders used by humans. You can clip it on your dog’s DIY diaper then run it on a criss-cross fashion on your dog’s shoulder. This will keep the dog diaper on while preventing the suspenders from falling off.
  • Observe the right fit. The fit of your DIY dog diaper will dictate how well it will stay on. However, you should never make it too tight because it will be uncomfortable for your dog. You can use a band to compensate for any slack on your homemade dog diaper. please read here using homemade enzyme cleaner for dog urine
  • Train your dog. Sometimes, no matter how well the dog diaper fits, your dog will try to paw it away. Positive reinforcement will go a long way here. If your dog tries to chew off or paw the diaper, say a firm ‘no!’. When the dog stops, give it a treat right away. Repeat this process until your dog learns that leaving the diaper on is a rewarded behavior.


Knowing how to make a dog diaper is a money-saving skill. You will also reduce wastes at home as compared to buying bulks of commercially made dog diapers. With a little creativity and some items at home, you can make a low-budget dog nappy.

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