How To Make A Guinea Pig Playpen In 5 Easy Steps

I know you’re wondering about the ways how to make a guinea pig playpen. As we all know, guinea pigs are active and intrusive little animals. They need plenty of exercise and significant variations of foods daily so that they will remain healthy, and of course, to keep them from getting bored.how to make a guinea pig playpen


How to make a guinea pig playpen

A playpen can be very useful to guinea pigs. If they will not get enough exercise, there is a high tendency that weight and health problems will occur to them. This can result in a shorter lifespan for the guinea pigs.

That is why experts emphasize providing your guinea pigs with mental stimulation since it can significantly help maintain their welfare. If guinea pigs get bored, it would also mean that they will become unhappy very fast.

But if they have a playpen where they can explore or run as much as they want, for sure, it can relieve their boredom. And as a result, your pet will have a happier temperament.

You also have to take note that guinea pigs and any other small animals such as ferrets and rabbits require what they call “floor time.”

That is why it is a good idea to have some enclosure where you can let them out. So in this post, we will have to talk about making a playpen for your guinea pigs.

But before that, let us first know what a playpen is.

So, a guinea pig’s playpen is an enclosure wherein you can allow your pet to run freely outside its living quarters. This can help to give them mental stimulation and valuable exercise.

Usually, guinea pig playpens are placed indoors. For the most part, it is not suitable for outdoor conditions.

Creating A Guinea Pigs Playpen

How to make a guinea pig playpen?

As mentioned earlier, daily exercise is required for guinea pigs to burn excess energy consumed and to stay healthy in general.

A playpen is the safest means of letting your little furry friend out.

Creating A Guinea Pigs Playpen

There are many playpens that you can buy at different stores, but they are often too small for the guinea pigs.

This is why it is an excellent idea if you have decided to build your own playpen. It could be sturdy and straightforward at the same time, depending on how you make it.

Through this, you can let your piggies play however they want. Just follow the steps below:

Step #1.  Look for a nice space

All you need to do is clear a particular space on the floor for the guinea pig’s playpen.

An area with a minimum width of about 42 inches and 56 inches in length would be enough to accommodate the playpen.

But of course, it is recommended that you provide yourself with a bit more space.

Step #2. Lay fabric on the space

Next, you have to lay a fabric, mainly made of fleece, over the space intended for the playpen.

Although a lot of guinea pigs are potty trained, they still might go outside the litter box if they get too excited.

Creating A Guinea Pigs Playpen

In such a case, the fleece fabric will be beneficial since it will help in protecting your floors.

Much more, it can also give your little furry friends a soft surface for them to play on.

Step #3. Put the panel connector

After that, you have to put a panel connector onto the corner of a storage cube panel at the lower right.

Then hinge another panel towards the right side of the first one.

On the right side of the second panel, you have to slip one more connector and attach another on the other two’s right sides.

This will create an end panel for the playpen, which measures 42 inches long. After you completed this, you have to make another one. Then set these two end panels aside first.

Step #4. Connect all four panels

The next thing that you have to do is to connect all four panels altogether. Now you can form the left side of your playpen.

So next, you have to join the remaining four boards to create the right side.

Step #5. Set them up on top of the fleece

After completing the panels, you now have to set them on top of the fleece. Arrange them by forming a giant rectangle.

Then, put some connectors on every corner. This will hold the panel together securely.

Furthermore, you need to add panel clips on each joint on the top of the playpen.

This will serve as reinforcement, which will prevent your guinea pigs from breaking and pushing them over. Now, you have to pull the fleece edged along the panel’s sides.

Use a clothespin to clip it on the wire. This will serve as a barrier around the edge of the panels. So if your piggies are playing, it can hold the debris and waste in place.

Why Use Guinea Pigs Playpen?

Guinea pigs must spend enough time outside their living space so that they will be able to maintain their good health and well-being as a whole.

That is because they can perform sufficient activity and exercise.

The best alternative for outdoor runs is indoor playpens. This is especially good for pet owners who have limited space outside.

With this, they can still provide their pet with plenty of floor time, even in the comfort of their homes only.

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Also, take note that outdoor conditions can also limit your guinea pig’s time outdoors, particularly the skinny ones.

That is because they are usually sensitive to cold conditions and to sunlight as well.

For that reason, most cavy owners would just prefer having their pet running freely inside their homes.

However, this can also be a bit stressful for some pet owners. The little piggies can do a lot of things in a short time. They might run or explore places that they are not supposed to and catching the guinea pig can be stressful.

Making your home pig-proof can be an option. But remember that this option is not easy, so having an indoor playpen is the best alternative.

It can give you peace of mind while ensuring that your pet also has plenty of playtime that is free from stress.

What Are Different Toys To Put In Playpen For Guinea Pig?

After lining the enclosures with newspaper and some non-toxic, inedible, and absorbent bedding, you can finally put some toys to save your guinea pig from boredom. 

What Are Different Toys To Put In Playpen For Guinea Pig

The toys can be a grass-woven playball, wood ball, treat ball, grass tunnel, some hideouts, and walk-up stairs.

Before buying a specific toy, keep in mind the size of the playpen so that it can adjust easily.

Moreover, Always monitor your guinea pig when she is playing.


Making a guinea pig playpen is very simple to do. I am sure after reading this article, you now know how to make a guinea pig playpen.

After reading the instructions above for sure, you will be able to make an indoor space where your pets can play all they want.

But of course, you can just buy playpens for the small pet if you cannot pull this off.

Some pig owners even recommend using a kiddie swimming pool for guinea pigs. This is a relatively cheaper option.

Much more, it is very easy to find since it is available at any toy store.

This alternative can also be cleaned easily. You just have to put a thick layer of newspaper on its bottom and add soft bedding.

But I think pet owners prefer this since you do not need to assemble it anymore, unlike a playpen.

Thank you for reading!

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