How To Make A Rabbit Bed? 4 Awesome Steps You Can DIY!

As a pet owner, you would surely want to give only the best for your pet; if that is the case, do you have any idea of how to make a rabbit bed?

Well, the most common thing that you do is to line the cage of your pet with hay, straw, paper pellets, and many more.

how to make a rabbit bed

Some people prefer not to use bedding for their cottontails because it complicates the litter training. However, if you have the right pros for the bedding and that you see that your bunny is happy about it, then you should go for it. leran more here what is the best beeding for rabbit

In this article, we will learn the proper way of making a rabbit bed and that by the time you reach the end, you will be very much of a pro on how to do it.

So without much delay, let us start!


Kinds Of Bed For Rabbits

There are tons of choices that you can select from when you wish to make a rabbit’s bed comfortable.

The following are some of the examples and of course, it is up to you whether what to choose.

how to make a rabbit bed

#1. Hay

The best thing about hay is that it can be both bedding and food.

Although it may not be that practical to use grass due to its price, the insulation that it offers is sure to be at the next level.


#2. Towels and blankets

You cannot just select whatever you like in this kind of bedding because the most common should be fleece and cotton.

Blankets are safe for your bunnies to ingest, but you have to make sure that they only do it in small amounts.

Towels and blankets are excellent insulators that will warm up a cage of your pet for sure.

Rabbits are very playful animals, so if you see them chewing on their bed, that would be completely normal.


#3. Paper and cardboard

This bedding is one of the most common types that you can always see in pet stores for small animals.

It is soft and very comfortable to lay down, but you also need to know that the insulation which it provides is significantly lower than the stuff mentioned earlier. learn more here why do rabbit eat paper


#4. Straw

An excellent alternative for hay is what we call straw. It is much cheaper, and yet it is a pretty good insulator.

Straw can also be okay for your pets to ingest, but there isn’t any nutrient content to this kind of bedding.


How To Make A Nice Rabbit Bed

If you want to make a bed for your beloved pet, there are several steps that you should consider.

You have to follow these things because these are crucial in making the home of your bunny as comfortable as it can be.

I have a bunny, and his name is Thumper. He indeed loves the DIY bed which I made for him, and I can see that he is pleased about it.

Here are the following steps that I did on how to make a rabbit bed, and I would be glad to share them with you:

How To Make A Nice Rabbit Bed

Step #1. Consider the habits of your pet

Since you know that bunnies are fond of chewing on different things, you have to make an all-natural bed for it.

Why? Because a bunny does not have any idea whether the things that it chews upon is good or not for its health.

Some synthetic composition of pillow stuffings can cause your cottontail to acquire stomach ache, which will be undoubtedly painful.

Try to choose materials that are inexpensive and easy to replace because that would be the most practical way to make a bed for your pet.


Step #2. Make it natural

In the wild, rabbits sleep on nests lined with dried grass, twigs, and fur. pleaese read here when do rabbit sleep

These materials are essential since bunnies want to have a heat source during the cold weather out in the woods.

If you have a domesticated cottontail, you would surely want to re-create everything, and it is best if you make it very much similar to nature.

It would be very fulfilling to see that your bunny is super happy burrowing itself in the nest-like bed that you made for it.


Step #3. More like home and insulated

If you provide your bunny with hay, straw, mulch, wood shavings, and many more, I am sure that your bunny will be jumping out of joy. please read here how high can rabbit jump

Since this stuff is excellent insulators, plus they can eat it, you can be assured of the comfortability these materials offer.

More like home and insulated

You have to keep extra loads of this stuff in your house so that you can ensure the freshness of its bedding every time.

It is also crucial that you change the bedding frequently because rabbits tend to chew on anything. leran more here  how to stop rabbit from chewing


Step #4. Make a pillow

Though it is not advisable to provide a pillow because it has a synthetic composition, there is an exception.

If you notice that your bun is not much of a chewer, then giving it a nice and soft pillow to lay on is a good idea!

You must use a fiber cloth that has not been dyed, and the best examples can be sheepskin or canvas.

Next, you have to cut the fabric into the size and shape, which best fits the cottontail’s cage.

Then, you have to sew the sides and fill it up with cedar shavings (which is also up to you).

Be sure that you are not overfilling the pillow because your bunny will be all over it doing happy jumps.

It is also imperative that you place the pillow far from the rabbit’s food because it may think that it is also its food.

Furthermore, make sure that it is away from the water bottle and litter box to avoid soiling.


What do Rabbits Like to Sleep Upon?

Bunnies would indeed want to sleep in a bed which offers a significant amount of heat and comfortability to them.

What do Rabbits Like to Sleep Upon?

You also have to consider giving your bunny pillows and blanket but monitoring what they chew is crucial for you as the owner.

Do not overdo the process because your bunny can overheat (which you should avoid).



For the final words, if you want to have a rabbit as a pet, the first thing that you should consider is that it has a comfortable place to live.

Having a cage alone is not enough because you would want your bunny to live in an insulated space.

Lining the cage with your desired bedding material can surely make your bunny happy.

More so, choosing the best bedding is crucial since cottontails love to chew and nibble on things.

Like hay, it is expensive and not-so-practical, but it offers excellent insulation to your beloved pet.

There are many options that you can use, so you have to do thorough research about these things.

I hope that you have learned important information on how to make a rabbit bed through this blog post.

Thank you for having the time to reach up until the end, dear reader. Good luck!

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