How To Make Homemade Rabbit Water Bottles? In 5 Ways!

How to make homemade rabbit water bottles? The question might interest most DIYers because it is a simple project anyone can try.

Water bottles are essential equipment for rabbits since they hold water, but have you ever thought of making homemade rabbit water bottles?

How to make homemade rabbit water bottles

Regardless, water is essential for all living things; we all know that. So, make sure that your pet has access to clean and fresh water.

Speaking of which, you might want to know some facts about water before I proceed with giving you tips on how to make your water bottle for your pet rabbit.


Why Water Is Vital To Rabbits

Just like humans, a rabbit’s body is consists of 50 to 75 percent water.

The blood and digestive fluids of most animals, including us, need water. So, our entire body, tissue, fats, and bone, contains water.

how to make homemade rabbit water bottles

Moreover, water is essential for bodily functions to work. It helps our body maintain healthy cells, eliminate electrolytes and urea, carry nutrients and oxygen to the call, and ensure that the bloodstream fluids flow through the bloodstreams.

However, rabbits can’t hold extra amounts of water; they release it from the body through their skin, lungs, urine, and feces.

That is why your pet will need you to provide a clean water supply to replace the losses.

Now, you are aware why water is essential for your pet; let’s make a homemade rabbit water bottle.


Steps On How To Make Rabbit Water Bottle

Here is a step by step guide on how to make homemade rabbit water bottles for you to follow:


Step #1. Clean the plastic bottle

You will need a 2-liter plastic bottle, box cutters or razor blades, nail and hammer.

Now, you want to make sure first that the container is clean.

So clean the 2-liter plastic bottle with water. I don’t suggest using harsh soap because it might contaminate the water your pet will be drinking. please read here What can rabbit drink

Clean the plastic bottle

But if you need to use soap, go for the mild ones and make sure to wash away the residue with water thoroughly after you finish.


Step #2. Cut on the sides

Now, you want to cut on the side near the bottom of the 2-liter bottle a hole measuring 1’1 inch square.

You can use a razor blade, but box cutters are preferred; be careful when using the said tools.

But if the bottle has feet, you want to punch a hole just above the feet. It should not be more than two inches.

leran more how often should clean rabbit feet


Step#3. Make a hole

Using a nail and hammer, punch a hole through the lid of your bottle. The fix will let air enter the bottle to push the clean and fresh water out to your pet rabbit’s dish.


Step #4. Place the bottle in the cage

After that, place the bottle inside the cage, upright, and make sure to attach it right above a water dish.

I suggest you choose a rectangular or square plate that is big enough to hold the water from the bottle and allow it to pool. learn more here How often should i clean my rabbit cage

Step #5. Remove the cap

Lastly, remove the cap for you to fill the bottle with clean water. The water will refill the water dish as it flows through the hole.

Now, you don’t have to supply your pet’s bowl every second because the bottle will do it for you.

But you still have to check the water level in the bottle to know if it needs a refill.

And keep in mind to clean the water bottle regularly to ensure the cleanliness and safety of the water your pet is drinking.

Rabbits need to have access to clean water for them to survive.

Step #5. Remove the cap

But keep in mind that the amount of water they need to drink varies with their weight, diet, or environment.

A medium-sized rabbit needs 50-300ml of water every day; as for their diet, a rabbit that eats grass would drink 50% less water than rabbits with a dry food diet.

Since grass already contains a reasonable sum of water.

Moreover, in hotter areas, rabbits will drink lots of water to keep them cool and replenish their bodies.

So, consider the said factors to make sure that your pet is drinking enough water.


Why Use Water Bottles

I am a busy person, and I tend to forget to refill my pet’s water bowl.

My rabbit’s name is Thumper, and don’t worry, despite my hectic schedule, I never fail to provide for his needs and spend time with him.

But there are times that I need to focus on my work; that is why I switched to water bottles.

why use water bottles

Using a water bowl is indeed a natural way to provide water for rabbits, but beddings or food contaminate easily, and it evaporates quickly.

Moreover, you need to clean and refill it every minute; it requires a lot of work.

Regardless, here is a list of benefits a water bottle hold:

  • It directs small amounts of water from the rabbit’s mouth to its throat.
  • Unlike water bowls that will change in temperature with your room temperature, water bottles can hold the water temperature better.
  • The water doesn’t evaporate, keeping the water level needed by your rabbit.

Yet, water bottles have their cons; they are hard to clean, leaving the bottle prone to bacterial growth, your rabbit needs to tilt and stretch their necks to get access to water, and leaks are always a problem with water bottles.

That is why you want to make sure that you purchase a quality rabbit water bottle and always check if it is still clean inside.

Despite the list of disadvantages, I still refer to my friends to buy water bottles for their rabbits.

It’s a piece of essential equipment that provides fresh water to our pets.

However, if you have a baby rabbit, it is preferable to use small water bowls.

Just like us, our pet rabbits have their preferences. You also want to consider what your pet likes; it will take you some testing of products you want them to use to make sure that they will love them.

Nevertheless, whether it be a bowl or water bottle, as long as your rabbit can drink clean water, they’ll be fine because it is vital for their survival.



How to make homemade rabbit water bottles is a simple task. Yet, most pet owners suggest that it is better to purchase rather than make one.

But it is still up to you, this simple project wouldn’t hurt, and it’s a great way to recycle plastic bottles.

As long as you are cleaning the container regularly and adequately, and your pet rabbit drinks clean water, then you are right.

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