How To Mute Rabbit Chat Sounds? What It Means!

So, how to mute rabbit chat sounds? There are many reasons why they are making that sound, and each has their response to what they need.

Have you noticed your bunny communicating? Those loud thumping and other noises they make might be a little bit distracting to others.

Rabbits are known to be quiet animals. They are not known for their loud noises, but mostly they communicate through their body language. They do not make loud noises as other animals do.

how to mute rabbit chat sounds

Some animals make sounds to talk to each other like pigs, cows, dogs, and more that we learn when we are in kindergarten. But have you ever wondered what does the bunny sounds like when they communicate?

Their communication includes some whining, thumping, and growling. But each of these has meanings on its own. Do you want to know what does your bunny wants to tell you?

Read through this article, and you will know all of it.

Different Sounds Of Rabbits

Rabbits have different sounds based on their mood. There make sounds when they’re happy, sad, or mad.

These sounds differ depending on what your bunny feels, so it is best to observe them.

Positive Bunny Sounds

The following sounds you have probably heard while spending time with your bunny indicate that he’s having a good time.

#1. Clucking

It is not the same kind of clucking you often hear from chickens(can rabbit eat chicken). But have you heard your bunny make this kind of sound before?

Bunnies tend to produce small clucking sounds whenever they are satisfied with what they’re eating.

If you notice your bunny make this kind of sound while eating, then that means they like what they eat.

If that happens, you’ve done an excellent job of providing their food. Keep it up!

#2. Purring

The purring that rabbits make a lot like what cats do. They do this when they feel both happy and contented.

However, cats purr using their throat while bunnies rub their teeth together.

Many get distracted with grinding teeth, but this type of purring of rabbits isn’t bad for your ears. It is a very soft sound, a sound that you will want to listen to.

My bunny Thumper usually makes this sound when I’m grooming him. Learn here how to groom a lionhead rabbit

He also makes this sound when I’m touching his fur end petting him. He also makes this kind of sound when he’s like relaxing and just sitting in a corner after eating his meal.

#3. Humming

Now hold your horses. Rabbits don’t hum as we humans do. But rabbits do it sometimes.

Especially when they see a doe near them, they make this humming sound to attract a potential partner near them.

They do this often when they are about to mate. This is their way to woo their lady love, so most rabbits that do this kind of sound are bucks.

I heard this sound when I was visiting a friend while breeding his bunny. Learn here how to breed rabbit

Negative Rabbit Sounds

Pay great attention to your rabbits when you hear the following negative sounds. These negative sounds are signs that your bunny is going through something.

They may be mad or are experiencing some pain in their body.

#1. Growling and snorting

Growling is common among animals. It is usually a sign that they are in a bad mood, or they feel threatened. They make this sound whenever they think that there is a danger. It is also a sign that they are about to lunge.

Rabbits are natural prey animals, and it is in their instinct to be wary of their surroundings.

When you hear them growl, it would probably be best not to pick them up as it may cause them to bite you. You may listen to them snort first before they growl.

#2. Hissing

Yes, it the kind of hissing you’re thinking; they produce this kind of sound when they feel threatened in their territory.

This sound usually happens when there is another rabbit inside their cage.

Sometimes this could also be a sign that a fight could break.

When this happens, immediately separate the two rabbits. They may only hurt themselves when they fight, so it is best to take action before it happens.

#3. Whining

When rabbits don’t want to be handled, they whimper and whine. This whining is most familiar with pregnant rabbits.

Pregnant rabbits tend to whine when they don’t like their environment. They sometimes whine when they don’t like the buck that is with them inside the cage.

#4. Thumping

When rabbits are stomping their foot, this is calling for your attention. They usually make this thumping sound whenever they feel nervous or afraid.

This thumping is also typical in wild rabbits when they inform others of the dangers approaching them. Please read here Do rabbit thump

#5. Grinding teeth

This type of grinding teeth is not the same as the one mentioned above. This way is harsher and a louder version than the first one. This means that they are experiencing a lot of pain.

When you hear this loud grinding teeth sound, kindly attend to your bunny’s needs. You may also want to consult your veterinarian for consultation and the best solutions.

Responding To Negative Sounds

Negative rabbit chat sounds are considered noises that you don’t want to hear. So how to mute rabbit chat sounds?

Each has it’s own response when it comes to their needs.

Step #1. Be gentle

Some rabbit chat sounds maybe because they are afraid or perhaps because they sense the danger near them.

The best way to approach this problem is to be gentle when handling them. From approaching, picking, and whatever you do with your bunny. Always be gentle.

Step #2. Look for the cause

Whenever a rabbit produces a sound, there is a reason behind it.

If you have read the rabbit sounds found in the earlier part of this article, you can see there the reasons behind their noises.

You can quickly respond to each need of your bunny. You can also try to get to the bottom of everything.

What I mean is you could always look for ways to relieve your bunny from the stress they’re feeling.


Humans communicate through talking, while animals tend to produce sounds. Just like human tone when speaking, sounds that are produced by animals means different things.

So how to mute rabbit chat sounds that are negative is a way to satisfy your bunny’s needs.

You should attend to their needs when you hear these negative chat sounds as it may mean that they’re experiencing something unpleasant.

No one wants an unhappy pet. We all want to have fun and enjoy life with our pets, so it is only natural for a fellow pet owner to provide and attend to their needs.

Having read through this article, we hope that you could understand what you’re bunny has to say.

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