How To Pick Up Guinea Pigs? In 6 Quick Steps And More!

Are you wondering how to pick up guinea pigs? The steps are very simple to execute; you will find out as you read along!

Guinea pigs are lovely pets; they want it if you cuddle them. Although they are wary at first, with a consistent show of affection, you can most likely tame them easily. But to completely gain their trust, careful handling must be applied. 

how to pick up guinea pigs

how to pick up guinea pigs

Since they are prey animals, they always get wary. But once they get to know you, they can be your best companion. And you can establish this relationship with proper handling. 

This little bundle of joy needs to be handled gently and with the utmost care. Their back legs, in particular, require support to ensure that they will not hurt their backs when being carried. 

Therefore, it is important to know how to properly pick up your guinea pig.  (please read here how to catch Guinea pig)


Picking Up Guinea Pigs

In this article, we included different methods on how to pick up guinea pigs. We will also cover tips and warnings.

So read along and give your pet the tender love and care that they need.

Picking Up Guinea Pigs


Step #1. Confidently approach your guinea pig

When handling any kind of pets, you need to be calm since they can easily sense nervousness. 

Therefore, if you be calm and confident when you are around guinea pigs, you can try to talk to your pet first. This way, you can establish trust with them before you pick them up. 

If you are in doubt or hesitant for any reason, wait it out. You can try to talk to them first. This way, you can slowly get rid of your worry. 

Through this, you establish a trust in your pet before you pick them up.


Step #2. Properly place your hand around your guinea pig

When holding your guinea pig, you need to position your hand properly so as not to hurt them. There two ways to handle them to safeguard their feet and back. 

The first technique is placing your right hand across its shoulders. Your right thumb should be behind its front legs. 

Picking Up Guinea Pigs

The rest of your fingers should wrap around its back. Position your second and index finger in front of the front legs. At the same time, the ring finger and pinky are behind the front legs. 

Another way is to position your right hand under its chest close to its front legs. Then put your index finger in front of the left leg; do this while the rest of the fingers is placed behind. 

The second and index finger should form a scissor hold on the left leg.  (please read here how to tell if your Guinea pig likes you)


Step #3. Do not squeeze your right hand

Although a firm hand is necessary to handle your guinea pig, you also need to be very gentle. Applying pressure on your guinea pig may cause them to wriggle. This move can injure your pet unintentionally. 


Step #4. Hold your guinea pig’s bum with your left hand

Once you have properly gripped the front of your guinea pig with your right hand, make sure to give it support. 

Apply reinforcement on its behind by placing your left hand on its bum; this will guarantee that your pet will have extra care on its back. 


Step #5. Lift your guinea pig in a horizontal position

When lifting your guinea pig off the ground, you start with its front legs. Then assists its backside with your left hand. 

You should always support the back legs, so they do not dangle. 

Your pet might struggle when you pick them up. In this case, use your left hand and fingers to keep its back legs still. 


Step #6. Hold your guinea pig close to you

Your guinea pig needs to feel safe and comfortable. To do this, you have to keep them close to your chest and body. Whenever their feet are off the ground, just drive your arms close to your body. Cuddle it while you are moving around. 


How To Pick Up An Aggressive Guinea Pig

Some guinea pigs tend to be aggressive, especially on initial encounters. Here are the techniques that you can case in these encounters. 

How To Pick Up An Aggressive Guinea Pig


Step #1. Use treats to make them like you

Animals like food as well as your guinea pig. If it is your first time to pick it up, gain its trust by offering it food. This method will allow your guinea pig to recognize your smell as it can sniff your finger. 

Small pieces of fruits like oranges, plums, berries, grapes(can Guinea pigs eat grapes), bananas, and watermelon can serve as incentives for your pet. 

Vegetables like basil leaves, lettuce, turnip, kale, dandelions(Can Guinea pig east dandelions), and other leafy greens can serve as treats too. Just make sure that you only give them the appropriate amount of food. 


Step #2. Be careful with struggling guinea pigs

When scared, guinea pigs do not usually bite. But they will struggle and squirm until you put them down. If this happens, do not try to stop him by squeezing.

Why so? This situation could cause injuries. 

However, other aggressive guinea pigs will try to bite you when they feel threatened. Just make sure that you place your hands where they cannot reach it. 


Step #3. Put it back in the cage backward

Your guinea pig will attempt to jump out of your hands when it is anxious; this might cause him to injure himself. 

To prevent this from happening, put it down back when you move it back to the floor or cage. If it cannot see where it is going, there may be fewer chances of it jumping out. (please read here how to make a Guinea pig cage out of a bookshelf)


Step #4. Do not release it while squirming

Hold your guinea pig firmly yet gently when it is squirming as you put him back on the floor or cage. 

Do not release it from your hands until it stops from struggling. Once it stops to resist, place its feet on the floor of its cage. 


Step #5. Do not hold your guinea pig too long

Generally, guinea pigs like it whenever you hold them, yet they may eventually want to be out down. 

Why so? It’s because they may need to pee or just want the comfort of their cage. It will struggle or lick your hand when its time to put it down.

On average, guinea pigs only wants to be held about 10 – 20 minutes at a time. 

If you hold them too long, they might poop or pee on you. But you can hold guinea pigs on your lap or with a towel just in case of any accidents. 


Final Words

So, did you learn how to pick up guinea pigs?

Here’s the thing:

Your commitment to take care of a guinea pig is necessary when you decide to pet one. Follow the tips and techniques that we cited in this article, and surely you will keep your best buddy safe and free from any injuries. 

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