5 Tips on How to Stop a Dog From Jumping

Jumping is a common problem among dogs. It can be due to excitement and playfulness. However, this jumping habit will become a problem, especially if your dog is large and starting to hurt people. If you brought home a new puppy, make sure you incorporate this training from a young age. I will share with you proper tips on how to stop a dog from jumping. Training and not tolerating the jumping habit is the key, so your dog won’t keep on lunging to people.

How to stop your dog from jumping?

how to stop your dog from jumping

how to a stop dog from jumping

Dogs jump to establish dominance, get someone’s attention, or just out of pure excitement. Just remember that a dog that jumps on you doesn’t respect you.

This is why you should do something about it before it becomes a big problem. Start with positive reinforcement by marking good behavior. When there’s bad behavior, here’s what I recommend:

  • Don’t tolerate the jumping behavior

Many dog owners don’t realize that they are actually rewarding the jumping behavior. How’s that possible? Let’s take this scene, for example:

You just came home, open the door, and your dog came lunging straight to you. What you do is pet, kiss, and hug the dog while it’s in a jumping frenzy.

As you see above, your dog will associate jumping with getting affection from their owners. The doggo will keep jumping as a way to induce the reward.

To avoid this, don’t give attention to your dog while it’s jumping. Say a firm ‘no!’ and wait for your dog to calm down before you greet it. Over time, your dog will realize that jumping isn’t the way to get what it wants.

  • Teach your dog to stay

It’s important to teach your dog the stay command, regardless if it’s jumping or not. This will instill the sense of discipline to your dog so it wouldn’t jump to you or other people.

The stay command also comes handy on other instances like when you’re bringing your dog outside or performing other training drills.

  • Train the pooch not to jump

Training is the permanent solution to the jumping problem of your dog. You start by putting your dog on a leash and getting some yummy treats. Next, bring your dog outdoors, where it tends to get excited.

train dog not to jump

Ask your dog to sit then say the word ‘jump’ as a verbal cue to encourage your dog to jump on you. Why, you ask? While it may sound counterproductive, the goal here is to control your dog’s jumping by associating it with a verbal cue. This way, your dog will jump only when it’s told to do so.

Aside from the verbal cue, you should also pat your lap while crouching a bit. If your dog jumps, praise it then give a treat. Expect that the jump will be rowdy and awkward. And if your dog goes to jump back again, say a firm ‘No!’ then step on its leash.

Repeat the process until your dog is less excited and responds to your commands on point.

  • Don’t greet your dog while standing up

You should never greet your dog while standing up. The only way for your dog to reach you, in this case, is to jump. Inadvertently, you are fueling the behavior, which could be dangerous once guests go near your dog.

Instead, kneel or sit at your dog’s level. This way, your dog won’t be forced to stand up or jump into you.

  • Give enough mental stimulation

Lastly, keep your dog mentally stimulated. Dogs are different, and some are more active than others. These dogs need ample physical and mental stimulation to remain calm. Otherwise, it will be a nervous and excitable canine that will jump at every chance it gets.

Take your dog to daily walks, schedule playtimes, and get your pooch used to being handled. You should also use mentally stimulating games like fetch, find-the-treat, hide-and-seek, and interactive toys. Anything that will get your dog’s brain going without perceived harm is excellent.


Why do dogs jump on you when you get home?

When you have been away for hours, your dog will be excited to see you again. And in the middle of the excitement, the pooch will jump and lunge into you. The intense excitement and longing will get the best of your pooch.

“But I’m only away for 8 hours!”. Unlike humans, dogs perceive time slower. One human year is equivalent to 7 years. So if you’re away at work for at least 8 hours, your dog will perceive it as 56 hours or roughly two and a half days.

According to experts, there are signs that dogs jump into their owners as a reflex as they enter the door. It’s similar to how cubs run to their mother after the latter comes back from hunting. It’s their way of saying “Thank you” and “I’m hungry”.

If you don’t train your dog to stop jumping, its first instinct is to jump straight to you. You can’t blame the doggo, but there’s a way to stop this behavior.

Why do dogs jump into strangers?

why do dogs jump on strangers

Jumping into strangers is a big problem among dogs. You have to stop it before your pooch hurts anyone, especially if your pet is a big breed.

Again, jumping is usually due to the excitement of seeing someone. It’s your dog’s way of saying ‘Hello’ to the person. If you see people closing into your dog, start saying ‘Stay!’ and see how your dog will react. If it becomes even more excited as the person gets closer, leash your dog, and walk away. This way, your dog will realize that jumping has consequences.

You can also desensitize your dog to the presence of strangers. You can ask someone that your dog hasn’t seen yet to stand at a distance. If your dog becomes excited, ask it to sit. If it does, give the dog a treat and repeat the process.

Over time, you can decrease the distance by asking the stranger to walk a few steps closer. Repeat the process until your dog is no longer jumping into strangers. You can also switch the stranger to ‘proof’ the training to your dog.

Why does my dog jump on me and bite me?

If your dog is jumping and biting you, your pooch might be overly excited. Something is triggering your dog to jump and bite. It could be an effort to start playtime, getting your attention, and being anxious.

But if you’re already playing with your dog, it can jump and bite once it gets overstimulated. This happens when your dog becomes overexposed to a stimulus (example: intense petting) and gets cranky. It can be your dog’s way of saying, “Stop, I’m tired”.

It’s can also be a potential case of redirected aggression. If your dog is aggressive toward a person or thing, it can vent its anger to you if you happen to be nearby.

Why does my dog jump up suddenly?

why does my dog keep jumping up suddenly

When a dog jumps to you for no reason, the possible explanation is playfulness. However, if your dog jumps while lying down, something might have scared or alerted it. If the dog is sleeping, your pet might be having a nightmare. please read here how to send a dog for sleep.

On the health side, your dog might be dealing with arthritis, high blood pressure, parasitic infestation, or anxiety. It’s best to bring your dog to the vet to rule out any medical problem that might be causing the sudden jumping.

If the vet gives your dog a clean bill of health, training should be your next move. You have to identify the trigger and desensitize your dog to it. The same as introducing a stranger, you should do this slowly.


I hope these tips on how to stop a dog from jumping help you train your pet. It’s always a process and may take time, but you should stay patient with your dog. Training and not rewarding the behavior is the solution, so your dog will stop lunging to people.

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