How To Syringe Feed A Rabbit? Know 6 Easy Steps!

Do you have even the slightest idea of how to syringe feed a rabbit? Well, the easiest way to do it is by putting your finger on each side of the jaw and pressing it a little bit to open the bunny’s mouth.

You need to have gentle control over your pet’s head so that it won’t turn away from you.

Without a doubt, rabbits are super cute animals which bring joy in every day of our lives as a pet owner.

In this article, we will teach you the proper way of syringe feeding a cottontail and some tips to make the work easier and faster.

Without any more delays, let us get right at it!


Proper Way To Syringe Feed A Rabbit

There are steps in feeding your bunny using a syringe.

In this part of the blog post, we will tackle each of the steps, hoping that this information will be beneficial to you.


Step #1. Get the vet’s approval

Yes, you cannot just decide on syringe feeding your cottontail with the absence of consent from the veterinarian.

It is imperative because, without proper advice, your pet may choke and breathe in the food in the wrong way.

Let me tell you a story about my bunny named Thumper.

It was way back a month ago when Thumper had a gastric obstruction. I knew that I should need the vet’s advice because the illness should be treated entirely before doing the feeding technique. please read here

It was not just the case, but the veterinarian would want to know the reason as to why he won’t Thumper eat. please read here do rabbit thump when they are happy

More so, the vet will teach you the proper amount that should be fed by considering the weight and size of the bunny.

learn more here how to make a rabbi gain weight

Step #2. Buy a syringe

There are a lot of pediatric syringes that are available in the pharmacy or pet shops.

You have to select one that can hold up at least 1cc of liquid. 3cc, 5cc, and 6cc syringes are also available if you wish to have a more extensive type, but you must first discuss your vet’s details.


Step #3. Wrap your pet with a towel to restrain it

You need to calm your bunny before syringe feeding it because the food may be all over the place, and your bun will be scared as hell.

This method is called a bunny burrito because it keeps the cottontail still.

It is also essential that your pet is in a horizontal position when feeding it.

Do not devise any other places because your goal is to pass down food into its stomach directly.


Step #4. Place the syringe in the corner of the rabbit’s mouth

The proper way on how to syringe feed a rabbit is by using your dominant hand in holding the syringe and your non-dominant hand for its jaw.

This way, you can make your pet stay still as you try to give it food.

After that, you can then poke the feeding syringe gently on the corner of your rabbit’s mouth because it will encourage it to open it without any difficulty on your part.


Step #5. Press the plunger down to let out small amounts of food

You cannot just suddenly press all the formula into your rabbit’s mouth because I am sure that it won’t be a good idea (like super!).

The first dose, which is recommended, is only about 0.2cc of food.

As you are pressing down the syringe, you must be aware of the amount you are dispensing. It is crucial since you must pour out the right amount every push.


Step #6. Wait for the rabbit to swallow

Of course, you have to let the bunny swallow the food, right?

After it has consumed it, I am sure that nose will wiggle as a rabbit’s indicator that it ate the food. read more why do rabbit wiggle thier noses

Be sure to check if the cottontail has already swallowed the food before giving it again with another dose.

Do not forget to wipe off its mouth after eating to make it a job well done for you and your beloved pet.


When To Syringe Feed Your Rabbit

Are you wondering when do you need to syringe feed your rabbit?

Well, the answer to this question is dependent on the kind of food you give to your rabbit.

In feeding your pet, it is a must that you offer enough nutrients for every two or six hours while your bun is not eating.


Tips And Tricks In Syringe Feeding A Rabbit

If you want to have a successful feeding session with your bunny, there are several tips that I can share with you so that you can be an expert in just a short period.

Here are the following:


Tip #1. Make sure that your bunny is still and in the natural standing position


The very first tip that you must learn is that you have to keep the natural standing position of your bunny when feeding it.

Having it lie down may cause your bun to become uncomfortable, and you may run away.

Furthermore, this trick needs to be done if you do not want to have the risk of aspirating (in which the food goes directly to the lungs).

If your beloved pet doesn’t stay still, then drop your card, which is the “bunny burrito.”


Tip #2. Avoid touching its nose

The parts of your rabbit that you must avoid are the nose and the in-between of its incisors.

If you touch it, the bunny will tend to shy away from you. Make sure that you are holding only the gap next to the incisors for a better feeding process.


Tip #3. Do not rush in feeding the rabbit

As we have discussed earlier, you must not press down all the food at once because you will surely make some severe issues on that count.

Make sure that you are pressing the right measurement every time. The food being administered to your pet must be small to enable it to swallow easily.


Tip #4. Hold the bunny with gentle pressure

You don’t need to put a lot of pressure on holding the cottontail because it may hurt it.

You have to go with the flow so that your pet will become calm, and by then, it will be easier for you to syringe feed it.

Moreover, the best trait that you can have is being patient with your beloved pet. You also need to be extra prepared in case it runs away from the syringe.



It will be your worst nightmare as a pet owner if you notice that your bun is not eating as it should be.

Syringe feeding may be equally difficult for you and your pet since it requires a lot of patience.

You have to make sure that you are keeping your bun calm and that you are in an excellent area to ease your bunny’s mind.

If the condition of your beloved pet worsens, do not waste time and immediately take it to the local veterinarian to know what went wrong.

I hope you already know how to syringe feed a rabbit, and good luck in your feeding session.

Thanks for reading!

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