How To Tell If A Kitten Will Have Long Hair

How to tell if a kitten will have long hair? The first step is to look for the parents. If any of the parent cats are hairy, the kitten will likely to have the same appearance. However, some short-hair cats may pass on a long-hair trait that has been dormant to them. The easy way to tell whether your kitten will have long hair is to wait for at least eight weeks. By this time, a long-haired kitten will show some level of fluff.

How to tell kitten’s hair length

Many pet owners aspire to own a fluffy kitten because it’s cute and adorable. While you can always shop for a long-haired kitten, adopting one is a much noble move. However, if you’re wondering whether your kitten will have short or long hair, it might be complicated to know the answer.

Long-haired mother cats can produce long-haired kittens if it mates with a long-haired tomcat. Also, some felines may have a recessive long-haired mutation that may show up on its litter.

According to experts, if a short-haired cat mate with long hair, the results would likely be short hair. But if the resulting short hair litter mates with each other, it’s likely to produce long-haired cats. It’s a matter of the genes being recessive or dominant.

Still, there’s an easier way to tell if your kitten will have long hair. Wait for at least eight weeks and see how long the kitten’s coat will be. Most of the time, the tail of the kitten will give you an idea about how long its hair will be. If the tail is fluffier than usual, your kitten will have long hair.

Another thing you can check is the pattern of your kitten’s coat. If there’s a swirling appearance to its coat, there’s a possibility that it will grow long hairs.

Take note that kittens can either be long-haired or semi-long-haired. At 12 weeks, you will have a good idea of how long the kitten’s hair will be.

Remember that long-haired kittens require more grooming efforts. Their coat is more susceptible to matting and tangling. They will also need frequent baths as self-grooming may not be enough to remove all the dirt on their coat. But no matter how long your kitten’s coat will be, you should brush it daily. Please also learn how to keep cats teeth clean without brushing

Is a long-haired kitten right for me?

Some pet owners prefer long-haired kittens, while others prefer short-haired ones. If you’re not sure which one to get, the following points may help you decide.

  • Long-haired kittens may require intense grooming due to their longer coat
  • Long-haired kittens are more prone to hairballs
  • Your couch is more likely to catch cat fur with a long-haired cat
  • Long-haired cats are best kept indoors to keep their coat clean
  • It would help if you looked for a reliable groomer to service your cat every quarter
  • Debris may get stuck on a long-haired cat’s fur, including fecal matter and dirt
  • It’s more difficult to spot parasites on long-haired cats because their coat will usually hide its presence

If you’re planning to bring home a long-haired kitten, you must consider these points first. It may require further care, but it’s always worth it. As someone who has a semi-long-haired tabby, it’s still a joy to have these fluffy kitties around.

However, let’s be real with the grooming long-haired kittens need. During spring and summer, a long-haired kitten will change fur. As the season transitions to summer, the kitty will shed its thick winter coat. This is to give way for a cooler and more comfortable length. The same goes for the winter approaches when a long-haired kitten grows thicker and lush coat that may shed a lot.

Take note that indoor kittens are prone to molting. Since the temperature indoors is regulated and stays pretty much the same all year round, the kitten may not adjust naturally to heat and cold.

Does cat’s fur grow longer as they age?

If your kitten is a short-haired breed, its fur will not grow longer as it ages. It will remain short. However, you may notice changes like graying or fading as your cat enters the super-senior phase. But if your kitten is starting to have faded fur at a young age, it’s probably a sign of poor nutrition. Your kitten needs more omega fatty acids that will restore its coat health.

Most cats will have their coat length stabilize by the time it reaches a year old. It will not grow longer than that since hair length is dictated by genetics.

Cat breeds with long hair

If you want to tell how long your kitten’s hair will be, it will help to know more about its breed. Check if your kitten falls into one of these long-haired breeds: Please also check out what is the most expensive cat

  • Maine Coon. Aside from being one of the largest cat breeds, Maine Coons also one have one of the longest hairs. This is why it looks hefty and fluffy.
  • Norwegian Forest Cat. This breed is known for its regally long hair. It’s not surprising because it came from Scandinavia’s cold lands, where it can make use of extra fluff.
  • Ragdoll. This breed became popular with cat owners because of their sweet demeanor and cute, fluffy appearance. Their delicate appearance blends well with their baby personality.
  • Persian. This kitten is a lap cat with long and glamorous hair. Persian cats are couch potatoes, too, as they prefer lying around the house.
  • Sharing similar looks with a Persian, Himalayans also have long hair. However, they need daily grooming as their fluffy coat can mat easily.

How to groom a kitten with long hair

While long-haired kittens are cute, their beauty comes at a price. It would help if you groomed them regularly so their long hair will remain clean. The following are some of the tips I personally use with my kitten Watson:

  • Brush daily. You can’t end the day without brushing your kitten’s long hair. Brushing will remove any superficial dirt while fixing tangles before it becomes matted.
  • Start young. While your cat is still a kitten, get it used to daily grooming. As your cat grows older, it will be calmer and cooperative in succeeding grooming sessions.
  • Get the right shampoo. Long-haired kittens will need bathing at least once every quarter. It would help if you used the right shampoo for this so you can remove all dirt that got stuck on its coat.
  • Don’t cut matted fur. As much as possible, don’t cut the tangled fur of your kitten. Use a detangling spray and work your way with it.
  • Find a reliable groomer. While we can always groom our kittens at home, it’s best to bring it to a professional groomer every three months. The groomer will clean the spots we miss.
  • Never punish the cat. Grooming a long-haired kitten is challenging, but you should never punish the cat. Your kitten will only associate groom time to something negative if you do this.


How to tell if a kitten will have long hair? Checking the breed is one, but it’s best to wait for a few months so your kitty will grow its natural coat. Also, no matter how long your kitten’s hair is, you must groom it regularly to keep it healthy and clean.

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