How To Tell If Your Guinea Pig Likes You? In 3 Easy Ways!

Being a pet owner, sometimes, you might think of how to tell if your guinea pig likes you. Unlike dogs and cats, cavies are different when it comes to showing affection.

Guinea pigs are creatures that have problematic behaviors and traits. I didn’t even know that my cavy, Ginger, was affectionate because his actions were somewhat confusing.

how to tell if your guinea pig likes you

how to tell if your guinea pig likes you

However, I did my research and found out the three reasons indicating that your cavy likes you: they interact with you regularly, they become physically affectionate, and they trust you.

In today’s discussion, we will talk about how your cavy shows their love for you, even in the smallest of ways. Continue reading to learn more about your cute Guinea pig!

How To Tell If Your Guinea Pig Likes You? 3 Easy Ways

Guinea pig affection comes down to the simple actions that they do with you. So, how to tell if your guinea pig likes you?

There are three traits showing signs of closeness that you should look for:

#1. They interact with you constantly

A guinea pig loves you if it interacts with you always.

Commonly, they tend to follow you around the house as if you are their leader or “parent,” which makes them more adorable!

Ginger follows me around the house (except the bathroom, of course) when I get him out of his home. He even recognizes my voice!

How To Tell If Your Guinea Pig Likes You? 3 Easy Ways

Another thing would be that guinea pigs tend to become quickly familiar with their master’s vocal and tonal qualities.

If they like you, hearing your voice and seeing you would make them feel comfortable and secure. They could even “vibrate” because of excitement!

Apart from excitement, guinea pigs can vibrate due to various reasons. If you are interested in knowing more, read this article why do Guinea pig vibrate

Next, if you see your cavy climbing on top of you – and voluntarily sits on your chest or lap – this is a sign that your cavy likes you so much.

In the wild, guinea pigs tend to be shy and fearful of big animals and objects. When your guinea pig does the contrary, that means that the connection between you both is outstanding!

Here’s another thing that you should observe! Guinea pigs tend to “popcorn” when they are excited and enthusiastic about something.

Hence, they are affectionate towards you if you see them running around and jumping like crazy! Isn’t that very adorable?

Finally, these interactions aren’t only limited to “physical” traits.

Your cavies could also show their love for you by wheeking, which is a loud, prolonged squeak or whistle-like tone. It is also an indication that they are enthusiastic about something, such as treats.

However, hissing and chattering guinea pigs could sign that they don’t like you, so be wary of that fact!

#2. They become physically affectionate

A guinea pig’s means of physical affection is rather peculiar. They show their love and care by an act that is very unusual: nibbling.

Nibbling is often an act performed by cavies to their friends. Guinea pigs are social creatures, and they tend to their partners once they get to know each other well.

They groom each other by digging into their fellow’s fur and using their teeth to remove bugs, dirt, or an irritant that could harm a cavy.

Thus, your piggies are also thinking of grooming you by nibbling. Meaning that they see you as a friend, and they want to take care of you!

However, nibbling could also be an indication that they are either hungry or hurt. Always ensure that they are well-fed and healthy before interacting with them. 

When you spend time with your guinea pigs, they are entertained. You can know more ways on how to entertain Guinea pig by reading this article.

#3. They trust you

Trust is a value that a cavy owner should captivate and build with their pet. It is the beginning of a beautiful connection between both parties.

It is no surprise that a guinea pig should trust you before they begin to like you. They show their trust in their masters in a few simple ways.

First off, your guinea pigs like you when they allow you to pick them up and hold them. Otherwise, they would be scared of you if they see you as a threat or a predator.

Once you gain their trust, cavies would often allow their owners to hold them and not see them as threats.

How To Tell If Your Guinea Pig Likes You? 3 Easy Ways

However, holding and picking your guinea pigs up should be done carefully. Here is a how to pick up Guinea pig that teaches you the basics of doing so!

Guinea pigs also show their trust by eating from your hand. This feeding method is considered one of the main foundations of building a stable relationship with your cavy.

Giving them treats by hand is a crucial way to build their trust. Once they get the hang of it, your cavies would interact with you and like you more since they see you as someone who is “safe to be with.”

However, You should do this action calmly. It would help if you didn’t force your piggy to eat from your hand.

Lastly, a cavy trusts you when they don’t bite you. Biting is often an action showing discontentment, unhappiness, or defense. Guinea pigs only do this when they see someone or something as a threat.

Regardless, guinea pigs that are calm and doing the opposite would mean that they trust and like the person. It is a good sign that they allow you to interact with them without biting back.

Just avoid sticking your fingers in their cage or at them if you’re unsure about your relationship with these guinea pigs.

How Do I Make My Pet Cavy Like Me?

Making your guinea pig like you is essentially the same thing as taming him.

How Do I Make My Pet Cavy Like Me

You could follow steps on how to tame Guinea pigs and focus on these three main actions: build trust with each other, interact with them frequently but not forcefully, and provide them with the utmost comfort and their basic needs.

What Do I Do If A Guinea Pig Hates Me?

Try to regain your relationship with them by making them trust you.

You could also achieve it by providing guinea pigs a comfortable space whenever they’re around you.

A guinea pig would think that you are friendly when they begin to trust you.

Can My Guinea Pig Like A Person More Than Me?

As a cavy owner, you should limit human interactions with your guinea pig to you only.

A cavy trusting another person more than you could mean chaos and even confuse them more; they would limit their interaction with their owner and focus on the other person instead.

Make sure to be attentive. Always be there for your cavy in times of need.


Now that the question “How to tell if your guinea pig likes you?” is finally answered in this article. If your lovely pets love you, they would like to interact with you always, become physically affectionate, and trust you with all their heart.

Building a stable relationship between you and your pet is essential. It’s something that makes you grow as a person in building connections with others as well.

By following this article, you can strengthen your bond with your guinea pig. Good luck and best wishes!

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