How To Train Guinea Pigs? In 4 Awesome Methods!

Do you have the slightest idea of how to train guinea pigs? If not, there are several easy tricks that you can teach your adorable pet, and it can get it in no time!

The attitude that you must possess is to be patient and gentle, even on its tiny mistakes.

How To Train a Guinea Pig

It would be best if you were consistent, especially when giving rewards for every correct trick that your guinea pig does.

These commands will not only let you have quality time with your pet, but both of you will also enjoy the bonding session.

This article will teach you how to train your guinea pigs, and we will see to it that you learn more tips about it.

Are you ready?

Let us begin the discussion right away! (Please also read here how to train a Guinea pig)

how to train guinea pigs in 4 awesome methods

Are Guinea Pigs Easy To Train?

Basic tricks will be easy for a guinea pig to learn because these tailless rodents are intelligent and smart

You have to remember that they are not as flexible as cats, and dogs do so lower your expectation about them by a margin.

These cute animals can use a litter box and come when their name is called, so they are undoubtedly smart compared to other kinds of rodents.

All you need is tons of patience and never forget to reward every time they do a particular trick correctly.

Though you will have a hard time at first, I am sure that you will also have fun (like a lot!).

After a few weeks of being consistent about the training, your cavy will surely do the trick nicely. It will be an achievement for you as its owner.


Ways To Train A Guinea Pig

So, how to train guinea pigs?

The secret of every pet owner in making their pets follow instructions is by incentives!

When I say incentives, it means the yummy treats that you reward it.

There are plenty of goodies that you can opt for, but I suggest that you give your cavy its favorite food for motivation.

Here are the following ways for you to train cavies:

ways to train a guinea pig

Step #1. Respond when its name is called

The easiest and probably the most basic trick you can teach you guinea pig is to come or respond whenever you call its name.

I have a one-year-old cavy, and his name is Ginger. When I first got him, I made sure that we will be very close in a short period.

These are the steps that I made to teach her the most basic trick of all time: (please read here how to introduce Guinea pig)


Step #1.1. Place your pet in a “just right” distance

I put Ginger in the distance (not too far nor too near) on the floor.

I have already prepared a treat (food pellets and these are his favorite) to reward him if he responds to my call.


Step #1.2. Let your pet see the treat

The next step that I did was call his name, and I made sure that he could see the treat in my hand.

It is because I know that he would be excited about the food first rather than the trick, so that would be a good bribe, right?


Step #1.3. Just be patient; it takes time

After a few tries within that week, Ginger responds to me whenever I call for his name. I was pleased!


Step #2. Come when its name is called

A guinea pig being able to respond to a call is entirely different than coming to you when called.

Unlike dogs, it is normal for them to go as they hear you talking or feel that you are getting them.

Guinea pigs are quite hard to train, so ensure that you are ready to provide them enough time and patience every time.

These are the following steps that you should take:


Step #2.1. Make sure they’ve mastered the call

You have to prepare your pet for this second trick by ensuring that it has mastered responding to your call each time.

Play and talk with your cavy a lot!


Step #2.2. Give them a treat immediately after they perform the trick

Start trying the trick to the cavy, and when it comes when you call its name, immediately give a treat as its reward.


Step #2.3. Try the trick from a farther side

If you have achieved this one, try placing your pet in a farther location and see if it comes when you call its name.

Always make sure that it sees the food in your hand so that you cavy will be more motivated in doing well.


Step #2.4. Serve the reward again

And if it successfully comes to you, serve the reward, and do this activity quite often to make your beloved pet run happily towards you.


Step #3. Train your guinea pig not to bite

Like other animals in the animal kingdom, guinea pigs will also have a biting instinct whenever they feel danger.

You also have to know that these cute and tailless rodents chew when they feel fear. (please read here why do Guinea pig bite)

These are the ways that you can follow to train your cavy not to bite:

train your guinea pig not to bite

Step #3.1. Show them your love and care

You have to make sure that you show and let your pet feel loved all the time. (please read here how to make Guinea pig happy)

Offer it with yummy treats so that it will gladly come to you always.


Step #3.2. Train them not to be scared

Train your guinea pig not to be scared when they smell other animals like cats and dogs since there are people who own both of these animals inside the house.


Step #3.3. Know when they’re sick

You must know that if your cavy is sick, it tends to bite, so feeling ill will seek medical help immediately.


Step #4. Train it to go home when told

This another trick is a helpful one for you.


Because after your beloved pet mastered this one, you won’t have the hassle of letting it go back in its cage.

In this activity, these are the steps that you should follow:


Step #4.1. Toss the food inside

 Toss a treat inside your pet’s cage and make sure that it sees you while tossing the food.


Step #4.2. Give your command

Command the words “go home.”


Step #4.3. Try to be consistent

try to be consistent

Be consistent and do this activity often until your guinea pig gets the hang of it.

After a while, even when you say go home minus the food, it will go home on its own (and it is very convenient!).



In conclusion, guinea pigs can do simple tricks using their favorite food as a reward. You can teach them to come when their name is called and go home when you tell them.

I should say that if you achieve these, you are very patient and consistent in your ways.

Be gentle, and praise your pet in every correct action to be much happy to continue doing the trick.

From the basics, gradually teach it with some harder tricks until you can calm yourself as a guinea pig trainer.

I hope that you have acquired adequate knowledge on how to train guinea pigs. Thank you for sparing time in reading!

Good luck!

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