How To Trap Rabbits? 3 Easy Ways; One Method Is Deadly

I know you want to know how to trap rabbits. Don’t worry; the steps are very easy. We’ll teach you how. All you need is to be patient and keep on reading!

Before everything else, you need to know these facts:

How To Find A Lost Rabbit

Rabbits are furry rodents that are part of the Lagomorpha family that usually lives in meadows and forests. 

If you wish to trap rabbits because they are pest issues or you only want to hunt one, you are lucky to be reading this blog post; there are several ways to achieve your goal.

A bunny can become a pest if it happens to feed on your vegetable garden (I tell you, rabbits are herbivores).

But if you want to have a bun as a pet, there is a safe way for you to trap one, similar to what I did when I got Thumper, my newest pet rabbit.

how to trap rabbits

This blog post will show you the ways of trapping rabbits from the most harmless and up to the brutal way.

Live traps are the most effective ones, so are you ready?

I bet yes; let us begin the step-by-step instructions to help you along the way!

Ways On How To Trap Rabbits

In this part of the article, I will teach some ways to try later to trap a bunny.

You can choose the best trap you think will immediately catch one and will surely be convenient.

Here are the following:

#1. Using a rabbit cage

Under this method, there are several steps that you have to follow for the proper setup.

For you to be successful, be sure to follow the steps correctly, so carry on!

Step #1. Choose the right rabbit trap

Since there are vast choices of rabbit traps available in the market, you should get a nice live trap with a good trigger plate.

You can also have the option to get one door or two-door. Havahart is one of the popular choices you’d surely want to consider when it comes to quality animal traps.

Step #2. One door trap vs. two-door trap

Both types of traps are effective in tricking a rabbit into captivity.

However, there is a slight difference between these two, which will make you think twice.

As you can see, one door trap is the one which is most suggested by professionals.

one door trap vs. two-door trap

It is because this kind of trap allows you to lure the rabbit further inside the cage. Furthermore, if you choose this type of trap, you can put the trigger plate’s bait.

As for the two-door trap, you are also at an advantage because you can lure a rabbit in both directions.

Once you have a rabbit inside, it won’t become nervous because it can see right through the trap, thinking that there is a way out.

Depending on your preference, you can even set this two-door tap into a one-door trap.

Step #3. Select a good location

The next thing that you must consider is the location of where you would set the cage.

To do it effectively, you first need to observe the area where the rabbit has the most activity.

Keep in mind that you must not put the trap in a place where it is vulnerable.

If you happen to find a rabbit hole, like what I did when I got Thumper, the next thing you should do is set the trap on the entrance of about a few feet away.

I was so happy when I saw a rabbit twitching his nose and hopping towards my trap after he got out of his hole, and right now, he is my cute furry friend! 

If you chose the most effective method, which is the live trap, use gloves so that rabbits won’t smell your scent. If that happens, it will be hesitant to enter, which is a complete failure for you, my friend.

If you already caught one, be sure to disinfect your trap for the next use. Why is that so?

There might be infections or diseases from wild rabbits, and you do not want to spread the harmful effects to the next one or even to your house pets.

#2. By creating a pit trap

Okay, so this next method would require more effort but is the simplest one.

Why so? Let me explain it to you!

A pit trap is straightforward because it will only require you to use its natural habitat, the hole!

However, this method may be the least successful of which I can think.

These are the steps that you have to follow for the pit trap:

by creating a pit trap

Step #1. Consider the location

Find the right location by looking for signs of rabbit droppings or rabbit holes.

Step #2. Dig a hole

Next, if you are successful in finding one of the above, then start digging a hole.

Be sure that it is not too shallow; why? Because what you need is a depth that won’t let a rabbit hop its way out and escape. 

If that happens, well, you sure are very unlucky.

Step #3. Make it more natural

You have to make it legit like you won’t want the bun to notice that it is walking right into the trap, right?

Otherwise, you’ll find the rabbit screaming, indicating fear, which will most likely drive it away. 

So the best thing that you can do is to cover it with twigs and leaves. And tada!

It is more natural than just leaving the pit trap wide open.

Step #4. Put a bait

Of course, you want to attract a rabbit, so how would you do that?

Place bait on top! It can be fruits and veggies since bunnies are born herbivores.

#3. Using a snare trap

Like what we talked about earlier, there is a method that can only be used in hunting, snare traps; it will kill a rabbit right away.

If you think that this one is not what you need, then resort to the other two above.

Anyway, I will still teach you how to do this, but I don’t recommend you to do so. Rabbits are friends. Okay?

So, yeah, if you continue reading, then you undoubtedly are a rabbit hunter!

Step #1. Know the laws in snare trapping

The first thing you can do is be knowledgeable of the law in snare trapping in your area.


It is because you indeed do not want to be in prison, and ignorance of the law excuses no one from compliance therewith.

“ignorantia legis non excusiat”

Step #2. Know where you can do this

If you think that snare trapping can be done anywhere you want, you are wrong!

You must find a spot or an area where you would get a high probability of success.

And as a tip, the wilderness is the best place to be.

Step #3. Prepare the things that you need

You are not fully prepared if you do not have all of your materials with you.

In making a snare trap, there are many tutorials on the internet that can help you (which is super convenient!).

Step #4. Test the trap

After you have done the snare trap, you might want to test it for its success rate.

You can use a log and make sure to estimate that it weighs about five to eight pounds.

test the trap

Check the effectiveness by sliding the log into the noose and ensuring that the hook and engine are working. If not, oh well, it’s not for you. As I said earlier, rabbits are your furry friends.

If you see that it seems to be working fine, then give it a go! It depends on you.


There are two main reasons why you want to know how to trap rabbits- to make them your pets or to kill them.

I don’t prefer the latter, but if it’s your will, the first and essential thing that you need to know is the law of the place where you’ll be executing the live trapping.

Good luck in catching or hunting rabbits, and thanks for taking the time to read!

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