Is Cracked Corn Good For Horses? 3 Amazing Facts To Know!

When you explore horses and their food, you might come across this question, is cracked corn good for horses? In some instances, it can be, but then for other times, it is not. So it will depend on some things. To be clear, you have to check some details first before concluding things, especially when it is lethal.

Preparing food for your horses must be taken seriously. It can poison or make your horses feel irregular, if ever. All you have to do is to make somehow sure that their food intake is right for them.

Talking about cracked corns and horses can be something familiar for people handling horses or running a barn.

is cracked corn good for horses

There are specifications regarding this matter, which we will look forward to as we further discuss our article.


Is A Cracked Corn Good For Horses?

Is cracked corn good for horses? Horses are herbivores which means they only eat plants for their food. But of course, the food horses can eat is not limited to corn alone.

Usually, we see horses eating grass and herbs. One that you can pull on the surroundings. Although, when they are taken care of in a barn, considering that they are being used for commercial use, they have different needs.

Wild animals in farms are free, and horses can eat based on the food available in the area, such as grass. But then, if horses are being taken care of, usually the owner prepares a different set of meals.

Is A Cracked Corn Good For Horses

They believe that would make the horse more substantial and have extra energy for its work. Some of this food is processed plants containing different nutritional factors for the horse.

Have you heard of cracked corn? Right from the name itself, it is made of corn.

Indeed corn is dried. You can achieve it in so many ways. It can be processed, but you can also do it naturally. Usually, it is cracked into smaller pieces because most consumers of these rare birds and chicken.

These are usually available in some agricultural centers or bird-related stores. Here are some of the amazing facts about questions you commonly ask:


#1. So is cracked corn allowed for horses?

To answer this question, definitely yes. But it is not how you would assess it as something to be allowed. Unlike how horses can eat as much grass they could have in a day, horses must reduce their food intake.

It should be measure rightly and weighed. The proportions also need to be observed.

The usual type of corn fed to horses is those that are steamed or cracked. But then, broken corn is still not too good. It would be best if you still balanced your meal in a way. However, for sure, cracked corn is safe for horses to chew on and enjoy.

Smaller pieces of food would be allowed and advisable as long as it goes with other food or it is in the right amount.


#2. How much is an ear of cracked corn?

When you are planning to buy a bag of cracked corn for your horses, we have an idea to share with you. Cracked corn is considered to be an all-purpose one. You can use it for any animal.

It can be for sheep, cows, chickens, and many more. Well, it is also safe for your horses.

If you want to opt for this one, all you have to do is to find it. Usually, it is very affordable. On some stores available online, 40 pounds of cracked corn would cost approximately $12.

Is A Cracked Corn Good For Horses

That is cheap for a good amount of food for your horses. It can already sustain a horse for half a month or even a month. But then, of course, you can find something cheaper or more expensive than the price intended.

You have to understand that it would depend on the quality and quantity of the said product. Although, you have to make sure that it is worth its price.

The ideal amount of intake must be considered and when you buy, make sure you go for lots of it. In that way, you can save time and effort from going back and buying a bag every other day.


#3. Where can I buy cracked corn?

Finding cracked corn is not that hard, but you will have a hard time in high demand. Here are some options you can opt for when you need to buy cracked corn:


Option #1. Check your local agriculture stores

The first option you have is to check on agricultural stores available in your area. It can be the most practical thing you could opt for as it is easier compared to the other option. But of course, this one is for those who have the nearest agricultural center in their area.

Is A Cracked Corn Good For Horses

Well, not all places have such for their community. So the best thing to do is to research first if you are not sure. Try to look for this, in places near you. In this way, you will be able to make sure that you can find one.

It will be a waste of money and effort if ever you get to check for these stores without knowing where they are located.


Option #2. Buy online

There are so many stores that are also working online. If you have no agricultural stores near you, you can have online access.

You can search for it online and see what the nearest market in your area is. That way, you can purchase with a lesser shipping fee.



Is cracked corn good for horses? Yes, it can be good, but in moderation. Make sure that you can control the amount of it.

As for horses, cracked corns are advisable because it is easier for the horse to digest.

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