Is Fabuloso Safe For Cats?

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, households are stacking up in cleaning agents to combat the spread of the disease. Still, we have to be careful with the cleaners we’re using, which led us to this question: is Fabuloso safe for cats?

We’ve been using Fabuloso cleaning products even before we decided to get our dog Sherlock and our cat Watson. So before we took in our furry family members, we consulted the vet about whether our choice of cleaners is safe or not.

Is Fabuloso Safe For Cats

is Fabuloso safe for cats

Technically, cats and dogs should never be exposed to any type of chemical cleaner. After all, these animals are known for dietary indiscretion and they may try to ingest the substance.

But when used properly, Fabuloso and other types of cleaners can be safe to use if you have a cat. Still, this depends on your pet’s overall health condition, how you use it, and how you store the cleaner.

What is Fabuloso?

Fabuloso is a brand of multi-purpose cleaners used on hard surfaces. It has a multi-action formula that boasts fast and deep cleaning. It is marketed as a cleaner that also disinfects and comes in concentrates that need to be diluted.

Just like other brands like Pine-Sol, Lysol, OdoBan, and Simple Green, Fabuloso can be purchased in many stores all over the U.S., Canada, and other countries.

Is it safe to Fabuloso around cats?

The answer to whether Fabuloso is safe for cats or not depends on its active ingredients.

The Original Fabuloso cleaner contains Sodium dodecylbenzenesulfonate. This substance is a surfactant or cleaning agent found on many cleaning, bathing, and hair products.

Overall, Sodium dodecylbenzenesulfonate is non-toxic to cats as long as they don’t ingest any. Fabuloso that’s been applied and rinsed on floors shouldn’t be a cause of concern.

Is it safe to Fabuloso around cats?

Another ingredient listed on this cleaner is Sodium C12-15 Pareth Sulfate. It’s also a type of surfactant that’s considered safe, but it can cause irritations among animals upon direct contact.

Fabuloso cleaner also contains Sodium Laureth Sulfate. It’s the ingredient that makes the product lather and can be found on many cat grooming products.

Aside from that Fabuloso has Glutaraldehyde, which is widely used as a disinfectant. It’s only present in small amounts in Fabuloso, but you should still be careful as Glutaral can irritate your cat’s skin and eyes.

So is Fabuloso safe for pets like cats? Overall, this cleaning agent is safe as long as you use it right.

Make sure that you rinse it off the floor before allowing your feline to access the disinfected area. Do not allow your cat to ingest any of this cleaner and do not get any on them. Most of all, you should keep Fabuloso and other cleaning products away from your pet’s reach.

Can floor cleaners hurt cats?

Floor cleaners are often a combination of alcohol, peroxide, bleach, and other active ingredients. Upon direct contact or ingestion, it can cause harm to your cat.

It’s important to keep your cat away while you’re cleaning the floors. Also, you must rinse and wipe the area before letting the kids and pets access it again.

I suggest keeping your cat inside a locked room. This way, it won’t sneak up on the restricted area if you have to grab other items or if you have to check the door. Read our safety tips for confining a cat in a room.

Can floor cleaners hurt cats?

Take note that each cat is different and so is its reaction toward floor cleaners. Some will be fine with just about any cleaner, but others could easily experience irritations.

With this, I recommend choosing natural and pet-safe floor cleaners. While these options aren’t as strong as Fabuloso, they will save you from emergency vet visits.

What happens if cats lick floor cleaner?

If your cat ingested any floor cleaner, you should observe it for potential signs of poisoning.

Overall, a lick or two won’t always cause your kitty to drop dead. Still, the concentration of the floor cleaner could be enough to trigger adverse reactions, especially on a kitten.

In general, cats that have licked or ingested small amounts of floor cleaner will suffer from diarrhea, drooling, and vomiting. No long-term effects are expected.

However, if your cat consumed a large amount of floor cleaner, you should rush it to the veterinarian. Your feline can suffer from a life-threatening case of poisoning, especially if the cleaner is packed with active ingredients.

If you can’t bring your cat to the vet clinic immediately, you should call a pet poison hotline instead. The experts on the hotline will help provide first aid, especially if your feline is already suffering from adverse symptoms.

Is Pine-Sol safe for cats?

Pine-Sol is safe to use in areas your cat can access. Still, you should rinse off the cleaner to ensure that no adverse effects will occur on your feline.

Is Pine-Sol safe for cats?

Take note that Pine-Sol has pine oil, which contains phenols. This is toxic if ingested directly, so always use this cleaner with caution.

Is Lysol bad for cats?

Lysol products can harm a cat if not used properly, just like any cleaning agent. After all, it contains active ingredients that can also trigger irritations in humans.

Like Fabuloso, you should keep your cat away while using Lysol products. Also, you should rinse it off and aerate the area before letting your pet roam around.

Is OdoBan safe for cats?

OdoBan is a popular odor eliminator product that’s trusted by many pet owners. It’s also widely used in veterinary clinics, shelters, and grooming facilities.

Despite being pet-safe, you should still rinse and dry the cleaned area before letting your cat access it. If your cat experiences irritation after cleaning with OdoBan, you should consult the vet for alternatives.

Is Simple Green safe for pets?

Simple Green products are made with pets in mind. In fact, they offer specially formulated cleaners that are guaranteed safe for household pets.

Also, Simple Green prides itself as a brand that focuses on human safety and environmental responsibility. Their products are gentle and safe that some homeowners use them to clean baby toys, glasses, makeup brushes, and jewelry.

Compared to Fabuloso, Lysol, and Pine-Sol, Simple Green is gentler. Still, you should practice proper caution to ensure that your cat will remain safe while cleaning your home.


Is Fabuloso safe for cats? If used properly, this cleaning product won’t cause harm to your pet.

Take note that whatever cleaning agent you’re using, caution and proper usage are still crucial to ensure your pet’s safety. When in doubt, you can always consult your cat’s veterinarian for professional advice.

Also, if your cat experiences adverse reactions toward a specific cleaner, you should stop using it. You should consider gentler and natural options instead.

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