My Dog Peed On Me, What Does This Mean?

My dog peed on me what does this mean? If your pooch is spraying at you, it’s likely a show of dominance. Your dog doesn’t see you as the alpha, so it will treat you lowly by peeing on you. However, another possible reason here is your doggo’s territorial instinct. Known as marking or spraying, dogs do this to take possession of a person or object. However, your dog will likely do it to other people, even your guests.

My dog peed on me what does this mean

My Dog Peed On Me, What Does This Mean?

If you’re wondering why your dog is weeing at you, the following might help you out.

Why is my dog peeing on me all of a sudden?

Dogs are prone to negative behavior if not trained well. One of these is peeing on their owners. For you to find the right solution, you first have to identify what’s causing the behavior in the first place. Here are some of the most common culprits: please read here how to get a dog to pee in a new place

1. Your dog is threatened.

The most common reason why dogs pee on their owners is their territorial instincts. This can be triggered if another dog is around or if a person makes your dog feel afraid.

When this happens, your dog will mark you with pee. However, this isn’t typical peeing. Usually, it will be in a spraying manner – a short, sudden stream of urine.

Why is my dog peeing on me all of a sudden

In the wild, dogs mark their territory with pee to let other animals know that it’s his place. If the threat is too severe, your dog will mark around like crazy that it would be spraying on people’s legs, too.

Nevertheless, this is a natural behavior. What you can do is remove the stressor and slowly train your dog toward desensitization.

2. Your dog is guarding its human.

Since you’re the one who feeds your dog, the canine sees you as a resource. And if there’s danger directed towards you, they will try to resource-guard by urinating on you. Dogs do this to spread their smell as an effort to intimidate the enemy. Usually, this is accompanied by aggressive behavior towards the threat. please read here why does my dog smell like pee 

When this happens, your dog is telling the world that he owns you. However, this behavior can be embarrassing and a big hassle, especially if you’re outdoors.

3. Your dog is submitting itself to you.

This is called submissive urination, wherein the dog pees on you as a way to say, “I’m not threat, you’re the alpha”. This happens a lot to anxious and scared dogs. Most of the time, your dog will not aim at you when peeing, but it may get on your leg out of the pooch’s confusion. please read here how to stop neighbors dog from peeing in my yard

Why is my dog peeing on me all of a sudden

While your dog needs to see you as the alpha, you shouldn’t be happy about this behavior. Submissive urinating can indicate that you have an extremely nervous dog.

If submissive peeing happens in your presence, you should consult the vet. Your dog probably needs more socialization to combat nervous tendencies.

4. Your dog has incontinence.

Lastly, peeing on you may not be your dog’s intention. Sometimes, the pooch isn’t submissive, threatened, or territorial. It could be a case of incontinence.

Urinary incontinence in canines occurs when the pooch can’t hold its bladder properly. It will urinate even before it gets outdoors. Take note that this is a health problem, and it’s not your pet’s fault.

So what causes urinary incontinence among dogs? The following are some of the common reasons:

  • Old age
  • Weak bladder sphincter
  • Urinary tract infections or stones
  • Prostate disorders
  • Spinal injury
  • Protruding intervertebral disc
  • Certain drugs

It’s important to bring your dog to the vet if it has incontinence. In this case, proper treatment is the only way to stop your dog from peeing on you.

Why does my dog pee on guests?

You have to identify whether your dog is peeing on guests as a way of marking or as submissive behavior. These two reasons are very different and will say a lot about your dog’s behavior.

Why does my dog pee on guests

Marking is natural and can be prevented. You can use a dog pheromone product to appease the pooch’s need to mark and pee on people. However, the problem here is when your guests carry the scent of another dog. Your dog’s instincts will be compelled to cover that up.

On the other hand, a submissive behavior can either be due to excitement or anxiety. Your dog is probably scared or too happy to see guests come in. You’ll know which is which by the motion of your dog’s tail. If it wags, the dog is happy; if it’s tucked, the dog is scared.

Why does my dog pee on me while I’m sleeping?

Does your dog use you as a bathroom in the middle of the night? It’s possible that your dog is threatened and pees on you to hide its scent. Since your dog knows that you are his protector, peeing on you even as you sleep makes him feel less exposed to predators. please

It’s also possible that your dog needs to pee so badly that he can’t hold it any longer while it’s trying to awaken you. This can happen to canines, with or without urinary incontinence.

Why does my dog pee on me when I get home?

Excitement is the reason why your dog pees whenever you come home from work. Your dog loses control because it’s overtaken with happiness and the urge to see you. As you know, an 8-hour work shift is equivalent to 56 hours on dog time. Your dog feels like you’ve been gone for more than two days, so it’s elated to have you back.

To prevent urination due to excitement, you should stay calm the moment you see your dog. Give the pooch 20 minutes to relax before petting it. You should also brush up with your dog’s obedience training so you can control how it reacts on your arrival.

Why does my dog pee when she sees a certain person?

About a year ago, we started noticing that Sherlock would pee whenever he sees our neighbor. It’s a sign that my dog is very happy to see the person, just as he’s excited to see me every day from work.

What we did is we bring Sherlock on the lawn every time our neighbor will come by. He will pee all over the lawn as our neighbor greets him. With repeated socialization and training, we were able to teach Sherlock to outgrow the behavior.

I suggest that you do the same for your dog as some people may not understand why your dog suddenly pees.

How to stop my dog from peeing on me?

Peeing on people isn’t acceptable behavior, but you have to accept that part of it is normal for your dog. To reduce your dog’s risk of peeing on you again, you can do the following:

  • Train your dog. Like what I said earlier, training will go a long way for dogs that pee out of excitement or anxiety. Socialization is also important to desensitize your dog on various stimuli that may trigger its submissive urinating. please read here how to train a stubborn dog.
  • Go to the vet. If your dog suddenly pees on you and around the house, it’s best to bring it to the vet. This way, your pooch will be checked for incontinence and other health problems causing the condition.
  • Use a dog pheromone. One way to reduce your dog’s urge to mark is by using a pheromone product. This mimics the scent of your dog’s urine, which will trick them into thinking that the place is safe.
  • Remove the stressor. Nervous dogs will often pee on you and everywhere when they are scared. To prevent this, you should reduce your dog’s exposure to the cause of their fright. Training should also follow for you to solve the problem permanently.

Should I pee on my dog to show dominance?

If your dog is peeing on you to assert its dominance, peeing back will not do anything. I’ve heard this myth many times, and I would debunk it just the same.

Dogs descended from wolves, creatures with a hierarchy based on family arrangements and relationships. With this, peeing on your dog isn’t the solution; training is.

You have to train your dog to see you as the alpha. Set the rules and say no to your dog when it starts to impose what it wants.

Does he pull the leash while walking? Make a dead stop, and don’t walk until the pooch retreats to your side. Are you feeding your dog? Train the dog to wait until you signal that he can start eating. These small gestures will teach your dog that you are in control. please read here how to teach your dog to roll over

Besides, your dog will not understand why you’re peeing on him. In fact, your pooch will just lick your pee and enjoy it. That’s gross and unhealthy for your pet.


My dog peed on me what does this mean? It can be anywhere from asserting dominance, excitement, fear, or incontinence. What matters is you do something about it, so your pooch will not pee on other people. You can always consult the vet or an animal behaviorist if your own efforts are not doing its magic.

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