Papaya Treats For Rabbits: 2 Best Treats You Can Give!

There are various kinds of treats that are readily available in the market today; but what we will talk about papaya treats for rabbits.

But before that, let me share to you this:

Papaya Treats For Rabbits

I have a pet rabbit named Thumper, who truly loves to nibble on this food. When he sees his treat, he would automatically hop around feeling very happy, and as his owner, I am also delighted.

Here’s what you should know:

The best thing about dried papaya treats is that it contains no sugar that, if consumed in large amounts, sugar is undoubtedly harmful to your bunny’s health. This treat will surely bring joy to your pet, and you can also be happy about it.

In this article, we will know more about papaya treats and its benefit and risk towards bunnies.

So without further delays, let us dive into the discussion!

But first, let us be educated about papaya treats, so keep on scrolling!

papaya treats for rabbits

What Are Papaya Treats?

Papaya is one of the excellent foods that help prevent the sluggish digestive tract of rabbits due to fur’s ingestion.

Papaya treats are one of the foods that can be readily bought in pet stores near your house. Specifically, these dried papaya treats are a good option given that it has no sugar content.

Though feeding bunnies with fresh papaya is an excellent move, dried papayas are handy, and you can store it to last for a longer time than fresh ones.

Rabbits also prefer to have the dried type than the papaya fruit.

The enzymes present on this fruit can break down the fibers present on its wool so that it will pass through their system efficiently.

You have to keep in mind that you cannot give them any treats daily because there can be specific issues to arise like health problems.

what are papaya treats

#1. Dried papaya

The wonderful thing about dried papaya is that rabbits love it very much! The bits of this papaya can also be used a training food for a rabbit for it is tasty.

By the time that I let Thumper out of his cage and allow him to play all day, he always gets a reward when I let him in again. I would toss the tiny bit of papaya in his cage, and he will happily jump back into his home. This idea was only an instinct of mine so that I can attract Thumper back into his cage.

#2. Papaya tablets

Papaya tablets are agreat source of enzyme and is an excellent addition to your furry friend’s diet.

Because rabbits have eaten its fur, papaya tablets are genuinely remarkable for preventing hairball blockages. It is a tremendous advantage because rabbits do not have the capability of vomiting, unlike cats.

More so, this one is a product that can be activated whenever you sprinkle it on the fresh meal of bunnies. Though for the downside, the dosage is quite tricky because many factors must consider first.

As a piece of advice, if you have a small rabbit with a little shedding, a single tablet is sufficient. please read here why is my rabbits shedding

And for matured rabbits, six or more tablets are needed for them to consume because they have a bigger body compared to small ones.

Benefits Of Dried Papaya Treats For Rabbits

Fresh fruits and vegetables are the best foods that you can serve your bunny, but you cannot omit that papaya treats are also a good option.

Do not treat dried papayas as junk food because it is a hundred percent natural and provides natural fiber to rabbits.

benefits of dried papaya treats for rabbits

You need to know that a fair amount of fiber can aid the rabbit’s digestion. By that, you can be ensured that your pet is receiving an advantage by eating these papaya treats for rabbits.

However, you must keep in mind that hay is still its staple food, so the number of treats should not exceed the suggested serving.

Papain enzyme

This benefit is the most significant advantage that rabbits can get from dried papaya treats.

Papain enzyme is the one that aids the digestion of rabbits for every meal that it ingests. Besides, dehydrated papayas help in the prevention of hairball build-up.

Digestive disorders won’t have any chance to harm your furry friend because this type of papaya helps in preventing such illnesses.

The wool blockage in the rabbit’s digestive tract can lead to enteric diseases, so a moderate papaya treat is a good option. please read here can rabbit eat papaya

Risk In Feeding Dried Papaya Treats To Rabbits

We cannot omit that papayas can also bring discomfort to your furry friend if you overdo the feeding process. It won’t hurt your back if you try to watch out for the loose poop that may occur in your pet’s system.

All you have to do is observe whether the papaya treat will have adverse effects on your bunny’s digestion.

If you notice that it has runny poop, immediately stop serving it with papaya treats. In that way, you can avoid the occurrence of some severe problems in the future.

Although fresh papaya is always best, the dried ones can also be as good. However, it would be best if you were keen and meticulous in anything you offered to rabbits.

Every bunny has a different reaction to certain kinds of treats because even if you cannot immediately see its reaction, the poops will say it all.

By the time that you think that these treats only gives stomach pain to your pet, that is the time that you stop giving it to them.

That action can truly save the life of your pet because prevention is always better than cure. In the end, your pet will be thankful, and you will be fewer worries about its health.

risk in feeding dried papaya treats to rabbits


We can conclude that papaya treats for rabbits can put up a fight against new kinds of fruits and vegetables.

And because dehydrated papayas do not have sugar in them, it is a good sign that this treatment is safe for rabbits to ingest.

Only make sure that you feed treats in moderation for a better result rather than overdoing the process.

More so, dried papayas are a reasonable reward that you can offer to your pet each time you train it. Indeed, it will be eager to become more obedient and follow your commands because it will chase after the reward.

We hope that you learned useful information in this blog post, and if you are currently training your bunny, it is time that you use dried papaya treats to make them happy.

Good luck, and thank you for sparing time in reading!

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