Should I Leave a Light On For My Kitten At Night?

Cats have a natural ‘night vision’ that allows them to see clearly in the dark. So should I leave a light on for my kitten at night? While it’s not really necessary, you can still leave a light on while your kitty adjusts to its new home. The night light also makes it easy for you to check your kitten in the middle of the night.

Should I leave a light on for my cat at night?

If you’re not sure if you have to leave a light on for you kitten, the following points should help you decide:

  • Your cat’s color. If you have a black or dark-colored cat, it will help a lot if you leave a light on at night. This will prevent other members of the household from stepping on the little kitten.
  • Your kitten is new to your home. If your kitten has been comfortable with a specific spot and lighting in your home, it’s best to leave that light on. Keep doing this at night until your kitten is more comfortable around the house.
  • You are leaving the kitten alone at night. If your kitten isn’t used to sleeping in your bedroom, you can leave a light on at night. This works most of the time if your kitten cries when the lights are off. Please read here how long can you leave a cat alone

Tips to keep a kitten comfortable at night

If you just brought home a new kitten, you can do the following to keep it comfy and at peace:

Use a calming scent

A calming diffuser helps cats a lot. The mellow smell relaxes the little kitty and helps it fall asleep through the night. Just make sure that you use the right oils or fluids to diffuse as some can be dangerous for cats. Calming diffusers can help kittens even if you don’t leave a light on.

Tuck the kitten in your piece of clothing

Kittens use scent to be familiar with the surroundings and the people around. Placing your shirt on the pet’s bed will help nervous kitty calm down A used, but not soiled shirt will also do. Your scent will reassure the kitten of your presence, which will help them sleep through the night.

You can also use another shirt as a blanket to keep your kitten warm.

Leave a light on

Do I need to leave a light on for my cat at night? If your kitten keeps on crying in the dark, a light will help. The kitten should outgrow this over the next few months. Please read here do cat understand words

Place a warm bottle of water on its bed

Kittens can’t control their body temperature just yet. This can cause crying and meowing on a cold night. A quick fix here is placing a warm bottle of water wrapped in a towel on the kitten’s bed. Remember, just warm, NOT hot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where should kittens sleep at night?

A: A kitten crying at night must sleep in a secure and cozy spot. You must put up a ‘safe zone’ for the kitten with soft and warm bedding. For clingy kittens, placing them beside your bed will also help. Avoid placing a small kitten beside you as there’s a risk of crushing their small bodies.

Q: Can kittens be left alone in the dark?

A: Yes, kittens can be left alone in the dark since they can see clearly even without the lights on. However, if you have a small cat breed, it’s not safe to leave them in the dark as someone else in the household might step on its little body.

Q: Is it cruel to lock a cat in a room at night?

A: If you’re thinking of keeping a kitten in bathroom at night or some other locked room, you should think twice. Afraid kittens will meow incessantly. But if the room has a litter box, a comfy bed, a water bowl, and food, there shouldn’t be any problem.

Q: Do cats get lonely at night?

A: Cats, especially kittens, can get lonely at night when they are left alone. This is a common struggle when bringing home an 8 week old kitten. You have to keep the kitten close, especially at night, when it can get hungry.

Q: Is it okay to let a kitten roam the house?

A: If the kitten is still young and small, it’s not advisable to let the feline roam a large house. Someone may step on the kitten, or it may get hurt upon toppling an object.

Q: Where should I let my kitten sleep at night?

A: Your kitten should sleep in a comfortable and safe spot. You have to ensure that your kitten is warm and not chilly in the middle of the night. Should my kitten sleep in a crate? Yes, crates are the safest area for your kitten.


Should I leave a light on for my kitten at night? For most kittens, no. But if your little pet seems to be afraid of the dark, keeping a light on will help it adjust to the new environment.