What Do Guinea Pigs Like To Play With? Top 5 Great Ideas!

Just like any other pet, guinea pigs love to play. But what do guinea pigs like to play with? Many things!

Of course, they also get bored having nothing to do inside those cages.

What Do Guinea Pigs Like To Play With

Well, are your guinea pigs looking for new things that could entertain them in a way? Have you seen your guinea pigs dozing off and sleeping lately? 

what do guinea pigs like to play with

There’s a common answer to that; it’s because they are already bored.

As much as we want to spend time with our pet cavies, we can’t be with them 24/7 to play with them.

I mean, not all of us have that much free time in our hands to bond with our precious little cavies.

If you’re new to the world of being a pet owner, I am glad to help you with your problem.

Things Guinea Pigs Love To Play With

Get your guinea pigs and yourself ready as I share beautiful ideas about what do guinea pigs like to play with?!

#1. Crumpled paper

Surprised? Me too! The first time I got Ginger, I was troubled about how to entertain her even though I’m not with her.

When I got to browse on some ideas of the things she could play with, I saw this. I tried using this method; I was surprised that she loved it.

Things Guinea Pigs Love To Play With

The idea is to just simply crumple a piece of paper to make a large ball or a few smaller-sized. They are attracted to the crumpling noise it creates as well when they are playing with it.

Guinea pigs also like gnawing on paper products. I’m sure many of us can give this to our pets.

However, you have to make sure that the papers you provide are safe and non-toxic.

You could also make a small or large ball so that they could roll it over when they like it.

A ball of hay might also be an option. Moreover, it could be either a plaything or a snack at the same time.

No more worries about your cavies’ entertainment and food!

#2. Cardboard boxes

Just like the crumpled paper idea, cardboard boxes could also be a cost-saving idea for a guinea pig toy.

I love making arts and crafts, so these types of boxes are available in our house. When I got Ginger, I was excited to make her a house.

I got together some cardboard and made a village out of it and then let her play there. She loved going inside and outside the small houses I made. She looked happy and pleased with the tiny boxes.

I also placed this small village inside a playpen so she could have more space running around.

This cardboard box served as a small hide-out and a munchy snack. It’s not that she ate the whole cardboard box. But she played with it and she found out.

So if you have any shoe boxes or extra cardboard boxes, clean them up and try presenting them to your cavies.

I’m sure they’ll love it as my dear Ginger did.

#3. Tunnels

Since we are talking about arts and crafts, why not make a tunnel?

Guinea pigs are domesticated rodents. But just like any rodent, they love burrowing.

But because of these cages, our poor guinea pigs won’t be able to do this. Having a tunnel is definitely a good idea; it’s where they could still feel those burrowing experiences—except the digging part.

Things Guinea Pigs Love To Play With

Imagine how cute will Guinea pigs look when you see your guinea pigs going through those loopholes and having fun!

Some wrapping paper tubes, tissue tubes, or a box as a tunnel could be plausible. If you have no idea how or what kind of tunnels you would like, try buying a synthetic tunnel or even a grass tunnel.

Ginger loves playing in tunnels. She loves to go through these tunnels and have fun while she’s at it.

#4. An obstacle course

As we are talking about tunnels and playthings, why not make this a productive one?

Playing is just like exercising. Imagine your guinea pigs playing and exercising at the same time.

Remember those cardboard boxes, tunnels, and crumpled papers we’ve mentioned earlier?

Try to mix those up and make an obstacle course for your guinea pig!

Ginger loved to play with the crumpled ball of paper. She loved it so much that she even hid it inside the small houses I made with the cardboard.

It’s simple, environment friendly and at the same time serves as an entertainment and exercise place for your guinea pig.

You don’t need to worry if your guinea pig gets enough exercise or not because they already have a place to play!

It is cheap, ingenious, and easy to make. Your guinea pig may want to play all day long after you’ve established his play place.

#5. Playpen

Guinea pigs enjoy their free time outside their cages. Particularly a playpen is also an option.

With this kind of entertainment, you are enabling your guinea pig to come outside its cage and wander off.

It’s not that you’re going to let it just runoff, but it is an enclosed place inside your house. Your cavies could play on a larger ground.

Things Guinea Pigs Love To Play With

Guinea pigs also love to socialize; this type of entertainment would also allow them to get along with their fellow rodents or when your friend’s guinea pig comes over.

Ginger and her friend Hamtaro—the pet of a friend of mine, often play together. Whenever Hamtaro comes over, Ginger is excited to see him. Of course, they play with supervision.

They play inside the playpen, and with the obstacle course, I made with the ingenious materials present at home. It didn’t cost a lot, but I had my share of fun efforts for my pet. 

Playpens for guinea pigs are available online, or you could try making your own. You should learn how to make a Guinea pig Playpen if you want to add the warmth of your love for your cavy in the playpen. 

Don’t forget that you could also play and bond with your pet at this time. Don’t forget the bond between you and your guinea pig; it’s very important.

The ideas I’ve mentioned are what my pet Ginger loved the most. You’ll see their effectiveness once you’ve tried them.

But remember to avoid exercise balls under any circumstances. The wheels that we usually see in other cages, for example, are not suited for the guinea pigs’ physique. These contraptions could instead cause harm rather than provide the exercise they need.

You could instead use the list above for a better choice. Cheap, easy to make, and easy to find items that are available at your homes or online could give the entertainment that your guinea pig seeks.


What do guinea pigs like to play with? Many things. There are wide choices of various things to serve as entertainment for our guinea pigs.

You can make different things at home for your lovely pet. These are cheap and are made from things that are useless for you anyway. This will not only save you money but also showcase your love for your pet. 

If you’re new to raising a guinea pig, as a fellow pet owner, I welcome you and have fun with your cavies!

Thank you for reading!

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