What Dog Has The Sharpest Teeth And Strongest Bite? Here Are 10 Breeds!

What dog has the sharpest teeth? In this post, we listed 10 breeds known for their sharp teeth and intense bite force.

In general, all dogs have pointy teeth, which are called canine teeth or fangs. Overall, a dog has four fangs, two on top and another two at the bottom.

what dog has the sharpest teeth

Still, it’s not just about how large and intimidating their teeth are, but how strong these dogs bite.

There are the so-called ‘soft-mouthed’ breeds, which are known for their gentle bite that allows them to carry objects without burying their teeth in them. Some of these breeds are Golden Retrievers, Poodles, Cocker Spaniels, and Labrador Retrievers.

Meanwhile, there are also the strongest biters. Their sharp teeth are paired with tough jaws that can pierce through hard objects.

If you’re wondering what breeds have the sharpest teeth and strongest bite, here are the 10 dogs that made the cut:

10 Dog Breeds With The Sharpest Teeth

dog breeds with the sharpest teeth
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1. Kangal

The Kangal dog doesn’t just have sharp teeth; they are also known to be the breed with the strongest bite. This breed originated in Turkey and comes by other names like Anatolian Karabash Dog.

An adult Kangal dog can have a biting force of up to 743 pounds per square inch (psi). Such biting force and sharp teeth come in handy since Kangal is a loyal guarding breed.

Take note that Kangals can take down a smaller target in seconds. After all, they were bred to look after livestock and defend them from predators.

2. Cane Corso

The Cane Corso breed also boasts sharp biters and a biting force of up to 700 psi. Like the Kangal dog, this breed is designed to guard properties and hunt for big game.

Moreover, Cane Corsos are prized canines in Italy. They were relentless working canines that are trained as watchdogs, guard dogs, hunting companions, and even domesticated pets.

Despite the sharp teeth of Cane Corsos, they can be affectionate pets toward their masters. This breed is also highly trainable, though they require an experienced owner.

3. Mastiff

A Mastiff’s appearance is intimidating and so are its teeth. The sharp fangs of this canine can produce up to 500 psi of biting force.

Still, don’t let the sharp biters of Mastiffs fool you. Despite their frightening appearance, this doggo is actually affectionate and great with kids.

Just remember that the Mastiff breed is suitable only for experienced dog owners. Their size and personality require a firm hand that will train them continuously.

Mastiffs are also prone to weight gain and you should also check their teeth to prevent decay.

4. Dogo Argentino

The Dogo Argentino dog has a biting force of up to 500 psi. Its sharp teeth and strong jaws make a formidable feature for a guard dog.

Also, Dogo Argentino dogs have a stocky build, but they remain nimble as ever. It’s because this breed was bred to go after wild boards and big game.

When trained well, a Dogo Argentino will be affectionate to its master. However, they aren’t really good with kids and they prefer being the only dog in the house.

Lastly, this breed is best raised in a large property with tall fences. This is to prevent the dog from escaping while satisfying its prey drive and high energy level.

5. German Shepherd

German Shepherds (GSD) are the quintessential working dogs. But aside from their eagerness to serve, GSDs are also equipped with sharp teeth and a biting force that could reach up to 240 psi.

While GSDs aren’t as strong as Kangals in terms of biting, this doggo isn’t one to mess with. German Shepherds are loyal watchdogs and they will not hesitate to defend their masters.

Nevertheless, German Shepherds remain versatile. When trained and raised well, this breed will be affectionate to both adults and kids.

If you’re planning to get a GSD, make sure that you’re ready to handle its intense energy level. This doggo also requires a job to do, so you can’t expect them to be your typical couch potato.

6. Rottweiler

Rottweilers have earned the reputation of being scary watchdogs. It’s due to their large size, alert personality, and undeniably sharp teeth.

But contrary to the stereotype of being vicious, Rottweilers were actually very efficient working dogs. Initially, they were bred as cart pullers of butchers and as one of the earliest police dogs (even before GSDs!)

Even though Rottweilers have a strong prey drive, proper training can still turn them into cuddly household pets. Surprisingly, they get along really well with kids and will be overprotective of them.

Still, Rottweilers should only be raised by experienced dog owners as this breed has its share of challenges.

7. Pit Bull

Pit Bulls have a biting force of up to 235 psi, all thanks to their sharp teeth and powerful jaws. This doggo is also muscular and known to be one of the strongest breeds within its size group.

As a pet, Pit Bulls are actually affectionate. When trained well, they will be snuggle buddies with kids and even strangers.

This breed is also intelligent and very receptive to training. However, you should watch out for their affinity for escaping and chewing just about anything.

Moreover, Pit Bulls are very versatile pets. They can be trained as affectionate family pets or alert guard dogs.

8. Leonberger

Leonbergers originated in Leonberg, Germany, thus the name. Their sharp fangs can generate up to 399 psi of biting force, which is enough to sunder a large bone within minutes.

Aside from that, Leonbergers are quite enormous dogs. This is due to their Great Pyrenees, Saint Bernard, and Newfoundland mix.

Leonbergers are often kept as outdoor dogs due to their size and energy level. Nevertheless, they will adapt well to indoor living as you have enough space for them to move around.

In terms of affection, Leonbergers have a heart that matches their size. They are affectionate and one of the so-called ‘gentle giants’.

9. Siberian Husky

Siberian Huskies aren’t just designed to be tough in cold climates; they are also equipped with sharp teeth with 320 psi bite force.

While their piercing gaze may stop someone in his tracks, Siberian Huskies are extremely affectionate. They are comparable to Golden Retrievers when to it comes to their friendliness.

golden retriever sharp teeth
Photo by ToNic-Pics on Pixabay.com

Overall, their sharp teeth are mostly for show and for eating a nice meal. It’s rare for a Husky to bite a person unless the pooch isn’t trained.

However, training a Siberian Husky isn’t easy. It’s because the ‘H’ in Husky stands for ‘Houdini’. These canines are escape artists and they have an undying love affair with howling.

10. American Bulldog

Behind an American Bulldog’s mushy face and drooly lips are sharp teeth. These biters can produce up to 305 psi of biting force, which isn’t surprising for such a stocky breed.

Aside from that, American Bulldogs have a strong prey drive. This is deeply rooted in their ancestors that were bred as fighting dogs more than a century ago.

Still, Bulldogs are already far from their vicious ancestors. Nowadays, they are couch potatoes who are great with kids. But due to their stubborn nature, American Bulldogs are best raised by a patient and experienced owner.

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Why are my dog’s teeth so sharp?

why are my dogs teeth so sharp
Photo by Blue Bird on Pexels.com

It’s normal for dogs’ teeth to be sharp, especially during puppyhood. Such sharp temporary teeth are in place for important reasons.

First, sharp puppy teeth are important, so the mother dog will start weaning its litter. This is because the sharp teeth will make nursing painful for the mother canine.

Also, by the time puppies grow their sharp teeth, they are already prepared to consume solid food. The sharpness of their teeth makes up for their small size.

During this point, it’s important to give your pup chew toys to soothe its aching gums. This will also save your possessions from damage due to excessive chewing.

On the other hand, sharp teeth are also common among adult canines. This is to allow dogs to bite through bones and tough food items.

How can I reduce the sharpness of my dog’s teeth?

Filing it like a fingernail isn’t how you ‘unsharpen’ a dog’s teeth. There’s a more natural and safer way to do it: letting your dog chew.

Chew toys and chew treats aren’t just a way to keep your dog busy. It also helps a lot in dulling the sharp edges of your pet’s teeth without doing any extreme measures.

Also, these toys satisfy a canine’s natural design to chew. It will also help reduce the formation of plaque and the occurrence of bad breath among canines.


What dog has the sharpest teeth? The likes of Kangal, Cane Corso, Mastiff, Dogo Argentino, and German Shepherd are just some of the known power biters in the canine kingdom.

But no matter how sharp their teeth are, it’s not invincible to decay and dental diseases. This is why dog owners should never neglect dental care as mouth problems in dogs can also lead to other serious health problems.

Do you know other breeds with sharp teeth? Share it with us in the comment section!

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