Dog Food: Dry or Wet. How Much to Feed Your Dog

When you acquire your first puppy, nutrition becomes an essential element that needs addressing pronto. Your breeder should be your first port of call for information on what they fed your puppy in the weeks leading up to adoption. Advice from your vet will guide you on what to feed and most importantly how much you need to feed them whether you choose to feed them dry dog food or wet food.

The government guidelines require that food manufacturers label their food packaging and state recommended quantities for dogs. Although these complete dog foods are usually balanced, it is not a one size fits all solution and therefore, since every dog and breed is unique you have to pay due diligence and adjust how often and how much to feed your dog.

how much to feed your dog

According to Rangersdog.com, there are several factors that impact how much food you can feed your puppy or dog. In this article, we will mainly discuss dry dog foods and what various experts have recommended you need to feed your dog. Please read here: Can Dry Dog Food Go Bad in Heat

Five Key Factors That Impact How Much To Feed Your Dog

how much should i feed my dog

1. Age of your dog

Just like human babies, puppies require foods that are formulated for the growth and development of their brains, body, and bones. As they grow into adults, portions and formulations change based on their activity levels. If they do a lot of activity, then their food intake might be more just to maintain their energy levels. As they grow into their senior years, intake is reduced, and to keep their mind sharp and bones strong, new senior dog food formulas are recommended.

2. Health of your dog

A healthy dog will not shy away from food so if you suddenly note a change in their feeding habits something is wrong and needs some urgent attention with a trip to the vets. In simple terms, if your dog is sick, it won’t eat. To see if your dog is just being picky, try swapping their dry portion with wet dog food and if they choose to devour it, then you could easily jump to the conclusion they are one of those picky types.

However, on a serious note, if your dog has a problem with its dentition or intestinal tract then a proper examination will help rule out any serious issues. Dry dog food is recommended for better dental health but that doesn’t mean that wet dog food is less superior in terms of nutrients.

3. Weight of your dog

how much to feed a dog by weight

A lot of dog owners have been blamed for allowing their dogs to grow obese and this is mainly linked to various factors from overfeeding, less exercise to bad health. However, just like any living creature, dogs need to maintain an ideal body condition to live a healthy life and therefore, working with your vet to attain your dog’s correct diet formula is crucial and more often than not, we tend to go for brands that have been recommended by vets.

Be open to making adjustments on how much you are feeding your dog if you see them becoming overweight or underweight. 

4. Activity Level

Think of this as we feed ourselves, if you are active and doing hikes, running daily with your dog then they need to have a good intake to recover their calorie consumption. On the flip side of the coin, if your dog doesn’t do much and is piling on some weight then ideally you need to get them on a controlled or managed calorie intake to assist them to shed that weight for better health. 

As a dog owner, you have the responsibility to ensure your dog maintains some form of activity which should then be proportionate to how many calories they have in their meals and treats.

Bear this in mind when checking out feeding recommendations on the labels of dog food, as remember that they are just an ‘average’ guide.  

5. Breed

Would you feed a great Dane the same portion as a chihuahua or a greyhound? The answer is NO. However, using feeding recommendation calculators you can easily find the right portion to feed your dog based on their age, size, and breed. Please read here  what is thecalmest dog breed 

Whether you have a large or a small dog, dividing their total daily feed into two or even three portions is usually recommended – I wouldn’t like to eat my whole daily allowance in one go – would you?!



Work with your veterinarian to determine the type of food your dog needs based on his life stage and lifestyle. Having the right kind of nutrients in your dog’s diet will give them a healthy life, however, don’t forget that overfeeding can cause your fido to gain weight, which often leads to health issues including joint problems. 

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