What is a Belly Band for Dogs?

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What is a belly band for dogs is a question that even troubles the seasoned dog lovers/ owners. The problem might not be with the necessary know-how of the product, but the fine details associated with it becomes difficult sometimes to relate.

What is a belly band?

Dogs have loved creatures, and pet owners usually treat them as a member of the family. With time dogs get trained to get in terms with the norms of the family they are living with.

However, when nature calls, then the untrained or lesser trained male dogs might not be able to do, what the pet owners ideally want them to do. To save yourself from the urination or poop mess that the male dogs may create at home- a belly band for dogs is the ideal solution to ensure cleanliness in and around the house.

Moreover, it is not just the mess cleanup on the spot, but the dog urine odor could sustain in the carpet or sofas for a long time. So, a belly band for dogs saves you from a lot of embarrassment and unwanted cleanups to handle.

How Belly Band for Male Dogs Work?

It is a simple product, yet comes with several customized features to help with male dogs. The garment band is secured around the waist of the animal that is further supported through a Velcro closure.

The band reciprocates well when the dog lifts its leg to urinate. It prevents the urine from leaking out and eventually settles into the liner of the band.

The cleanup is then relaxed and just a one-step process. All you need to do is to take out the detachable liner, chuck it and replace it with a new one. This easiness in the cleanup process calls for a bit careful behavior when facilitating your dog with the belly band. It should be done aptly to ensure that the urine is not made to leak anywhere out of the liner.

In case you see any dampness in the outer shell of the belly band, and then you will be required to rinse it thoroughly and subsequently allow some time for it to dry up before putting it into use again.

As expert advice regarding the above matter, it is highly recommended to have two instead of 1 belly bands for one male dog. This means a smart and clean belly band would always be ready in case the first one got damp due to urine escaping the liner.

Using Belly Band as a Poop Training Aid:

It is normal to experience difficulty in poop training the male dogs, especially in helping them lift their legs. A belly band always comes handy in this matter as well, just as we have seen it for urination handling above.

Seasoned pet owners with their new dogs always take them outside to help them with their potty training. It is highly advised to encourage or appreciate your dog if there is a success, so they would likely be using the same practice in the future.

Once done with the outdoors, then apply the belly band indoors. Always plan to take your dog then after regular intervals. In case, the animal soils indoors, the belly band would do the urine absorbing. This will give the dog an unpleasant feeling with the dampness inside the band.

The theory here is that the male dog would start avoiding urinating inside the house if this happens quite often. Once you see your dog regularly going outside with a dry band, then you should allow the pet to go without the band. This will also be the time when you can declare your dog fully trained with its urine and pooping needs.

Just a little bit of supervision from the pet owner is required in the initial days, and things would start to normalize and convenient within a few days. This comes with all thanks to the belly band for dogs, which is doing the real trick in helping dogs to get trained with urine and poop training. The theory of what is a belly band and how to use it effectively gets summed up here.