What Is The Most Expensive Cat? 8 Precious Breeds

We all know that cats are precious pets, but some breeds can be literally valuable in terms of their price. While you can easily adopt a tabby for just $200 in a local shelter, expensive kitties will surely dig a black hole into your bank account. So what is the most expensive cat? Topping our list is the elegant Ashera cat followed by Savannah, Bengal, Khao Manee, Toyger, Peterbald, Maine Coon, and Persian.

What is the most expensive cat breed? 

Below, I discussed some of the most expensive cat breeds and what makes them extremely costly.

what is the most expensive cat

What is the most expensive cat breed

1. Ashera Cat

The Ashera Cat is the Chanel of the feline world. They were bred by the L.A.-based Lifestyle Pets under the leadership of Simon Brodie. Ashera cats are foreseen to have a maximum lifespan of 25 years. The price tag for this mini leopard can balloon for as much as $125,000 for the exquisitely bred litter. You can also find an average Ashera for $16,000, to $22,000 but this isn’t that cheap either. If you want a hypoallergenic version, prepare to shell out a minimum of $28,000.

The rarity of this breed makes it the most expensive cat in the world. Ashera is a mix between the African Serval, Asian Leopard, and a domestic housecat. The result is a stunning leopard coat with the ears of a Serval and a size larger than a conventional housecat. Ashera owners noticed that this cat is more dog-like since it can walk on a leash and open doors. This isn’t surprising because Ashera cats can grow up to 30 lbs. While the Ashera is partly a wild cat, it’s surprisingly docile. However, they can be very playful, too. It’s best to get one if you can deal with a lot of energy and of course, the mind-blowing cost.

2. Savannah Cat

The Savannah Cat is the cousin of the Ashera breed. It’s bred by crossing a domestic cat and the African Serval. This is why both the Ashera and Savannah have long, pointed ears.

For the Savannah cat, you have to spend about $20,000 to bring home one. They are highly sought because of their smoky golden coat that’s available in different variations.

Take note that this is an energetic, athletic, and adventurous cat. Still, they are lighter than Asheras so they are easier to raise. Savannah cats also possess dog-like characteristics and you can teach them to play fetch and walk on a leash. Proper training is necessary before putting your lovely cat on a leash. This article can help you learn How to leash train a kitten

If you’re planning to splurge for a Savannah cat, make sure that you don’t have smaller pets like fish, birds, and hamsters. This kitty is a natural hunter so they will surely target small, moving objects. If you are want to know can cats eat fish skin, this article is worth a read. Other than that, this expensive cat would make amazing companions to other felines and dogs.

3. Bengal Cat

A lot of aspiring cat owners are enchanted by the athletic and beautiful Bengal Cat for many good reasons. This kitty is a cross between a Bengal, a Snow Leopard, and a domestic cat. The result is a breath-taking coat, which is their leading selling point.

However, if you wish to bring home a Bengal Cat, be prepared to shell out at least $10,000. You should also be willing to put up with this kitty’s energy. They are not delicate felines so I don’t recommend getting one if you have very young kids and small pets.

With proper training, a Bengal cat can be affectionate, too. They are intelligent and can get along with dogs and cats. Bengal cats are also smaller and lighter than the two first breeds. Their coats don’t shed too much, which is a big plus.

4. Khao Manee Cat

Khao Manee Cat

The Khao Manee cat hails from Thailand with an average price tag of $11,000. While not yet a registered breed, Khao Manees are becoming more popular among cat fanciers and aspiring owners. Khao Manee also comes by other names like Diamond Eye, Khao Plort, and White Gem. The main selling point of this breed is its odd-eyed appearance. Their eyes are colored blue and green each, which stands out due to their white coat.

Unlike other expensive kitties, Khao Manee isn’t a designer breed. Their ancestry traces back to hundreds of years. They only arrived in America in 1999 to help prevent the cat breed from going extinct. Khao Manee cats are suitable for households with older children. You also need outdoor space where this kitty can expel its excess energy.

5. Toyger Cat

The Toyger cat is the creation of Judy Sugden, the daughter of the original Bengal cat breeder Jean Mill. Toyger is the contraction of ‘toy’ and ‘tiger’ since this breed is intended to look like a mini tiger.

The Toyger cat was produced by crossing a domestic striped shorthair and a Bengal cat. The result is a tamer and a more laidback kitty with a gorgeous coat. But while a Toyger’s coat looks exotic, this kitty is 0% wild. It’s sweet, affectionate, and child-friendly.

However, Toyger cats don’t come cheap. They are $5,000 apiece and can get more expensive, depending on the breeder.

Still, every dollar is worth it with this breed. Aside from their aesthetic appearance, Toygers are also intelligent and easy to groom. Make sure you know how to restrain a cat for grooming before you start grooming. 

6. Peterbald Cat

For the untrained eye, a Peterbald cat may look like a friendlier Sphynx. It’s hairless, but their lineage is way different. In fact, Peterbald cats are one of the only six recognized hairless cat breeds in the whole world. They join the ranks of Donskoy, Sphynx, Levkoy, Bambino, and Elf. Peterbald cats are produced by crossing an Oriental Shorthair with a Hairless Donskoy. Actually, Peterbald cats are not 100% hairless. They have peach fuzz fur available in different patterns and colors.

Oriental Shorthair

In addition, this Russian-bred kitty has a price that ranges from $1,000 to $7,000, which largely depends on the coat appearance. Moreover, this kitty is sociable and they are also good with kids, seniors, and other pets at home. While they are physically active, they have a docile personality that suits even first-time owners. Overall, this is a little cat with a maximum weight of 14 pounds. They shed very little, though they are not as smart as the other breeds discussed here.

7. Maine Coon Cat

Maine Coons are big cats that also come with a hefty price tag. Each Maine Coon kitten costs at least $1,200. Purebred ones can be as expensive as $1,500 to $2,000. This is quite an old breed that’s been around during the early periods of the 19th century.

Maine Coons are known for their large size and regal coat. With this, they also shed a lot and can be difficult to groom. But you can learn how to groom a maine coon cat in this article. But this sacrifice is compensated with this breed’s affection and friendliness towards kids. They also thrive around other cats and dogs.

The good thing about Maine Coons is that they can adapt to different lifestyles. They are also excellent mousers so no rodents will be safe in your home. Also, Maine Coons can be taught to play fetch and walk on a leash.

While this cat is big, it enjoys a kittenish level of attention even during adulthood. Don’t worry because this feline isn’t vocal and would often chirp to get your attention. 

You can read this article Is maine coon hypoallegnic to learn more about shedding behaviors of maine coon cats.

8. Persian Cat

Are you willing to spend at least $1,800 for a sweet and laidback cat? If so, you should put your money on a Persian Cat. This feline is one of the most iconic breeds due to their Peke-faced appearance. They are also common sightings on TV shows and movies like Snowbell in Stuart Little. Persian cats are easygoing and very sweet. They are the couch potatoes of the feline world because they prefer to stay cozy in a warm spot.

Persian cat

However, you shouldn’t underestimate their personality. Persian Cats don’t like noisy and pinchy children. They are quite territorial and not as playful as other breeds. Also, this kitty sheds a lot so they require rigorous grooming. So how come Persian cats are expensive? Well, this is a pure-bred cat with a beautiful coat that you can’t find on other felines. Also, many breeders perform an intensive breeding process to retain the characteristics of a true Persian cat.



Now you know What is the most expensive cat? The Ashera cat tops our list because of its exotic and unique characteristics. Even if you can afford a costly cat, it’s important to be prepared. This will ensure that you’re ready to become a cat parent. Remember that an expensive cat also entails equally expensive ownership. The upfront cost is just the tip of the iceberg because maintaining a valuable kitty is a serious task. You should be prepared to splurge if you want to bring home any of these breeds.

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