Where Do Rabbits Like To Be Scratched? 3 Great Benefits!

Where do rabbits like to be scratched? Hearing such a phrase will make you think of cats or dogs automatically. Dogs love it when you scratch their bell, but for rabbits, think otherwise.

Remember that we are dealing with rabbits, so what they like is way different from most pet animals.

Some rabbits are not a fan of you scratching them, but if they do, they love it if you scratch their backs, cheeks, or between their ears. Learn here why do rabbit have big ears

You see, rabbits may be known as affectionate creatures, but they don’t enjoy cuddling as much as dogs and cats do.

Yet, they are still loved by many; you can make your pet rabbit love petting if you know the right place to do it.

So, don’t worry because this article will guide you and help you know where your rabbits love to be scratched; read on!


Do Rabbits Enjoy Being Petted Or Scratched?

How your pet rabbit reacts would depend on how comfortable it is with you; sometimes, low ownership results in an anti-social rabbit.

So, rabbit love when you pet or scratch them, as long as you’re doing it right and you’re on the right spot.

To do so, a rabbit must be comfortable and trusts you a lot. That is why they don’t accept pets from a stranger. When I first got Thumper, he won’t let me touch him or get near him. When he thinks I am close, he will hide in the corner.

But after some time, he got the hang of it and realized I am here to take care of him. Now, we are close more than ever!

Since rabbits serve as prey animals of almost all predators, gaining their trust will take you longer than expected.

That’s why if you are a new pet owner, be mindful of your actions as some might frighten your rabbit, which includes picking it up for petting or petting it in the wrong way. Don’t pressure your pet to get close to you, let it adjust on its own or it will avoid you or hate petting. Please read here where do rabbit like to be petted

I know it’s hard; you will need to be patient and allow your rabbit to approach you when it’s ready.

It’s a long process, but letting your rabbit build its boundaries will develop a bond between the two of you, making a happy and healthier relationship with your pet rabbit. learn here why do rabbit thump when they are happy


Is Petting Suitable For Rabbits?

You might enjoy petting or scratching your rabbit, but you’re helping your pet socially and physically:


#1. Strengthens your bond

Giving your rabbit a petting session will help your pet get comfortable with you and other people.

Petting or scratching your rabbit’s fur frequently is like saying that it’s under safe hands and loved, creating a stronger bond between you and your rabbit.

Doing this will motivate your pet rabbit friendlier in ways such as:

  • Responding when you call out its name
  • Eating the food out of your hands
  • Starting to sleep on you please read here when do rabbit sleep
  • Wanting to play with you


As I have said earlier, petting your pet will train them to be friendly with other people.

It improves your pet’s social skills; as rabbits are intelligent creatures, you want to expose them to human interaction, making them enthusiastic and playful around others.


#2. Eases grooming

Scratching your rabbit’s fur is also a way of cleaning them.  Brushes and combs help your pet’s coat stay shiny and clean because using your hands is not enough to keep your rabbit’s fur.

However, it does imitate the feeling of other rabbits cleaning one other, which is essential for rabbits as a social practice, especially if you only have one rabbit. It helps your rabbit feel satisfied and not alone.

Yet, grooming is a struggle for most pet owners; our pet gets fussy when cleaning them.

Establishing a relationship with your rabbit through petting will help it get comfortable when you need to clean its ears or cut its nails. Learn here how to groom a lionhead rabbit


#3. Keeps your pet calm

If you have an anxious rabbit or maybe one of your rabbits is always angry and gets to a fight with others, petting might reduce such negative behavior.

Petting or scratching will keep them calm as it serves as a distraction; it will also make them feel protected. The said action will:

  • Give your pet time to calm down
  • Give your rabbit assurance that it’s safe when you are around


Where Rabbits Like To Be Scratched?

Where do rabbits like to be scratched? Well, my pet, Thumper, loves to be scratched on his back.

Most animals love petting, especially on their favorite spot.

And it also includes rabbits, the areas you’d want to scratch is on the back of their neck, forehead, and cheeks.

Try massaging their back along the spine; you will relax them for sure! But avoid their butt and tail as it might startle them because these parts are their blind spots.

It would be the same with scratching. However, rabbits are a bit sensitive, so using the tip of your fingers would startle them. That is why you want to use the palm of your hands or pet them.

Start with petting first, do it often until your rabbit gets used to you.

You see, if a rabbit is still not comfortable with you, it won’t let you touch it. But once you gain your rabbit’s trust, you can scratch it all you want!

But let me remind you that every rabbit has its preference, so their favorable petting spot may vary.

Please pay attention to how your pet rabbit reacts when you get it on a particular area of its body. Observe so you can learn what your rabbit wants, improving your relationship with your furry pet.


Do rabbits love their heads scratched?

They do! They love forehead scratches; they feel relaxed and happy when you do that.

You can also pet the slopes of your rabbit’s head if it doesn’t like scratching.

Yet, some rabbits are head-shy; they don’t like petting at all, so respect what they want and allow your pet to do what it wants if it still avoids you.


Can I rub my rabbit’s nose?

Sure, you can, only if your rabbit likes it.

Rabbits rub their nose to express certain emotions, such as to show dominance.

No wonder most rabbits hate it when you rub their noses.

Try to gently rub your rabbit’s nose with your thumb and see how it reacts; if it avoids your finger, don’t continue.

However, the bridge of your pet’s nose would be fine; avoid its nose pad, though.



Scratching a rabbit is a bit of a challenge, especially for new pet owners. “Where do rabbits like to be scratched?” would simply depend on your pet rabbit itself.

Regardless, gain your pet’s trust first, don’t pressure it, allow your rabbit to adjust go to you on its own.

It may take a while, but the results would be fulfilling. Be patient and do your best to take of your pet.

Happy reading!