Why Are Guinea Pigs So Cute? 7 Amazing Reasons Why!

Do you ever wonder why are guinea pigs so cute? Well, these rodents are very friendly, small, and chatty, which makes them super adorable!

Their physical features are on the top of the list, and their behavior is also a strong reason for you to love them.

why are guinea pigs so cute

With the tiny noises that they make, you will surely like them even more!

why are guinea pigs so cute

Observing your guinea pig can be very enchanting since you can see clearly how it behaves after a few days of constant check-up.

In this article, we will discuss the reasons behind the cavies’ cuteness, which will make you like them even so.

So without any delays, let us delve right into it! (please read here how to make Guinea pig happy)


Reasons Why Guinea Pigs Are Cute

Why are guinea pigs so cute?

I bet you are in question about those people who adore guinea pigs so much, which is why you are reading this article right now.

If you want to know what these guinea pig owners see, here are the following things that you should know:

Reasons Why Guinea Pigs Are Cute


#1. They make cute sounds

Guinea pigs are lovely animals that make the cutest noises that you will ever hear. Those squeaky sounds are sure to capture your heart even the first time that you hear them.


#2. They do cute moves

These furballs make a dance which is also called “popcorning.”

It is not only that they are nice to hear, but also you will be entertained by their weird but adorable movements! (please read here why do Guinea pig Jump)


#3. They look cute

Even if a cavy reaches adult age, their appearance will still be the same as they were babies.

You will be amazed at how cute their smallness can be. I am sure that you will try to cuddle these piggies because they are also very cuddly and docile.


#4. They are excited when they eat

Each time that you feed your cavy, you will see how excited they get each time!

You can notice that their happiness is so genuine and they will be pleased with the diet meal plan that you prepared for them.

Do good research about the most nutritious foods that you can offer your pet to make it more healthy and cute to look at!

Reasons Why Guinea Pigs Are Cute


#5. They have cute lips

Since these animals are small in size, you will find their lips super amusing since it is very teeny tiny.

You will also giggle with joy each time that you see or touch their gentle lips!


#6. They can do tricks

It is not all about the appearance, but also, these piggies can learn tricks.

Yes, you read it right. These cavies can learn things if you teach them well.

Also, don’t forget to give them treats whenever they do a trick very well since it will motivate them to do better every time.


#7. They love to cuddle

You already know that cavies are friendly rodents, so you must also know that they love to cuddle!

By that, you can have a great time bonding with your cavy in your free time, and that is one valid reason why guinea pigs are so cute!


Why Should You Own A Guinea Pig?

Aside from being cute in appearance, a guinea pig has many more reasons to convince you to have one.

The following are more things that you must learn to love these rodents even more:

Why Should You Own A Guinea Pig


#1. Guinea pigs cost less

I am sure that the budget is always an issue in getting your desired pet. Since you want a cute guinea pig, you will only spend a small amount to have it. (please read here how much are Guinea pig at Petsmart)

There many variations in the breed that you can choose from, and you will be amazed by how beautiful they are.


#2. They’re vegans

There is no need for meat or dairy products in feeding your guinea pigs since they are vegetarians!

It won’t cost you too much, which means that taking care of them is no hassle.

Each of these adorable rodents has their favorites, but they usually love to eat lettuce and kale.

Do not try to give your beloved pet iceberg lettuce since it is toxic for their health.

Before you feed fruits and vegetables to it, make sure that you research so that your cavy can grow as robust as it can be.

Toxins from some veggies can decrease your cavy’s immunity that can lead to severe cases in the future.


#3. They are clean

Another thing that will make you love guinea pigs more is that they are clean animals.

These adorable rodents might get sick if you expose them to a dirty environment, so you have to ensure that you are also providing them with a safe and clean space.

You also have the choice to potty-train your pet for added cleanliness and make sure that you reward them with every correct action that they make. (please read here how to potty train your Guinea pig)

As the owner, a cavy’s water should be regularly changed, and it should be provided with fresh hay.


With the fact that guinea pigs are sociable animals, kids of all ages can have the chance to play with them.

Cavies are very gentle, which makes them super cute in everything that they do.

Guinea pigs certainly want to be held and stroked, so there won’t be any struggle in petting them. They are tiny, which will make their cuteness more recognizable.

You also have to understand that other cavies do not want constant petting, so you must observe your beloved pet first because the stroking may annoy them rather than making it happy.

I have a guinea pig, and his name is Ginger.

I got home during those times where guinea pigs have been a trend in our neighborhood, and from the first time that I got him, I was in love with his chubby cheeks!

His lips are very small and he is very friendly.

Up to this day, he never fails to make my heart flutter each day with his weird noises and fluffy cheeks.



For the final words, cavies are super adorable because they are innocent-looking and have tiny lips. You will love how cuddly they could be, and I think that is a characteristic to enhance the bond between you and your pet.

The little noises they make are sure to capture your heart since they squeak in a weird but cute way.

There are also a lot of reasons why you should get a guinea pig as a pet, and cuteness is the main reason why you need to have one.

I hope that you had a lot of information on why are guinea pigs so cute.

May these learnings persuade you to get and take care of a cavy right away. Good luck!

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