Why Do Baby Rabbits Die Suddenly? 4 Shocking Reasons

Why do baby rabbits die suddenly? As a pet owner, I bet you get excited when you’re pet rabbit gets pregnant, but some get worried because baby rabbits die quickly.

Some factors contribute to baby rabbits’ sudden death; these are pre-existing health conditions, fear-related heart attacks, accidents, and not used to living outdoors.

Why do baby rabbits die suddenly

But what commonly happens is that baby rabbits die because of stress caused by loud noises.

You see, baby rabbits are susceptible; that is why they need intensive care and, most significantly, the presence of their mother to survive.

Regardless, to avoid such things to happen, keep on reading to find out more.


Why Baby Rabbits Die Suddenly?

Why do baby rabbits die suddenly?

Baby rabbits are delicate after they are born. In this situation, baby rabbits are prone to die for several reasons, so baby rabbits die quickly.

why do baby rabbits die suddenly

So, if your rabbit is pregnant, better schedule an appointment with your vet and enlightened yourself about what to do when your pet will give birth and how to take care of its soft bunnies.

My friend told me that my pet, Thumper, was the only one who survived after his siblings died because of a disease.

Thankfully, they managed to save Thumper and gave him to me; I was thrilled at that time. Now, he’s happy and a very playful rabbit.

Regardless, I will do my part and share with you in this article the four main reasons why baby rabbits die suddenly.


Rabbits are gentle and timid creatures; they enjoy a very peaceful environment; that’s why a loud sound will indeed frighten them.

Just like how dogs behave during New Year when firecrackers are prominent, rabbits would do the same.

However, firecrackers are over the because hearing only a dog bark can already make a rabbit’s heart rate increase; even the faintest sound scares them.

Fear-related heart attack

After knowing that one of my rabbits is pregnant, I immediately separated her from others and placed her in my room, inside a metal cage, which I always recommend to my friends. Learn here How to make rabbit room private

You see, rabbits are prey animals; that is why they have to be vigilant around their surroundings, so hearing noises or seeing larger animals gives them anxiety. Mature rabbits often get scared. How much more for their tiny babies?

So, if you have other pets at home, such as dogs, you want to keep them away from your bunnies, or they will surely experience a fear-related heart attack.

Very gentle animals, aren’t they? Even mature rabbits die due to fear-relater heart attacks, now think about their baby rabbits. please read here why do my rabbit keep dying

Better isolate them in an area where they can’t hear any unusual and loud sounds, also keep children and other pets away so they won’t get frightened.


#2. The outdoors

Unlike wild rabbits used to the environment outside, rabbits bought or born at a pet store wouldn’t last long if you leave them outdoors.

Wild rabbits are used to harsh threats such as predators and noises that are in nature.

The outdoors

As for indoor rabbits, since they lived in an unusual environment, outdoors would be a significant shift to their usual surroundings, which they are not used to, which will overwhelm them that might cause death.

Now, think of your baby rabbit as a human child. Leaving your child outside will make them.

That’s why leaving your rabbit outside would be a mistake. Wait for your rabbit to grow and introduce your pet to the outdoors; some mature indoor rabbits can’t survive outdoors, be careful with your baby rabbits.


#3. Swallowing sharp objects

This reason is no doubt one of the reasons why a baby rabbit dies. I mean, if your baby eats a sharp object, what will you expect to happen?

Swallowing something sharp can cause internal damage, especially in their stomach, that will cause bleeding, leading to death.

Knowing that they are baby rabbits, their body and, of course, organs are susceptible; that’s why you should be aware of their surroundings and take out objects they could swallow.

Adding to this is their diet; a baby rabbit’s lower intestine is sterile at 3-4 weeks until they begin to eat solid food.

It means they can’t eat solid food, and only their mother’s milk would sustain them. A rabbit’s milk changes in pH and contains essential antibodies for their baby’s stomach to adjust until it’s ready to receive typical rabbit food.

So, if you feed a baby rabbit solid food, they will develop enteritis, causing fatal diarrhea until you know your baby rabbit is dead.

Moreover, baby rabbits are mute animals, so they would only suffer in silence and eventually die if they are hurting.

That’s why double-check what you are feeding them as it might contain objects that could choke or injure their organs.


#4. Medical conditions that already exist

It is why regular check-ups could save your pet’s life. Your baby rabbit might have already had problems the store owner hasn’t informed you.

But it rarely happens, as pet owners would surely pick the healthiest ones, or it will infect other animals inside their shop with the disease that caused your baby rabbit to die.

That’s why it’s essential to know your rabbit’s current condition for you to give them the necessary medication it needs.

And there is one more reason why your baby rabbit could’ve died. It might be because it’s lonely, which is what most pet owners would think of when a baby rabbit dies.

It is common for baby rabbits to separate from their partner or family, especially when they’re all alone. They would isolate themselves and stop eating, resulting in death.

Medical conditions that already exist

Having a baby rabbit is another type of challenge. You need to be careful and make sure that your surrounding is suitable for them; that’s why you need to change a few things inside your home to ensure that your baby rabbit will live longer.

As long as your pet is safe, any sacrifice will be worth it!



Why do baby rabbits die suddenly?

Considering the four factors: fear-related heart attack, outdoors, eating sharp objects, and pre-existing health problems.

These are the usual reasons why baby rabbits die so often. However, more factors could contribute to a baby rabbit’s death, so you can’t just assume it’s one of these factors alone unless you know what happened.

Knowing that baby rabbits are delicate, note the things mentioned in this article, like loud noises. Give them the utmost care they need, and I’m sure that they will grow just fine.

I hope that you learned a lot from this article. Thank you for reading!

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