Why Do Guinea Pigs Whistle? 6 Quick Reasons!

Do you have any ideas in mind why do guinea pigs whistle? If you often observe this behavior done by your cavy, then indeed it is fascinating about playtime, or it is time for food!

Cavies are super adorable tailless rodents that can brighten up your day. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing it squeal for joy every time they want to play.

why do guinea pigs whistle

why do guinea pigs whistle

This article will let you learn more about this behavior.

More so, we will further elaborate on more informative details about guinea pigs. If you are very eager to know these things, keep on scrolling!

Indicators If A Guinea Pig Is Happy

If you are new to being a pet owner, you must learn the essential details like the behavior and characteristics of cavies. 

One of these crucial things is to know when you can tell if a guinea pig is happy.

Here are the following:

Indicators If A Guinea Pig Is Happy

  • Being active from time to time
  • Socializes often with other guinea pigs and humans
  • High-pitch squeals or whistle
  • Purring in a deep or calm voice
  • Always hopping into the air
  • Rubs its nose at other guinea pig

Cavies are very friendly rodents, which will take your heart away even just for a second of holding or interacting with them. They love the companionship of humans, and their adorable squeals are melting hearts!

Let me tell you a story.

When I was a kid, I always told my mother to buy me a guinea pig. I do not know most certainly why, but at the age of 10, I wanted to take care of guinea pigs.

I had my favorite one, and her name is Ginger. Of all my cavies, she is the most friendly and the sweetest one! One time I heard a whistling sound and I found out that it was Ginger!

I knew that action was because she was happy and excited. After all, she saw me coming toward her for playtime. I love Ginger so much and also my other cavies.

Why Do Guinea Pigs Whistle? Meaning Of Guinea Pig Noises

You have to keep in mind that cavies typically make lots of noises that carry specific meanings.

In this part of the article, we will give you a guide about these cute noises and answer your query why do guinea pigs whistle?

Why Do Guinea Pigs Whistle? Meaning Of Guinea Pig Noises

#1. Squeaking or whistling

There will be times when you can hear your cavy squeal in a high-pitch tone. And believe me, it is a question for many people why do guinea pigs whistle.

You should not be alarmed because it just means that your pet is very excited. Probably, your cavy is making that sound it sees you getting its food ready!

#2. Chutting

If you do not know what chutting is, then generally, it is a sound that is similar to the croak of a frog.

This noise also means that your pet is pleased and content with its daily routine.

#3. Rumble strutting

This sound is also known as motor-boarding and means that your pet is ready for mating.

This one is a technique made by females to let a male know that she is in season.

You should not be shocked by the fact that female guinea pigs get in season quite often. When I say often, it is every 16 days! During these times, females are only focused on mating, and this fact is truly fascinating!

#4. Purring

There are two reasons for your cavy doing this kind of noise: it is angry or happy.

You should not guess the situation but rather judge it carefully. Maybe there is something which makes your cavy upset, and you have to take action about it.

On the other hand, purring in a standard way can mean that the guinea pig is content in whatever it is doing.

You can notice that your pet will vibrate a little bit due to the purring sound. Familiar? This action is very similar to cats; that is why.

#5. Chattering of teeth

If you think that your cavy is just having cold issues, then you are wrong. If you hear this sound, your cavy wants you to back off or warn other pets to stay away.

This chattering noise may be accompanied by a hissing sound, which is usually heard between two fighting guinea pigs.

#6. Chirping

This one is quite confusing since we all know that commonly, it is a bird that does this.

However, it would help if you learned that this sound is very rare to guinea pigs since it is thought by many that it causes fear for them.

Are The Squeaks Of Guinea Pigs Good Or Bad?

There are many pet owners that believe this sound is made due to the personality of a cavy.

Like the noises mentioned above, these all depend on what is the behavior of your pet. You have to understand that not all guinea pigs do a particular action because each one is unique.

Are The Squeaks Of Guinea Pigs Good Or Bad?

If you notice that your guinea pigs squeak when it sees you preparing food, then you are one lucky owner!

Why? Because not all cavies do this when they are happy. It is a great advantage since you can tell if your piggy is happy or not.

What Noise Do Guinea Pigs Make If They Are In Pain?

A lot of other animals typically make this sound, and it is called shrieking. For us, humans, it is more like a screaming sound for them. This noise that cavies are crying and tells you that they are in minor pain or hurt.

If you hear a shrieking sound, you must immediately aid the pain that your pet is experiencing. It is something that you have to be aware of so that the pain won’t get severe over time.

Do Guinea Pigs Get Sad?

Guinea pigs are social animals. They love to socialize and playtime is an important part of their lives. If they feel lonely or do not get playtime they might get sad and anxious. 

The signs of anxiety and stress include aggression, irritability, and teeth-baring.


Now you know why do guinea pigs whistle however, it is best if you know the meaning of every noise that your pet gives you. Why so?

It is for this reason that you can tell if it is angry, happy, or scared. In immediate action, you can have an idea of what to do in a particular situation.

Though you won’t completely understand all the sounds, at least by knowing, you can decipher the exact meaning of them. In that way, you can have a better understanding of your guinea pig.

I hope that this article answered your question “why do guinea pigs whistle” and also the other noises that they make. I am undoubtedly sure that if you master these noises, you can understand your cavy more than anyone.

Thank you for having time to read this post!

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