Why Do My Rabbits Keep Dying? 5 Main Reasons Why!

As a pet owner, you are probably asking and wondering– why do my rabbits keep dying, and how should I stop and avoid it? If you have some cute little bunnies at home, but all of a sudden, they are dying one by one.

Rabbits can die for several reasons. Some of those significant reasons are sudden heart attacks due to fear, hearing loud noises, eating and swallowing poisonous and sharp objects, or other health-related conditions.

why do my rabbits keep dying

Rabbits can be playful and adorable at the same time so that when anyone sees that kind of their characteristics, people would be fascinated and decide to be their lovely pets.

But whether you are an experienced or soon to be a pet owner, you should be aware of any information about bunnies health-related conditions.

Why so? It’s for you to avoid sudden death.

This article will help you to know about the causes why do rabbits keep dying, the reason for their premature deaths, and some tips on how to prevent all of these. Please read here How to tell if baby rabbit is dead


Some Causes Why Do Rabbits Keep Dying Suddenly

Rabbits are very timid kind of creatures, especially baby rabbits; these are some common major cause that may answer your question, why do my rabbits keep dying:

why do my rabbits keep dying

#1. Heart attack

Bunnies are gentle and timid animals, so they easily get frightened with even the most straightforward noise and sound.

Fear and shock can cause them heart attacks that could kill them just of a sudden.

My rabbit Thumper always gets frightened at just the sound of firecrackers. If she ever hears that sound, her heart-rate rises, which could lead to heart failure.

So I just comfort her and hide her in a room. Please read here how to make rabbit room private

Firecrackers are not an ideal example, but rabbits may die due to fear and heart issues, and attacks, so it is better to keep your little rabbits away from exposed places that could trigger them in any harm. Please read here why do baby rabbit dies suddenly


#2. Outdoor conditions

If your rabbit is born inside a closed room, putting it inside the cage outside your home would not be advisable; it has a significant chance of dying because of a sudden change of weather and unnatural conditions. Learn here how to keep rabbit warm in winter

outdoor conditions

In nature, their immunity is vital that they could stand up in any bad situations; unlike house rabbits, it is undeniable that they are not that immune to any natural threats compared to wild rabbits.

You have to be careful handling and taking care of your rabbits for them to sustain a healthier and joyful life.


#3. Swallowing sharp objects

Any animal can die because of swallowing sharp and hard objects.

Many documentaries that animals are dying because of swallowing plastics and sharp objects could cause internal damage in their organs and eventually because of the internal bleeding.

You should always spot clean their cute cages because, in this way, it may seem that your rabbit is healthy, but you do not notice that it is struggling from pain on the inside.

Rabbits are silent animals, and they can suffer without even a single sound.


#4. Eating poisonous food or bedding material

Rabbits may keep dying because they are chewing what should not be chewed.

Picking the right bedding for your rabbits is a must because some bedding materials are poisonous.

Also, you can make your bedding for your bunnies. Their comfort is essential, especially for baby rabbits.


#5. Pre-existing health conditions

Your rabbit may have some health issues after they are born.

Or if you bought it in a pet shop, the store owner did not say anything about it.

This does not occur every time, but it is safe for you to choose the healthiest rabbit in the store.

Immediate medication and consultation with the veterinarian is a must to help your bunnies not to die.

Pre-existing health conditions

Some medical conditions are highly contagious, so better to get other bunnies and put them in another cage to avoid getting ill.

In addition to that, bunnies may suffer from different types of illness, regular check-ups, and keeping their cages is essential to prevent those diseases.


#6. Stress and sadness

Stress and too much sadness are some of the things why your rabbits keep dying. They get sad because of separation from their family or other rabbits.

They will stop eating and not expressing enthusiasm or doing some usual things they did the last time.

Eventually, this may cause too low energy and result in them dying.


What Are The Signs That My Rabbit Is Dying?

Here are the signs that your rabbit is dying:


  • No appetite

Your rabbit may not eat and drink like the way it used to, this is not the sign that your bunny is dying, but it is just a sign that it is in pain and not feeling well.


  • Sudden squeaking and lots of groaning

These sounds are involuntary but hearing those are very heartbreaking.


  • Weak body

Your bunny is having a limp body and unable to move. It is best to leave them alone and don’t try to pick them up. I suggest taking them to the vet ahead of time to avoid this such situation.


weak body

  • No response

Dying rabbit won’t respond if you call it by its name or offer some tasty treats but keeping still for a time.


  • Involuntary movements

Just like squeaking and groaning, involuntary jerks are very heartbreaking and terrifying to watch. I suggest to put them in a large space on the floor or clear the entire room for more space.


  • Dribbling

Your dying rabbit will dribble a lot, it may seem impossible, but you cannot help it but stare.


  • Shivering

If your rabbit shivers, it is not a good sign. The bunny is shivering because it is freezing or may suffering from a shock or either having both at the same time.

Putting a small blanket would be a huge help to ease the pain and suffering.


  • Heavy spams

Your bunny will start to squeak, move quickly, and to jerk rapidly. It is sad to say that your lovely bunny won’t make it any longer.

It is unfortunate, but life is rough. All we need to do is move on and accept it.



Many things cause your rabbits to keep dying and sudden death. Rather than that, there are more causes of why they are unhealthy and ill.

If you are aware of some reasons that might affect rabbits around your surroundings, do the exact thing to avoid or at least lessen the possibility of death.

And if you think that your rabbits are not in their perfect conditions, go to the nearby vet ahead of time to give the bunnies the right medications.

Death can be very uncertain. Taking care of them properly is a tremendous help to extend their life span and to continue to give happiness to you and for your whole family. learn here how long do rabbit live

I hope this article helps you answer your question– why do my rabbits keep dying. Faster actions could benefit your bunny for an extended period.

Thank you for reading!

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