Why Do Rabbits Binky? 5 Fun Facts About A Rabbit’s Binky

Why do rabbits binky? Most often than not, a rabbit’s binky would mean that they are delighted.

As we all know, rabbits are usually silent. They do not have the capability to bark, meow, or talk in communicating with other animals and humans.

Why do rabbits binky

Why do rabbits binky

Instead, they express themselves through body language.

Each of these gestures has a different meaning. They typically send it to other rabbits and sometimes to humans.

One of the things that you probably will see your bunny doing is a random jump. This unusual movement is what they call a binky. Usually, it indicates that the bunny feels comfortable and safe in its environment. please read here how high can rabbit jump

Binky is also a sign that they are enjoying themselves. More importantly, it can mean that they are developing well—both mentally and physically.

A pet owner must understand even just a few of the rabbits’ primary body languages to know if something is distressing or bothering them. For example, my rabbit would usually stamp his feet if he dislikes something.

Much more, understanding their body language will help you identify whenever your pet is suffering from a medical issue.

Why do you think it’s important? Leaving rabbits untreated can be very dangerous. It can be fatal.

Conversely, it can also tell you that your pet is extremely happy, just like when they binky.

So to know more about a rabbit’s binky, keep on reading until the end of this post.

Here are 5 fun facts about a rabbit’s binky!


Fact #1. What Is A Rabbit Binky?

Most of the pet owners who have seen their rabbit binky for the first time often wonder if their pets are okay.

That is because when a rabbit binky, it would leap into the air.

Before it falls back into the ground, it would twist its body and head in opposite directions.

What Is A Rabbit Binky

They usually do this while running and sometimes while standing. I know- it is absolutely fun to watch.

But not all rabbits binky.

Some would do it almost every day, and some of them barely do it at all. However, this does not mean that they are not happy.

For the most part, it depends on the temperament of a rabbit.

Other rabbits would just flick their heads to show their joy. And some of them would simply flick their ears.

Look out for those rabbits with big ears. It looks so funny when they do this.

You can even try imitating the binky, and you will see that your little furry friend will understand the message.

Some bunnies would even binky back at you to illustrate that they are also happy, just like you.

But of course, you cannot execute the full binky movement. So twisting the head would be enough.


Fact #2. How Does A Binky Look Like?

I have already mentioned above that rabbits leap into the air in doing a binky.

But if you have not yet seen your rabbit binky, they also twist their body simultaneously and kick out their legs at the same time.

They usually binky as they run at speed.

But they can also do this in a standing or steady position. Rabbits do not anticipate where to land when they do this energetic movement.

How Does A Binky Look Like

In other words, they do not look where they are going. As such, they tend to land just anywhere. Sometimes into the land or even in your furniture.

For the most part, they would also land into a position that might worry you. Their safety might be at risk sometimes.

But when you see a rabbit binky, you will definitely recognize it right away.

For the most part, it is very entertaining to watch. There is one time when my pet, Thumper binky, my nephew called us all to come and see it too.

But when we are already there, Thumper got shy and stopped executing it.


Fact #3. When Do Rabbits Binky?

For the most part, rabbits would only perform a binky when they are excited about something or when they are thrilled.

Any other reasons for doing a binky is closely related to those reasons.

Of course, we do not know what do rabbits feel.

When Do Rabbits Binky

But have you ever seen a rabbit performing a binky due to unhappiness?

Personally, I have not seen one. That is because they do this when they are happy. please read here do rabbits thump when they are happy

But talking about rabbits’ happiness, they do not only get it from their fellow rabbits. They can also be overjoyed with their human companions.


Fact #4. Rabbits’ Health

Another factor that can make a rabbit binky is if it has good health.

The right and adequate amount of food will also encourage them to add a binky into their movements. Since a binky is a very energetic step, you can quickly figure out that your pet rabbit is healthy. leran more here how to tell if baby rabbit are dead

Given that they consumed the right nutrients, the rabbit would burn some excess energy by performing a binky.

But remember, you should minimize offering too many treats that are rich in sugar to your bunnies.

That is because an unhealthy and overweight bunny will most likely just lie around instead of executing energetic movements.

Meaning to say, if your rabbit does not perform a binky or any other physical exercises, it could mean that it is unhealthy.

With that being said, it is recommended that you should only offer them natural treats.

Like for example, a small piece of fruit instead of chocolate drops or yogurt. please read here can rabbit eat chocolate

In my case, I just give Thumper a tiny slice of apple or any other fruits available at home to reward him. This is only given very rarely when he has done something, for example, after he completes his training or exercises.


Fact #5. Reasons Why A Rabbit Would Not Binky

Why do rabbits binky? Here are some reasons why:

  • It is too old to do it.
  • Nobody is around to see him perform.
  • It is not used to its surroundings yet.
  • Too slippery floor.
  • It does not want to perform it.
  • Too long nails.
  • The rabbit does not trust you.
  • A rescued rabbit might not binky after mistreatment.



Why do rabbits binky? People that are not familiar with bunnies might not be aware that rabbits express their joy and excitement in a surprisingly fun way.

They would dance or leap in the air as they are twisting or contorting their bodies. They also do this as they kick their hind legs.

If you see a rabbit binkying, it is for sure a spectacular thing to watch. They often start a binky by running.

Sometimes, they would suddenly burst to the side. This is a sign of happiness and joy. A binky is also a sign that they are comfortable in their environment.

Like my pet, he usually performs a binky whenever I am approaching, especially when I am about to give him food.

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