7 Reasons Why Do Rabbits Dig At Your Clothes

Rabbits are naturally known for being good diggers, and as an owner, you may think, why do rabbits dig at your clothes? 

 Rabbits display different varieties of behaviors, which are evolutionary adaptations of their life in the wild. For example, digging can be their way of communicating.

why do rabbits dig at your clothes

Still, since domestic rabbits can’t dig to create tunnels and hide from predators, digging is one of their strategies to communicate with their owners.

In this article, we will try to cover some reasons why rabbits dig at clothes and how you can stop them from doing so. 

7 Reasons Why Do Rabbits Dig At Your Clothes

These are the several reasons why your lovely pet keeps on doing things like digging and scratching.  We are going to include seven major reasons. 

#1. Rabbits want you to put them down

If you like to hold your rabbit into your arms, but suddenly, it begins to dig into your clothes or chest, your bunny probably wanted you to put him back to the habitat.

For rabbits, digging is a way of sometimes escaping or defending themselves from any harm.

In addition to that, if your rabbit becomes anxious and rapidly digs for an unknown reason, then this means that your nervous bunny doesn’t want you to pick it up or doesn’t like to receive love and affection in this way.

#2. Rabbits are showing territorial behavior

Rabbits possess territorial behavior, especially male bunnies, which usually display this kind of thing.

They mark their territory through scent, including defecating, chinning, and spraying.

Rabbits do not leave marks by digging.

However, if your bunny digs on your clothes, this may be due to your bunny smelling another rabbit’s smell on you. This digging and scratching is their way of investigating that new and unknown scent.

Also, your curious pet may be scratching your clothes up if it sees other animals like parasites or flies hiding in your clothing.

#3. The rabbit might be bored and sad

Rabbits need something and someone to lessen their sadness and boredom, just like humans.

Without enough interaction and stimulation, your rabbit may feel upset and bored, resulting in depression.

These things could cause harmful and destructive behaviors such as hopping and becoming aggressive, and digging is one. In addition, solo rabbits are commonly experiencing boredom.

If you have only one rabbit, make sure that you give your lovely pet enough attention and affection to avoid this kind of stuff.

Regular interaction and talking might be small gestures but a great help for your bunny.

I have a bunny as my pet, and I have named it Thumper. Here’s what I do whenever my bunny is quiet and not as enthusiastic as before: I give him a cuddle and some of his favorite bunny treats and reward him with a pat on his head to feel that he is exceptional.

#4. Rabbits dislike your scent

Rabbits have a great sense of smell.

If you are coming home from work, parties, or gym, and you immediately carry your pet onto your arms, this may cause your bunny to dig away from you.

Furthermore, changing your scent or having a new perfume can cause your rabbit to dig on your clothes, and a strange smell can trigger anxiety and stress.

#5. Rabbit wants to play

Digging could be a sign and indication that your rabbit wants to have fun and play with you.

Especially when you are keeping younger rabbits but disregard the age, rabbits may dig at you, requesting playtime at any age.

Digging may be performed on your clothes and your feet and ankles.

#6. Showing dominance

Male rabbits are guilty of this, especially when you have a female rabbit in your house.

Digging and scratching is their way of telling everyone who is the boss.

Also, rabbits dig because they demand to pet, play, or cuddle.

So even if you are busy, just give your pet a little scratch or pat on its head and some verbal acknowledgment.

#7. Trimming their nails

Regular trimming and cutting of nails of your bunny are essential to their overall hygiene.

If you are not cleaning and cutting their nails regularly, they will find other ways to do it, such as digging and scratching on your clothes.


How To Stop Rabbits From Digging At Your Clothes

Natural behavior can never be removed but can be lessened and avoided.

At first, digging is just one adorable behavior of your bunny, but it becomes annoying sometimes.

Now that you know why rabbits dig at your clothes let’s look at some tips that can help you deal with this problem and stop your bunny from digging at your clothes. 


#1. Provide playtime with your rabbit

As an owner, it is your responsibility to give your rabbit enough time and affection.

Even if your bunny has plenty of toys and treats, physical bonding significantly impacts your bunny’s behavior. Another article on our website can teach you how to make a soft rabbit toy and improve your bonding with the rabbit. 

#2. Building trust

As mentioned earlier, providing playtime strengthens the bond between you and your bunny.

One of the things that can help stop digging rabbits on your clothes is to make your bunny build trust in you.  This will prevent stress and sadness in your lovely pet.


#3. Spaying or neutering

Your rabbit wants to have a mate, especially when running in circles and digging. You can read more about the sexual behavior of rabbits and signs shown by them on why rabbits run in circles.

Spaying or neutering them can prevent these behavioral issues from happening again.


#4. Training

Rabbits are intelligent animals.

It is possible to give them the training to avoid annoying behavior and, this can help you build trust between you and your rabbit.  

Training your rabbit needs time, consistency, and a lot of patience.


#5. Ignore when digging

You can simply shut the digging off by avoiding it.

So, whenever you are holding your lovely pet in your arms, and it just starts digging and showing some dominance, put it back down to its cage. 

When the digging stops, reward your pet with delicious treats.



Digging is just the natural behavior of rabbits. Remember that this is also one of your bunny’s ways to communicate with you, and he wants to tell you something. We may never distinguish the exact doings of your adorable bunny’s mind, but these annoying behaviors, such as digging and scratching, can be avoided. Rabbits can be taught and trained to prevent digging and scratching early.

Taking care of your bunny properly and making it feel important can keep it healthy entertaining and prevents the development of behavioral problems, including scratching and digging.

After reading this article, you must have learned some of the reasons why do rabbits dig at your clothes and tips on how to prevent this problem. We hope that this article helps you deal with your rabbit’s kind of behavioral pattern.

Happy day!

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