Why Do Rabbits Eat Paper? 2 Signs Your Rabbit Is Bored!

Do you know the reason why do rabbits eat paper? Commonly, the staple food for rabbits is hay. However, you may also learn further that bunnies tend to eat paper.

The main reason is that your cottontail is hungry, and bunnies get bored quickly. They would want to chew on anything to pass their time.

why do rabbits eat paper

So if papers are lying in their scope, I am sure that it will start munching it. Well, my pet, Thumper, loves his comfortable bedding made of paper.

In this article, we will discuss the reason for your cottontail eating paper, and we will add more knowledge about taking care of bunnies.

Without further delays, let us get right into it!


Main Reason Why Rabbits Eat Paper

You have to keep in mind that the rabbit does not directly eat the paper as you may think.

You must understand that cottontails are playful by nature, and they would be more interested in playing than eating the paper (unless they are starving).

why do rabbits eat paper

If you notice that your bunny ate the paper after it has finished playing, that is a clear indicator that your beloved pet is truly hungry.

Since you are now aware of the situation and why do rabbits eat paper, and it would be best if you take the initiative to offer your bun some nutritious food to aid its hunger.


Is Eating Paper Bad for Rabbits?

As a pet owner, you must take good care of the welfare of your bunny.

If you have noticed your cottontail developing behavior in which it eats paper, you do not have to worry about it. However, you should be disturbed if:


#1. It eats too much

The small amount of paper consumed by your bunny means that they are only playing with it.

Some of these cute furballs tend to do this because they are hungry and want to munch whatever they can eat within their reach. learn more here why do rabbit eat thier baby

You need to stop this behavior if you see what your pet is eating way too much because it can cause blockage in the intestines.

With that fact, I am sure that specific health issues may occur and harm your bun (which is something that you should avoid!)


#2. Sign of boredom

Bunnies are creatures that are curious from the time that they are born. These adorable animals have hay as their staple food and sometimes feed on paper.

As we have discussed earlier, it may be a sign of hunger in which you can cure the issue with a proper meal plan.

Another thing that may cause your bunny to do this is because it is boring!

Sign of boredom

That behavior only means that you are not giving enough attention to your cottontail, which is why it devises the playtime into things that are irrelevant to them.

Though chewing the paper may trim down the continuously growing teeth, combating boredom on its own is not a good thing. please read here how fast do rabbit grow

You have to give your bunny an adequate amount of time every day to enhance its physical and mental health.


Can Rabbits Eat Cardboard?

Offering your bunny with cardboard is a practical and easy way to help trim down their fast-growing teeth.

In that way, your pet can have healthy teeth, which will take away the risk of cavities.

You must remember that these adorable creatures need something to chew on every time, plus a healthy diet with fresh hay, of course.

Hay is essential because it contains an adequate amount of nutrients and minerals to help your pet thrive.


Is It Okay For Rabbits To Eat Tissue Paper?

It is crucial thing that you understand that not all kinds of paper are safe for your cottontail to consume.

It is undoubtedly fun to play, but it is never safe for rabbits to eat tissue paper, but you have to be aware that this composition contains a dye and synthetic materials.

Is It Okay For Rabbits To Eat Tissue Paper?

You should be very careful with this because it can be very toxic to your pet and will cause severe issues over time. It is best that you are aware and you always monitor whatever your bunny consumes.

Though it is not that poisonous, do not let your bunny eat toilet paper. It is for the supporting reason that this paper has unnatural chemicals that are not good for their overall health. please read here can rabbit eat paper


Signs That Your Rabbit Is Bored

As we have discussed earlier, it is one sign of boredom that your bunny is chewing on paper.

However, this is only one indicator, and you must learn that there are tons of characters that will tell you that your bunny is bored.

Here are the following:


Sign #1. Constantly gnawing at the door

I own a Lionhead rabbit, and his name is Thumper. After a few weeks of him in my custody, I have learned that rabbits can quickly get bored.

He keeps on gnawing on his cage door and the wire, which I assume that he wants to play outside.

After that, I took the initiative of letting him out and playing with him. I guessed correctly that Thumper was surely bored, so I am not more vigilant whenever he sends me clues that he wants to play outside with me.


Sign #2. Chewing inappropriate items

Of course are aware of the possible chew toys of your bunny, right?

So if you have noticed that your bun is chewing on things that are not usual, then you have to assume that it is bored as hell.

Chewing inappropriate items

As an example, if you see your beloved pet munch just like the water bottle’s spout or it seems not interested in the things happening around it.

You have to make an effort to become close with your bun because that would build the bond and trust between you.



In the final words, the main reason for the bunny to eat paper is that it is starving.

You have to understand that due to the hunger, it will start looking for edible things to munch.

Since eating a paper has no benefit for the bunny’s health and can instead harm if consumed in large amounts, you must be very careful and attentive.

Rabbits chew on almost everything, and yellow pages are the best kind of paper for chewing.

Monitoring the health and the food that your bunny consumes only means that you are a beneficial pet owner.

I hope that you have learned the main reason for your question of why do rabbits eat paper and that you are satisfied with the answer.

I am glad that you took the time to read this blog post, and I indeed wish you good luck in taking care of rabbits.

Happy breeding, dear reader!

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