Why Do Rabbits Pull Their Fur Out? 6 Reasons Why!

The question is: why do rabbits pull their fur out? There are actually many reasons why; your pet might be pregnant, stress, bored, and so on.

Oh wait, have you ever seen such? If not, it’s okay. That’s good news for you. But, it is a good idea to know this stuff.

Why Do Rabbits Pull Their Fur Out

To new pet owners out there, I tell you, it is a must to know why rabbits tend to have that behavior.

This post will give you enough knowledge of why rabbits are doing so. We will identify the possible causes and teach you what to do if it has damaged your pet’s skin.

The only thing you have to note is that if your rabbit pulls its fur without specific reasons, immediately seek help.

So without any more delays, let us go right into the discussion!

why do rabbits pull their fur out

Reason Why Rabbits Pull Their Fur Out

Rabbits have a lot of fluff in their bodies, and it is alarming if you notice a lot of fallen furs in their cage.

Like me, I also experienced that when my pet Thumper had many furs all over the place. I thought that it was not normal. I ask myself why such a thing would happen. I insist that it really means something.

What really are the reasons behind this behavior? Why do rabbits pull their fur out?

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#1. Pregnancy or false pregnancy

Of course, this reason is not for Thumper because he is a male rabbit.

But take note:

This one is a common reason why rabbits tend to pull out their fur.

When rabbits are preparing to have kits, the female’s body secures hormones, causing the fur on her belly and sides to loosen up.

In that way, it will be easier for her to pull it out and build it as a nest. It is an instinct for the mother because that is its nature though that action will undoubtedly cause her pain. After that, she will also gather hay and leaves to help her in lining her nest.

pregnancy or false pregnancy

There are also cases of false pregnancies. This occurs when female rabbits live with other female rabbits or don’t have any accompany (meaning she’s alone).

This scenario is definitely not dangerous. In fact, it is a good thing because spayed rabbits reduce the risk of reproductive cancer.

A rabbit will build its nest, and its mammary glands will swell while having a false pregnancy. These symptoms usually go away after a few days, and the female will eventually get back to its original state.


#2. Stress or boredom

If you tend to leave your rabbit alone in its cage for a day, it may start to feel stressed and bored.

This is what happened to Thumper when we went out for a family outing at our townhouse. We had no choice but to leave him since there are many preparations to do, and we cannot give him full attention.

By the time we went home, like almost 9 p.m., I had noticed many furs that have been a mess inside of his cage. We usually take him out of his cage for an hour for him to hop around the house. And since we left early in the morning and late in the evening, this occurred.

I realized all of this when the vet explained to me everything.

Rabbits need time to run, dig and jump because that is what rabbits are. They can be easily stressed out when they are stuck in a tiny space without anything to do. That is why you have to allot time for your bunny to play at its will outside the cage.

If you noticed something unusual, such as if your pet screams, it may be a different thing. Check this out!


#4. Issues in grooming

If you have noticed that your bunny pulls its fur in patches, you can say that it is a significant sign of a grooming issue. This occurrence is very much suitable for long-haired rabbits;  shedding periods in their lifetime, if their fur is not well-removed, they tend to do it by themselves.

issues in grooming

You can give your pet a good brushing and hope for the best that they stop pulling their fur out. Certainly, this action will damage their skin, especially if it continues for hours, and they would also have a possible chance of ingesting some fur that will lodge in their digestive tract.

It is essential that you check on your bunny every week for short-haired and daily for long-haired ones.

Rabbits have susceptible skin, so metal brushes are not recommended. Choose a rubber brush because that would be effective for them.


#5. Parasites

One of the reasons why rabbits do pull their fur out is because of parasites; these may be infecting your pet’s skin. Mites, fleas, and lice can significantly affect rabbits and can make their skin itchy, causing them to scratch with all their might. The scratching will undoubtedly damage their skin and will cause it to bleed. please read here how to get rid of fleas on rabbits

Thankfully, the external parasites are not typical for rabbits but if your pet experiences them, seek immediate vet help. It would be best if you did not use some medicines not prescribed by your vet because those topical flea meds meant for cats and dogs can cause rabbits to die. learn more here why do baby rabbits die suddenly


#6. Dietary imbalance

It would help if you kept in mind that rabbits need a considerable amount of fiber. If they do not have enough of it, they will assume their fur as a fiber source. That is why you have to make sure that your pet has enough fiber in its body to avoid these unwanted events to happen.



When Should I Seek Medical Help?

For rabbits, pulling of fur can be a sign that they are distressing. But, if you will observe them thoroughly, you can have other answers to why they behave. If you see that your pet rabbit has raw and bleeding patches, seek your veterinarian’s opinion to get the proper medications.

Another thing that will require you to seek medical help is that when you see that there are no significant causes of your rabbit pulling its fur. That is an alarming scenario if a couple of weeks have passed, and it still has that bad behavior.


Why Do Rabbits Eat The Fur They Pull Out?

why do rabbits eat the fur they pull out

There are two primary explanations of why rabbits are eating their fur. The first is that they are hiding evidence that they are suffering from severe stress. This reason is possible because rabbits think that they do not want to get into trouble.

The other reason is that they lack dietary fiber. Rabbits may feel that they need to eat the missing fiber, so they seek a replacement.



So, why do rabbits pull their fur out?

In conclusion, there are many reasons why rabbits pull out their fur. As a pet owner, you have to be keen and make sure that your pet does not suffer from stress, for that is the lesson I have learned from the incident on Thumper.please read here why do rabbits thump

As for you, dear reader, make sure that observe the behavior of your bun and if you see that there is no significant one, find help in the veterinary clinic. Also, do not give medications prescribed by the vet because it can lead to your rabbit’s death.

We hope that you had much information through this blog post. Thank you for reading!

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