Why Do Rabbits Run In Circles? 6 Best Reasons Why!

Rabbits circling do have several meanings, and you are probably wondering why do rabbits run in circles? Circling means it is time for them to be spayed or neutered.

It is their courting behavior that’s rarely done with honking.

why do rabbits run in circles

why do rabbits run in circles

Rabbits are very entertaining pets; as an owner, you must understand what your pet wants to communicate with you entirely.

Circling is just an expected behavior of rabbits. Some other things might be the reason why they perform such activity.

What Does It Mean When Rabbits Run In Circles?

If you ever have a pet rabbit and it keeps on running in circles, these might be the reasons why:

#1. Spayed or neutered

It is your rabbit’s time to be spayed or neutered, and it indicates that your little bunny isn’t little anymore.

If you ever have a male bunny, maybe he needs to have a mate.

What Does It Mean When Rabbits Run In Circles

Circling and honking around may be a kind of mating dance; it is strange, it seems.

Male rabbits begin expressing these hormonal changes when they are about 10 to 12 weeks old, while female bunnies are bloomers later than males.

They show this hormonal pattern approximately four weeks after male bunnies. 

#2. Want something in your hands

Bunnies are naturally lovely and friendly. It is a little bit awkward that your bunny is continuously circling your feet, but this might be its way of communicating that this cute little bunny wants your attention or wants something with you.

What Does It Mean When Rabbits Run In Circles

If you have something in your hands like a treat or food, the rabbit’s nose can detect something yummy, and circling might be the way he can do for you to look and notice him and give him something of that delicious treat.

#3. Asserting dominance

If you were unsure that circling is just the way of expressing their hyperactive hormones, you need to look for some markings and clues that might help you discover what is going on with your bunny.

Sign that your bunny is marking when it is running in circles and then suddenly spritzes with urine that means it is attempting to label that thing as its own, and circling could also be a typical action of hormonal dysfunction.

#4. Spaying and neutering problems

As an owner, you already knew that your bunny keeps running in circles because it probably wants to mate.

Still, for some instances, spaying and neutering can give your bunny a hormonal imbalance and couldn’t help producing uncertain behaviors such as viciousness and urine spritzes.

What Does It Mean When Rabbits Run In Circles

Seek your veterinarian right away for them to help you fix your bunny, and it may be diagnosed with some health problems and could give the proper treatment and medications that could minimize the pain.

Spaying can be beneficial for some female rabbits and intact females, and uterine cancer is the most common issue.

#5. Seeking attention

Your rabbit may be circling you and it is because your bunny is asking for some attention from you as rabbits are very affectionate animals.

So if your adorable rabbit keeps on spinning, maybe the lovely bunny wants to play with you or ask for some tasty bunny treats.

My bunny, Thumper, always runs and circles if she ever sees or notices my presence, and every time she does that, I always give her some fresh and delicious treats or sometimes give her fluffy toys to feel that she is exceptional.

#6. Eliminate boredom

Rabbits express and eliminate boredom by running in circles hopping and running back and forth, or your pet may be bored because its cage is too small that it couldn’t fully express its behavior.

Why Rabbits Are Circling Each Other?

If you introduce a new rabbit to your old bunny and notice that bunnies are doing some circling behavior, then these rabbits are showing dominance and trying to figure out which one is the superior and top rabbit.

You will eventually notice a rabbit circle another rabbit when they are newly introduced and could not have established a strong bond with each other.

Furthermore, the more dominant bunny will begin the uncertain behavior and starts circling the other bunny, but if both rabbits are displaying dominance, they would probably chase each other.

Circling could also cause fighting, and this rarely happens if both parties are very dominant that try circling each other continuously.

In courting and hormonal behavior, it is the male bunny who will start circling the female bunny because the male rabbit wants to have a mate and start mating.

Females also circle one another and could be extremely territorial around other female rabbits, but they could usually be more comfortable to get better with male rabbits.

Why Do Rabbits Run In Circles In Their Cage?

One of the social behavior of rabbits is circling, but why do rabbits run in circles in the cage?

This could mean that they are trying to relay and communicate something to their rightful owner.

Sometimes you will notice even there are any rabbits or animals around. They would hop and run back and forth if they have something that is pissing them off or if they are only bored.

In addition to that, circling in their cages also means that they are not even happy at all.

The standard size for a rabbit cage is 32 square feet so they could freely move and exercise for a minimum of 3 hours a day.

You should remember that they should not be kept in small tiny cages.

I gave Thumper a free-roam, rabbit-proofed, and well-ventilated cage as her home and have an area of approximately 12 feet for her to move freely and allow herself more mental stimulation.

Other Possible Causes Of A Rabbit Running In Circles

Circling and running is not just about rabbits wanting to have a mate; this might be a sign of some health problems.

Spinning and running in circles is one of the main symptoms of head tilt, and you, as a rightful owner should consider these different red flags that include the followings:

Head tilting from the side, excessive drooling, loss of appetite, incoordination, head wobbling, and the rabbit is unable to stand straight.

If you ever notice your rabbit experiencing one of these symptoms, go and get veterinarian medications immediately.

It is better to be safe than come up with the worst result.

How to Stop Rabbits That Run In Circles?

As explained earlier that circling may indicate different reasons. If the reason behind that your bunny is showing affection you do not need to take any action but to return more love and affection.

On the other hand, you may need to provide them with a cage with appropriate space.

However, if it is your rabbit’s indication of having to mate, you need to get him neutered or spayed. Neutering helps in eliminating hormonal responses.


Rabbits portray different behaviors such as circling, which is related to finding a mate, finding affection and love, asserting dominance, spaying, and neutering are all beneficial to your lovely bunny.

Running in circles is not a severe illness, and sometimes it is but don’t worry; it can be cured. Remember that is their natural adaptation showing hormonal changes.

As an owner learning how to understand your lovely pet is quite a challenge but can be useful.

Knowing their way of communicating would be easier for you to keep intact with them. Watching them hop, pop, and run in circles is very entertaining.

I hope you now know why do rabbits run in circles.

Thank you for reading!

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