Why Does My Cat Follow Me? 6 Possible Reasons

Why does my cat follow me wherever I go? It’s possible that your kitty is a Velcro cat. Clingy cats will follow you wherever you go because it considers you as its parent. Also, your cat could be suffering from a bad case of separation anxiety, which makes them extremely clingy and demanding of attention. Some cats will follow their owners when they are bored and has nothing to do but walk around as well.

To give you a clearer picture, I discussed here some of the potential reasons why your feline is acting like your shadow:

1. The cat wants something

One of the reasons why cats follow their owners around is they want something. If your kitty is tailing you close to mealtime, it’s probably anticipating that you’re going to scoop the yummy kibble anytime soon. This behavior is also evident if you’re headed to the kitchen. In this case, following is accompanied by constant meowing.

Also, your cat could be begging for some playtime. The kitty thinks that following you around will get your attention and finally start playtime. Sometimes, your cat will carry a toy as an effort to engage you in playtime.

2. The cat loves you so much

Each cat has its own way of showing their affection toward their owners. Some are clingy enough will follow you around. Domesticated cats often enjoy spending time with their families, often following their favorite person around the house.

Your cat shows you affection by keeping you company all the time. This means following wherever you go, including the bathroom. Just imagine kids that follow their moms to the bathroom – the same goes for cats, especially kittens.

Although your cat may seem aloof and independent, it tends to mellow down and will become more sociable as time passes by. Also, a drastic change at home may cause your cat to be clingy.

If you are away for many hours, your cat will follow you around because it misses you. Learn more here will my cat miss me when i give him away

3. The cat is bored

If your cat doesn’t get enough exercise, it will follow you around to pass the time. This is very evident among indoor cats that don’t get to exercise their hunting instincts. With this, the cat will follow you around as a replacement for exercise.

Remember that cats are curious beings so if you’re holding something, they will follow you until they find out what it is.

It’s important to keep your cat busy with toys and other activities. If you’re going to work, it’s best to leave your cat with interactive toys to play with.

4. The cat feels safe beside you

Cats, especially, kittens, will feel insecure in a new home. And if they have established you as their mother, they will follow you around to feel safe. Even adult felines will exhibit this maternal-child relationship.

Also, cats feel confused and alarmed if you lock yourself in a room. If your cat meows endlessly until you let them in, it’s a sign that they want to be with you. This is to ensure that you’re also safe and will not go anywhere.

Cats that have been weaned early from its mother tend to be over-dependent to its human. It’s important to socialize your cat so they won’t be overly clingy.

Moreover, cats will often follow you at nighttime so they can snuggle on your bed. In the wild, cats sleep next to fellow cats so they feel less vulnerable against potential predators.

5. The cat is asking for help

Aside from the good things, your cat might be calling for help when following you around. If your cat is afraid or in pain, they will try to get your attention in any way possible. If your cat is meowing loudly and won’t leave you alone, you should consider the possibility that they are in pain or fear.

If you suspect that your cat is in pain, you must bring it to the vet for proper diagnosis.

But how come a stray in the street will follow me and not other people? If you’re a cat owner, the answer is simple. There is something in your scent that makes the stray cat know that you have a feline at home. This will make you appealing to them, with the hope that you’re going to bring them home, too. Also, stray cats are yearning for security and help from people around them.

6. The cat has separation anxiety

Cats can develop separation anxiety if you leave them alone too often. If you sheltered your cat too much, separation anxiety will kick in if it experiences drastic changes in routine or environment. Being in a new home or around new people may cause the cat to seek your presence. This will lead to endless following and meowing to be near you.

Aside from that, genetics has something to do with a cat’s risk of developing separation anxiety. Breeds like Burmese and Siamese cats can be overly attached to their owners and develop separation anxiety along the way.

Why does my cat follow me to the bathroom every time?

Your cat loves sharing your routines, including your trips to the bathroom. Also, some clingy cats hate it when you suddenly disappear from their sight. This is why they will follow you to the bathroom every time.

Aside from being affectionate, cats loves the bathroom because it’s the coolest part of the house. If it’s hot outside, your cat will love joining you on your bathroom visits to lower their body temperature.

Also, cats don’t have a concept of private time so they won’t mind invading yours. They are notorious ‘micro-managers’ who want to oversee everything that’s happening in the household.

If you wake up in the middle of the night and goes to the bathroom, your cat will be curious why you’re suddenly up at such a time. And since they want to know, they will trail along.

Why does my cat follow me and no one else?

The reason is simple: your cat considers you as its mother. Cats tend to run favorites in the family, which is the reason why they follow you and not other people.

One thing you should know about cats is that they don’t trust easily. Sometimes, trusting more than one human can be overwhelming for kitties. They are wary of strangers so it takes time to earn their affection.

But how do cats choose their favorite person? Cats can recognize people who do them good. If you are the one who feeds, plays, and groom the kitty, you are likely to be the favorite person at home. Letting your cat sleep in your bed also makes the bond between the two of you stronger.

Why do cats follow strangers?

While most cats don’t trust easily, some of them will gravitate toward a stranger they feel safe being around. Felines love seated people who don’t hover them. So if your cat seems to take interest to a stranger in the café or park, this is the possible reason.

Most cats like to approach people on their own terms. So if a stranger just sits quietly, cats are more likely to approach them than an excited cat lover that looms over. Cats favor people who ignore them, which is a unique thing about feline’s psychology.

Moreover, stray cats will follow strangers for spicy food and safety. Stray cats are often hungry, cold, and scared. This is the reason why they will follow strangers around with the hopes that they will be cared for. Please read here can cat eat spicy food


Why does my cat follow me wherever I go? Your cat could be suffering from separation anxiety. Also, it could be boredom, fear, hunger, curiosity, or the need for affection. For the most part, it’s not a behavioral problem, but it’s worth training your cat to be more independent. It will save you from the hassle when going out and leaving the kitty alone at home.

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