4 Reasons Why Does My Cat Like To Smell My Breath

Cats develop weird behavior, including smelling their owners’ breath. So why does my cat like to smell my breath?

The most common reason is that your nose and mouth has an attractive smell. It could be due to the food you just ate, which your cat finds appetizing.

why does my cat like to smell my breath

Even if you ate hours ago, your cat’s strong sense of smell could still pick up the odor.

Below, I discussed other possible reasons for this behavior.

Why does my cat put his nose on my lips?

Cats use their sense of smell to explore their surroundings. They also use it to identify other cats and humans.

However, it may seem weird that cats will start to smell our mouths. I’ve noticed this on my kitten Watson since he seems to have an affinity to my mouth and nose. According to the vet, the following might be the reason why:

Why does my cat put his nose on my lips

  • Your mouth is warm

Cats love warm places, especially during winter. So if it starts smelling your mouth and laying on top of it, they are after your body heat. By smelling, your cat detects whether there’s warm air coming out of your mouth. And since it’s located right next to your nose, it becomes a convenient ‘heater’, so to speak.

This is the same reason why your cat will often sleep on your face. It’s not that they are trying to smother you to death. Your breath is just warm and comfy to the feeling.

  • You ate something smelly

One of the main reasons why cats sniff your breath is because it smells something yummy. It’s possible that you just ate a steak or a pizza.

Your cat will climb to your face and try to sniff your breath because it detects a delicious smell. It will also appear that your kitty is smelling your breath when, in fact, it’s smelling the last food you ate.

Sometimes, your cat will try to peck your mouth to taste what you ate. Also, if you’ve been vaping, your cat might get attracted to the scent that has attached to your nose. Even after vaping, your breath will still smell the flavor of the vape juice.

  • Your cat is checking your health

Some experts suggest that cats have the ability to sense changes in our physiological processes, including sickness.

This will make your cat smell your own mouth because of the changes in your unique scent.

It’s also possible that you’re taking medication, and it alerted your cat with the sudden change in your breath’s smell. Please also read: Why Does My Cat’s Breath Smell So Bad

Sometimes, cats will bring their owners a ‘gift’ when they smell that the person is sick.

It could be a dead mouse, a bird, or any quirky items the cat deems valuable. It’s your cat’s way of trying to make you feel better or increase your strength the way it does with their litters.

  • Your cat likes your breath

Our cats recognize us through our unique scents, and our breath has a lot to do with it. So if your cat is smelling your breath, it means that they are making sure that you are their owner. It’s also the cat’s way of seeking comfort in your presence.

Your cat will be comforted by the smell unique to you. This will happen if you just got back from work, and your cart starts climbing on your lap and then to your face. You will notice the kitty sniffing around your nose and mouth. Please also read here why does my cat like my shoes

Why does my cat smell my eye?

You should know that cats love smelling things, including your eyes. Again, it’s all about the unique scent that attracts the kitty to your face.

It’s also possible that you have an eye infection. Cats have the ability to sniff any changes in our bodies, even before we know it. Your eye boogers might also be attracting the kitty. It’s also the reason why your cat will try to lick your eyes in the morning.

Tears will also attract your cat to your eyes. It will also appear as if your cat is smelling your breath. The saltiness of the tears will attract your cat, as well as the smell of mucus coming out of your nose.

Why does my cat smell my forehead?

Our cats sniff our foreheads and face to greet us. There’s also a possibility that the cat is smelling the facial product you’re using.

It may appear that it’s smelling your breath, but it’s just checking out the new scent emanating from your face. Also, your cat might be attracted to the scent of your shampoo. Please also read: Why Are Cats Attracted To Roses

The sniffing will usually be accompanied by head bumping or rubbing. This is your cat’s way of reclaiming you as their property by attaching their scent to you.

It’s also possible that your cat is trying to groom you. By smelling your forehead, they can detect any unappealing scent and remove it from your skin by licking it out.

Why does my cat smell my nose?

Why does my cat smell my nose

By smelling your nose, your cat will pick up the scent of your breath. Your kitty is attracted to the heat and moisture that comes out of your nose.

Also, cats sniff your nose and breath to commit the scent to memory. This happens a lot for new cats after bringing them home.

However, some cats are obsessed with their owners’ noses because they find it as a plaything. Your cat may try to bite it to initiate playtime.

Why is my cat smelling everything all of a sudden?

Why is my cat smelling everything all of a sudden

Cats use their sense of smell to identify, mark, and familiarize themselves with everything.

If your cat suddenly sniffs around, something might have changed. You probably deep-cleaned the house or that you use a new air freshener.

If your cat suddenly smells your breath, something might have changed in your body. You might be sick or in your monthly period.

Anyway, it can be less serious like you touching and cuddling with a different cat.

A cat will also become obsessed with sniffing around if a new cat has been introduced. This smelling will be accompanied by marking and rubbing.

You may also catch your cat scratching its paw pads on the surface it sniffed. This is because cats have scent glands on their paws, and they use it to mark the spot.


Why does my cat like to smell my breath? Cats are beings of scent. They use their olfactory nerves to explore the world and to mark their territory.

An interesting scent can tickle their curiosity, which includes your warm breath.

You probably ate something smelly or that you smoked, and your cat is intrigued by the foreign scent. Usually, this behavior isn’t harmful to your cat or you.

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