Why Does My Dog Follow Me And Not My Husband

Why does my dog follow me and not my husband? As much as dogs are called ‘man’s best friend’, they tend to run favorites, too. This might explain why your doggo prefers you over your partner. The key here is understanding why your Fido doesn’t give the same level of attention and affection to your hubby as it does to you. It’s possible that your husband doesn’t spend a lot of time with the dog or that your hubby’s habits don’t sit well with the pooch.

Below, I will discuss these points based on my experience with my dog Sherlock:

Why does my dog prefer me over my husband?

Dogs are both cute and intelligent beings. They are also emotionally receptive, which explains why they may prefer a person over the other. The following might explain why your pooch isn’t as attached to your husband as it does to you:

1. Behavior at home

Dogs are smart, and they can easily pick up cues from our habits and activities. Over time, your dog will realize who’s the good cop and the bad cop between you and your husband.

Your husband might be yelling a lot or scolding the dog. Also, your husband might not be allowing the dog to be on the couch or bathroom. All of these rejections will push the dog to gravitate toward the person who will let him do such things.

Most of the time, dogs prefer the cuddly, gentle, and soft-spoken person in the house. Since they have a strong sense of hearing, yelling isn’t a comfortable sound.

Moreover, you might be the one feeding the doggo. And as food-driven beings, dogs will always follow the person who gives them their coveted meals.

2. Bonding and familiarity

Between my wife and me, Sherlock follows my wife more. This is quite understandable because they see each other more. My wife also loves playing with the dog, and taking him to drives around the neighborhood, going to the dog park.

However, some dogs may react differently if you haven’t been at home for long. Other dogs will leap in excitement if such a reaction is rewarded. Your husband can circumvent the effect of his absence by showering the pooch with treats and affection upon arriving home.

3. Vet visits

While this is rare, some dogs will avoid the person who routinely brings them to the veterinarian. This can happen if your doggo just had a traumatic experience in the vet’s clinic.

I suggest alternating with your husband when it comes to vet visits. This way, your pooch will no longer associate your hubby too much with the vet. Try making the route and vet schedule unpredictable so your dog will not freak out every time it’s time to go.

4. Jealousy

Here’s a classic case of jealousy among dogs: you moved in with someone, and suddenly, the dog is no longer the center of your world. The divided attention isn’t acceptable for a pooch used to be the only ‘baby’ at home.

At first, your dog will be aloof of your husband or partner. It may take days to months, depending on the pooch’s personality and your husband’s efforts. With rewards, your doggo will adjust to the new setup at home. You just have to wait for the pooch to acclimate to the new addition to the family.

5. Smell

Another common reason why dogs prefer you over your husband is the smell. Your partner might be using a strong perfume, which the dog finds overwhelming. Remember that dogs have a strong sense of smell, much so if you have a scenthound breed. As humans, we keep a distance from someone who doesn’t smell good; the same goes for your dog.

If your husband wants to bond more with the dog, he has to fix the smell issue. Switching to a new perfume, soap, or other products will be a good start to win the pooch’s affection.

6. Running favorites

Lastly, your dog is likely running favorites. The first six months of a dog’s life is very crucial in forming a bond with people. If you’re the one who raised the dog or cared for it during its early puppy life, there’s no doubt why the pooch follows you more.

In this case, the canine sees you as its parent. And when it’s stressed, afraid, or bored, you’ll be the one it will seek. No matter how your husband tries to cuddle the dog, the pooch will often prefer to snuggle with you.

Why does my dog follow me from room to room?

It’s common knowledge that many dogs love following their owners around. It could be due to a lot of things. The following are the most common:

  • Separation anxiety. Dogs with a bad case of separation anxiety will often follow their owners around. This is in fear that the person will be gone for long. This behavior has to be corrected because separation anxiety among canines can lead to destructive tendencies.
  • Hunger. If your dog follows you around while whining, you should check the clock. It might be time for the pooch’s meal. However, some dogs just have a ravenous appetite, so they will beg for food despite being full.
  • Curiosity. Dogs love being part of our lives, even if it means joining you on everything you do at home. From your bedroom to the kitchen and bathroom, the doggo will be your shadow. Your dog doesn’t want to miss anything that could be fun or rewarding for him.
  • Craving for attention. Velcro dogs will keep following their owners to demand attention. These dogs always want to be pet and cuddled. If you don’t pay attention, the doggo will try to sit in front of the computer to interrupt whatever you’re doing.
  • Fright. A scared dog will often seek comfort beside their owners. A dog that sees you as their protector will follow you around.
  • Reinforcement. If your dog gets something from following you around, don’t be surprised if the pooch will keep trailing behind you. Dogs learn fast, and they can pick up patterns quite easily. If you give treats whenever you go to the kitchen, your pooch will automatically be walking behind.


Why does my dog follow me and not my husband? This is mainly due to your dog’s association with you and your husband’s habits. The person who rewards and gives the dog more affection is likely to become the favorite.

Nevertheless, it’s not yet too late for your husband. Over time, the doggo will adjust and become equally welcoming of you and your partner. Just be patient and give the dog some time.