Why Does Your Dog Sit Behind You On The Couch?

It’s normal for dogs to steal their owners’ seats, but sitting behind people is different. You may wonder, “why does my dog sit behind me on the couch?”

Many dogs do this to seek protection and comfort in the presence of their owners. Your dog knows that you are its protector, so it hides behind your back for defense. However, it can also be due to behavioral issues.Below, I have discussed different reasons your dog sits behind you and if you need to do anything about it:

why does your dog sit behind you on the couch

6 Reasons why does my dog sit behind me on the couch

why does my dog like to sit behind me on the couch

Here we will elaborate on a number of reasons your dog sits behind you on the couch, which will help you decide what to do about it.

1. Your dog is seeking your protection

The most common explanation here is that your dog is scared and needs your protection. By hiding behind you, they can evade the enemy.

Also, it means that your dog knows that you can defend them from harm.

When this happens, it’s important to analyze the situation. They may be feeling ill or scared. What’s scaring your dog?

It can be another canine, a stranger, a child, or almost anything. And yes, a child can provoke a dog about which you can read more here child provoking dog bite

If something that scares your dog is harmless, you must help your dog realize that it’s not something to be afraid of. Desensitization and positive reinforcement will help your dog overcome its fear. 

2. Your dog is protecting you

Sitting behind you might be your dog’s way of being protective on the flipside. Remember the line; I got your back? That might be the exact thing your dog is doing.

Sitting behind you might be an excellent position to react in times of trouble. Also, something behind you might be alarming your dog and considering its potential harm to you.

3. Your dog is suffering from separation anxiety

Canines suffering from separation anxiety stick close to their owners. It could be by sitting on your lap or squeezing their way on your back.

The doggo wants to physically be with you because they are scared to be left alone again. And by staying on your back, they can easily see and feel if you’re going to get up from the couch.

It’s important to deal with separation anxiety as soon as possible. Aside from sitting behind you, your dog will also become destructive and nervous.

4. Your dog finds it comfortable

On a lighter note, your dog might be sitting behind you because the spot is cozy. Your back is a wide swath of skin that emits warmth. There’s no doubt that your puppy will like to lean against it.

This is the most satisfying answer to your question, as most of the time, this is harmless behavior.

Still, it would help keep your dog comfortable and warm by giving it a bed and blanket or a heating pad during very cold days.

5. Your dog might be sick

If your dog has suddenly started sitting behind your back and you might be wondering, ‘why does my dog sit behind me on the couch,’ there might be a problem with your pup’s health. 

Your dog will feel good in doing so by feeling your presence. You should look if your dog shows symptoms like loss of appetite, sneezing, fever, lethargy. 

If this is the case, you should take your pooch to the vet for a checkup. 

6. Your dog wants to claim your spot

Lastly, your dog may be trying to claim your spot on the couch. Imagine a toddler pushing and sitting behind, so you’ll get up. That’s exactly what a dog might do in this case.

Take note that this behavior is often a show of dominance as your dog tries to test your boundaries to become the alpha. It would help if you never tolerated this behavior because it will branch into other behavioral problems.

Next time your dog sits behind you and tries to claim your spot, command it to sit on the floor. When the dog follows your order, reward it with a treat.

This teaches your dog that trying to take your spot is uncalled for. Also, it makes the dog realize that respecting your space is a rewarded gesture. You can explore more about making your dog respect you in our article here.

Why does my dog like to sit behind me when I eat?

When your dog sits behind you during a meal, it just means one thing: he wants a bite of your food. So your back gives the doggo a nice view and whiff of your meal.

It would help if you watched out because some dogs may try to sneak and steal your food as you put the spoon to your mouth.Aside from that, sitting behind you probably gets your attention. Your dog does this as a way to let you know that he wants something.

If you want to stop this behavior, you should train your dog accordingly. Also, it’s best to schedule your dog’s meals coinciding with yours so your doggo won’t ask for your food.

Why does my dog like to stand behind me?

A dog that stands behind its owners’ backs is often submissive. However, since your dog doesn’t take the front spot, they recognize you as the alpha and their protector.

Aside from that, your dog may want to watch your back. But, again, this is rooted in the way they act within the pack.

Why does my dog sleep behind my back?

Why does my dog sleep behind my back

Sleeping behind your back might be comfortable for your dog. In addition, it gives the pooch a sense of security because you will protect them by facing possible harm as they sleep.

Also, your body warmth and smell might be comforting for your pooch. This happens a lot to puppies and dogs that are scared. You can learn more about the sleeping positions of the dogs.

If you don’t want your dog to do this, training will help. You should also help your dog adjust to sleeping on its bed instead of yours. Dogs also show another weird behavior of sleeping between your legs, and you can know the reasons here; why does my dog sleep between my legs.

Why does my dog sit back to back with me?

Sitting back to back with their owners is pack behavior among dogs. Their backs are the most vulnerable parts of their body because a predator can pounce on them from the back without their knowledge.

With this, canines in the wild sleep with their backs on each other. This position prepares them to take action when needed.

Apart from that, your dog knows that you won’t attack him on the back while sleeping.

Moreover, your dog probably wants to lean on you. Canines do this as a show of affection or a call for help during an uncomfortable situation.

Why does my dog turn his back to me?

While this may appear as a snide gesture, turning its back on you is a sign that your dog trusts you. It’s confident that you won’t attack them while they look away.

If another dog gives you its back, it means that the doggo is friendly and submissive. However, it could also mean that the dog wants a nice scratch or pet at the back.

This behavior isn’t something to be worried about most of the time. Instead, you should actually feel good that your dog trusts you enough to show you its vulnerable side.


 Most of the time, your dog sits behind you for protection. Other possible reasons include separation anxiety, comfort, and trying to claim your spot.

If you want to stop this behavior, you should teach your dog the sit command and train him not to do so.

I hope this article answers your query, “Why does my dog sit behind me on the couch” and helps you stop this behavior.  

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