Why Does My Dog Take My Spot When I Get Up? Some Possible Reasons

Why does my dog take my spot when I get up? The simple explanation here is that your dog loves your scent and the warmth your body left on the surface.

Be it on the couch, bed, floor, chair, and whatnot, you may notice your dog doing the same thing. However, it can also be a show of dominance so you should identify the reason behind it so you can correct the behavior if need be.

why does my dog take my spot

Why Does My Dog Take My Spot When I Get Up?

why does my dog take my spot when i get up

Does your dog step into your spot whenever you get up? The following are some of the possible reasons:

Your dog likes the warmth

So you’ve been sitting on the couch for a whole hour when your dog jumps into your spot just as you get up. Why is your doggo so excited?

why does my dog always take my spot

Well, the warmth your butt left on the couch is heavenly for canines. The warmth is comfortable, especially on a cold day.

Every dog owner knows that canines are obsessed with warmth. This is the reason why you’ll find them near radiators, fireplaces, the kitchen, and under your sheets.

Unlike us, dogs don’t wear clothes so they’ll seek as much warmth as they can get. It’s best to just let the pooch enjoy the spot and if you can, please toss a blanket as well to make it cozier.

Your dog loves your smell

Our dogs recognize us through our smell. Also, our scent gives comfort to them since it indicates our presence. This is the same reason why many dogs take the spot of their owners whenever they get up.

Also, your pooch probably wants to spread its scent on you. Since it’s your spot, they assume that you’ll come back and sit on it. They will rub their bodies on the spot and when you come back, they will attach to you.

Take note that dogs taking the spot of their owners can be a sign of separation anxiety. Your dog is probably trying to appease its nervousness by sniffing the scent you left behind.

Your dog is showing dominance

While most reasons behind this behavior are harmless, you should still watch out as some dogs will take their owners’ spot as a show of dominance.

It’s like your dog saying ‘this spot is mine now, whether you like it or not. Your pooch will growl, bare its teeth, and bark if you try to move them out of the way.

Your dominant dog will try to get the best seat in the house because it feels in charge. Stealing your spot might be your dog’s first move in taking over the house. You should act before this gets out of hand.

Your dog is curious about your spot

On a less serious note, your dog is probably just curious about your spot. You probably sat on their toys or something that intrigues their noses.

Also, your pooch probably wants to know what’s so good about your spot.

Your dog is having separation anxiety

Dogs usually get overly attached to their owners and do not want them to go out of their sight as this makes them feel lonely.

Being in the owner’s company gives the dog a sense of safety, they feel protected and at ease.

If you get up and leave your spot, your dog will take your spot because your warmth and scent on that spot give him assurance that you are nearby.

Separation anxiety can pose serious trouble and is one of the negative reasons your dog is showing this behavior. Please read here: How To Cure Dog Anxiety The Right Way

Your dog likes your reaction

Take note that taking your spot can be an attention-seeking behavior. Your dog likes your reaction so they will keep taking the spot whenever you get up.

For example, when your dog takes your spot and the family laughs and pets the dog, it becomes a rewarded behavior. Over time, the dog will keep doing it so it will receive the reward and attention.

You tolerate the behavior

Lastly, you might be tolerating the behavior by letting your dog take the spot all the time. You probably give in to your dog by sitting somewhere else when they take your spot.

This shouldn’t happen because it will progress into a dominant behavior. Dominant behavior is also shown when the dog sits on your chest.

How to stop your dog from taking your spot?

How to stop your dog from taking your spot

If your dog’s habit of taking your spot is becoming annoying, you can do something to stop it. The following will help a lot:

Start with obedience training

Teaching your dog the basics like ‘sit’, ‘stay’, ‘down’, and ‘leave it’ will give better control over their behavior. Whenever your dog takes your spot on the bed or couch, ask it to come down and sit on the floor. Please read here: Why Does Your Dog Sit Behind You On The Couch

If it does, give it a reward. This will teach your dog that following you and leaving your spot alone is a rewarded behavior.

Always use positive reinforcement whenever correcting your dog’s behavior.

Punishing your dog for doing something you don’t like will only branch out to bigger problems. You wouldn’t want that to happen.

Redirect the behavior

Is your dog about to take your spot? You can sit somewhere else and call it to your side. When your dog takes that second spot, you can go back to your original spot.

It’s a win-win situation for both of you. However, some dogs can be pretty persistent and will just follow you back.

Never reward the behavior

If your dog takes your spot, don’t react positively. Instead, say a firm ‘no’ and keep eye contact.

Stand still and don’t turn your back until your dog moves.

You can also command the pooch to go down the floor and away from the couch, bed, or chair.

Why does my dog sit between me and another person?

Is your dog trying to squeeze between you and your partner? Well, the space between two people is cozy for dogs because it has body warmth and a burrowing effect.

It makes them feel safe and cuddled.

However, it could also be an attention-seeking behavior. Your dog is probably jealous because you’re giving more attention to your partner than them.

Just like a child, your dog will sit between you and your partner. And if you reward it with pets, your dog will think that such behavior is a good thing.

Why does my dog take up the whole bed?

Why does my dog take up the whole bed

Is your dog a bed hog? There are a lot of reasons why your dog will take not just your spot but the entire bed. First, it’s a sign that your dog recognizes you as a member of the pack.

In the wild, dogs sleep beside each other to protect themselves from predators. It could also be a show of love and affection, but your dog ends up occupying the entire bed.

Lastly, it could be a display of dominance. Your dog tries to claim your sleeping quarters because your dog doesn’t respect you. And in the pack, the alpha always gets the best food and best sleeping spot.


Why does my dog take my spot? It could be due to the warmth and smell of your body.

However, it could also be a sign that your dog is trying to be an alpha dog. If the behavior is becoming too much, you should act to correct it immediately. It has been observed that the longer you let a habit go on, the more difficult it will be to eliminate it. 

We hope you have gained useful information about the behavior of your dog through this article.

Thank you for reading!

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