Why Is My Guinea Pig Biting Me. 6 Steps To Stop It

If you are wondering and asking why is my guinea pig biting me, I will tell you the 6 most common reasons why and how to stop it. Your guinea pig is biting you because he may be stressed, feeling insecure, threatened, and irritated and its teeth are one of the few defensive tools to protect itself from any harm.

why is my guinea pig biting me

Why is my guinea pig biting me

Guinea pigs are cute, sweet, and adorable pets. They are very sociable and friendly, but sometimes there are some unusual things that they might be bothered by, and these factors would cause them to bite you.

Let’s check some of those factors.

Reasons Why Guinea Pigs Bite

I tell you- guinea pigs are sweet creatures. But, there are cases when they bite, and here are the reasons why: 

#1. Uncomfortable handling

Your guinea pig may feel being mishandled and uncomfortable. It could bite you if he doesn’t like the way you are holding him.

Also, some of your cavies do not want to be carried while going up and down the stairs or walking it around, because this might feel them very unsafe and insecure.

Meaning, guinea pigs likely want to feel more assured and well-supported.

Reasons Why Guinea Pigs Bite

#2. Mistakenly food

If you are holding your lovely cavy, for some circumstances, it may mistakenly consider your hands as fresh Yams.

And this usually happens when you went from the kitchen or when you grab some salty snacks before holding your pet.

#3. Too much noise

Sudden and too much loud noise would be one of the reasons why, because your cute piggy is frightened.

Other commotions such as thunderstorms, loud bass music, and even a vacuum cleaner could make it startle and panic.

My American guinea pig Ginger is frightened of the vacuum cleaner’s sound.

He would hop and twist into the air like he is very pissed and annoyed. And when I hold him, he just bites me like he is under an anxiety attack.

I ask myself why is my guinea pig biting me? Then I just realize that guinea pigs don’t want too many commotions.

#4. Fear

Your cavy would be terrified if it is not familiar to the person who is holding it. It would also cause your guinea pig to panic and it may become very abusive.

This might be their way of saying that they don’t want to be petted by another person but you because they do not trust them.

It is therefore recommended that you introduce your pet to your other family members gradually, without any haste. Cavies may take a bit of time in getting used to the presence and touch of your family members but a proper introduction is the first step in making them comfortable. 

#5. Discomfort

If your cavy is feeling pain and sore in the body, it wouldn’t want to be petted and held because it is painful if you would touch her and would cause her to bite you.

Some discomfort that your guinea pig might be experiencing are bruises, sprains, skin irritation, arthritis, or other possible sicknesses your guinea pig may have.

#6. Moody

It is very unusual for a guinea pig to bite its owners; it is not what they are. Your lovely pet wants to be cuddled and feel loved and climb into your hands without hassle and fear.

If they ever bite you again, then this would be a signal that they are in their moody state and want to be put down back in their cage.

My cavy, Ginger, sometimes be moody when I cuddle her; she bites my arms or hands. So carry her back into her little house. But even with such behavior, I still love her.

How To Stop You Guinea Pig From Biting You?

Here are the best ways on how you can stop your pet from biting you:

Step #1. Reduce the risk

Avoid sticking your fingers into their cage. This might make them feel terrified and threatened and could bite you. 

How To Stop You Guinea Pig From Biting You

Step #2. Don’t make things that could stress them out

Place the cage of your cavy away from commotion and noises like your entertainment room, for them to focus only just on you. This helps avoid stress and minimize their moodiness.

Step #3. Let your cavy explore its habitat

If you just brought home a new guinea pig, do not engage and play with it immediately.

Let it investigate and adapt to its new habitat; this may take a while but would give a better result for you and your cute cavy.

Step #4. Slowly introduce your presence

Talking to your cavy would be the most advisable tip to gain its trust. And for a few more days, make some gradual physical contact for a short period of time. You should know how to introduce Guinea pig to your family members and other pets. 

Do not just grab it; this would cause you to bleed for its bite.

Step #5. Give them treats

To reinforce its behavior, give it some guinea pig treats and for you to get its attention. This could stop your guinea pig from biting you.

If you notice that your cavy is responding to your trick, reward it again, and if it’s not, don’t tolerate its lousy behavior with some tasty treats.

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Step #6. Study your cavy’s personality

Avoid bothering your lovely pet when it is asleep.

Who would like to be disturbed while sleeping, right? If you do, this could end with you getting hurt.

Teach Your Guinea Pig Not To Bite

Guinea pigs are lovely pets and rarely bite. They are more likely to run and hide in their habitat if they feel shocked or in trouble.

Teaching your cavy not to bite is a one plus factor to have a better relationship with it. Teach it by giving tasty treats and enough attention. 

Teach Your Guinea Pig Not To Bite

So if your cavy has these biting issues, then allow it to calm down and give the perfect attention it needs. The Guinea pig has this kind of character like humans; they want to feel that they are loved and appreciated.

Based on my experience, I thought Ginger to be a good cavy, I always give her talks and chats, and if she ever bites me again when I hold her, I give her treats like fresh fruits.

Your lovely cavy is very affectionate so give him what he deserves.

Things To Do If Your Guinea Pig Bites You

If your cavy bites you, you should make sure that you wash the wound immediately and adequately.

Try to wash it with running water and soap; in this way, you’re sure that it can help prevent infection from injury.

I recommend you to use some anti-microbial ointment for faster healing and for you to ensure that no bacteria is building up to result from infection.

If your cavy bites you seriously and causes too much bleeding, apply pressure on the part in about 5 to 10 minutes with a clean cloth or bandage.

Good thing guinea pigs don’t carry a high risk of rabies. However, cavies can transmit other infections, so you should be careful in carrying your adorable pets. 


Guinea pigs are lovely and friendly rodents, but it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to consider things on how to handle and take good care of them.

It is imperative to consider several things that may help you to build and gain the trust of your cavy to avoid them from biting you. And if your lovely pet is becoming aggressive, it is advisable to take it to your vet.

I hope that this article about why is my guinea pig biting me answered your questions. Thank you for reading!

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