Why Is My Guinea Pig Shaking? 6 Steps To Stop This!

Seeing a guinea pig shaking can be alarming for pet owners, especially when they don’t know what this action indicates. If you own a guinea pig, you may be asking “Why is my guinea pig shaking?” someday.

If you are curious about this, especially when it has happened to your pet for the first time, let me tell you the reason behind the shivering or shaking of a guinea pig.

Why is my guinea pig shaking

Why is my guinea pig shaking

There could be several reasons why a guinea pig shakes. These include anxiety, fear, and cold. To save your pet from the cold, you must know how to keep Guinea pigs warm.

A parasite called Trixicara Cavis can also cause pain to your guinea pigs, resulting in twitching or shaking of guinea pigs. You might as well see your guinea pigs shaking during a thunderstorm or sometimes fireworks.

I saw my pet Ginger shaking for the first time only last year when there was a flash of lightning.

I did not recognize immediately that it was due to the lightning, so I called my vet right away.

Since then, I have noticed him shivering or shaking whenever the weather turns out bad.

It is either it’s too cold for him, or it is because he is afraid of the thunder or the lightning sound.

In case of a guinea pig shaking, it would be an excellent idea if you immediately identify the cause of it. This way, you will be able to know what to do next. As I have said, there could be several reasons for a guinea pig shaking.

As such, if you find it hard to identify the reason, you might need to visit the vet for proper guidance.

Is Shaking A Normal Behavior Among Guinea Pigs?

Seeing your guinea pig shaking should not concern you immediately. But you must find the reason for why is my guinea pig shaking?

Commonly, guinea pig owners would panic, but you need to understand that it is not something that you should do. Of course, it is understandable that you just do not want your pet to be in any sort of discomfort.

Is Shaking A Normal Behavior Among Guinea Pigs

I am not saying that shaking is entirely a normal behavior across all guinea pigs.

All I am saying is that it can happen to most of them, and it should not be an immediate concern.

Commonly, it is because they are cold, scared of something, or not feeling well. Although there could still be other reasons for this which we will have to discuss further in this post.

Most Common Reasons For A Guinea Pigs Shaking

While there are a lot of possible reasons why guinea pigs shake, the most common ones are due to fear, loud noises such as lightning, loudspeaker, music, and any other loud sounds.

Most Common Reasons For A Guinea Pigs Shaking

They might as well shiver when they are content or happy about something.

In addition to this, shaking is also a part of the dominant behavior of rabbits. They do this as they are rumble strutting.

Cold weather can also cause a guinea pig to shake. Other than that, some diseases such as mites and infection can also lead to shaking.

How To Stop Guinea Pigs From Shaking?

If you are wondering how you are going to treat the shaking of guinea pigs, you must recognize the fact that the treatment varies depending on its cause.

Here are the ways how you can stop them from shaking:

how to make guinea pig bed

Step #1. Identify the underlying cause

We have highlighted since the very start of this post that you need to determine the reason for your pet’s shaking.

Identifying the underlying cause is critical in proper treatment. Pet owners must understand the cause so that they can decide on the things that they ought to do to prevent and treat the shaking of their guinea pigs.

Although a few instances need immediate action, some cases can be left alone without worrying about any issues.

Like for example, when your guinea pig is shaking due to extreme joy or happiness, you should stop getting concerned about it.

But if it is due to other reasons, proper action should be taken.

Step #2. Warm them right away

If you have noticed your pet shaking after it has taken a bath, you must warm them right away.

You can use a soft and dry towel in doing so.

Wrapping the towel around your guinea pig can be the best way to start providing them heat.

Step #3. Use a hairdryer

Aside from that, you can also use a hairdryer. It would help if you positioned it from a small distance to ensure that it will be dried off rapidly.

This is also to make sure that you will not be hurting your little furry friend’s skin.

Step #4. Put hiding places for your pet

As mentioned earlier, guinea pigs shaking might also result from fear of something such as predators, and loud noises.

In such a case, I’m afraid there is nothing much you can do about this.

But I recommend you try putting more hiding spaces wherein your guinea can hide and feel that they are secure to lessen their stress.

Step #5. Try to cover the cage

Furthermore, you can also put something that can cover the cage, especially in its front area.

You can use a bedsheet or a blanket to achieve this. For sure, it will give them a little bit of a sense of relief.

Step #6. See a vet

If you think that the shaking becomes excessive, it is advisable that you see a vet right away.

Consequently, if you notice that your guinea pig is shaking whenever you pet them, it means that they are afraid of you or they do not enjoy it.

This was the case between me and my pet before.

Ginger used to shake whenever I was petting him. But eventually, this behavior vanished after I developed a closer bond with him.

Having a better relationship with them only means that they will be more comfortable with you around. There are various ways you can make your Guinea pig like you.

As a concerned guinea pig owner myself, I always check whether its cute little cage is supplied with the right temperature.

I also check if Ginger is wet or even just a bit damp. Or if there is a recent loud noise that has possibly threatened him.

You might as well do this with your pet. Without a doubt, it would be easier for you to deal with whatever issue after you have done your mini-investigation.

As such, it can solve the shaking issue. Also, please take note that there is a tendency for guinea pigs to shake when they are happy.


Why is my guinea pig shaking?

Shaking is typical among guinea pigs, and it can be due to various reasons. It could mean that they are happy, afraid, or cold.

Not only that, but it can also be a sign that your pet is suffering from anxiety or other health issues.

In such a case, you have to watch out for your little furry friend very closely. See if there is something unusual that possibly causes their vibration.

Also, check for other symptoms that could be associated with other health issues to be sure. Taking your guinea pig to the vet would be the best idea for proper diagnosis. 

Thank you for reading!

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