Why Is My Rabbit Shedding? 6 Awesome Ways To Stop This!

You are probably asking why is my rabbit shedding? Shedding, also called molting, is very typical for rabbits, and you, as an owner, should be familiar with that.

Generally, rabbits shed every year, twice– spring and autumn.

why is my rabbit shedding

Domestic rabbits have significant differences compared to wild rabbits. Domestic rabbits have more erratic shedding patterns.

Rabbits, especially house bunnies, tend to shed regularly.

There are more things to know; delve deeper!

Why Is My Rabbit Shedding?

If your bunny drastically shed during winter, there is nothing to worry about because rabbits shed their winter coat for no longer needed and keep them cool for the hot season.

Shedding doesn’t always mean positive; rabbits shed when some things were stressing them out.

why is my rabbit shedding

Drastic shedding may be an indicator that your rabbit is bored, unhealthy, and stressed.

As a pet owner, you need to ensure that everything is fine and your bunny feels comfortable and happy.

In addition to that, continually shedding is not typical and not a good sign. However, shedding 2 to 3 times a year is standard, but other than that, you should call your vet right away.


How To Know Rabbits Shedding Pattern?

You may notice that your rabbit is shedding when it starts drastically shedding from its head, which moves down the neck and back, then down to the body and stomach, finishing down on its rump.

Other rabbits do not seem to have noticeable shedding patterns, but they lose fur by patches in all parts of their bodies simultaneously.

Sometimes you may see a visible tide line across their body, which you may often observe the new fur is growing and is much darker compared to the old hair.

Knowing the normal shedding of rabbits would be an advantage to know if your rabbit is healthy or not.

My rabbit, Thumper, gets patches every time she sheds, and I ask myself why is my rabbit shedding.

So I research online and buy protein pellets for her diet and give her one tablespoon of black oil sunflower seed per day when she is shedding.


Rabbits Shedding Cycle

Rabbits usually shed 2-3 times a year, and they may have soft molt, which is not noticeable.

The seasonal sheds–end of winter, this is the most extreme shedding for rabbits. They shed their winter coats because it is no longer needed to keep them warm because the hot season is approaching.

The next heaviest shedding is at the end of the hot season– summer and early fall. Their coat for summer sheds away and changes into a fully grown and thick winter fur.

Rabbits shed in different ways.

Some bunnies shed every three months, some bunnies shed twice a year, and some of them take a few weeks to get rid of their old fur.


Is My Rabbit Shedding Normal?

If you have a shedding rabbit and you seem to notice that it has some bald patches? They probably lose hair faster than growing it back.

Bald patches usually result from stress and an unhealthy lifestyle.

stress and an unhealthy lifestyle

Furthermore, your bunny may be pulling its fur with its teeth.

Although shedding is considered a natural process for rabbits If any of these occur, especially when your pet is shedding excessively, take action. This might be seriously dangerous.


Why Is My Rabbit Shedding Out Of Season?

Do you know that not all rabbits shed all year round?

Some rabbits do not shed by season but display extreme shedding patterns late and out of season.

There are two explanations for this:

The first explanation is that your lovely bunny may be stressed and feeling threatened and this can bring an unexpected shedding to your rabbit.

Sudden changes like this are the most common reasons for an unhealthy bunny.

The second explanation is that maybe your rabbit is confused about the day and night cycle because of the too dark or too bright room.

A bunny would shed not because of the date in a calendar but rather because | .its body reacting to the climate and judging the time by the number of daylight hours the bunny is experiencing.

Indoor rabbits are the ones who are most likely to experience this kind of shedding pattern.

Walls surround them with bright lights, which could make them confused if it is dark outside or if it is winter.


How To Stop Rabbit’s Excessive Shedding? 6 Tips 

Shedding is natural in the rabbits’ life cycle.

But as an owner, you need to ensure that you are giving them enough attention and take the following tips for an appropriate shedding pattern:


#1. Study your rabbit’s shedding pattern

You will need at least a year to learn it. You have to keep in mind when your pet loses fur, also take note of how excessive your bunny shed in over 12 months.

Grooming your bunny regularly may stop the shedding little by little and, if possible, give it minimal washing.


#2. Allow your bunny to enjoy the day and night cycle

Playing outside and other outdoor activities that are suitable for you and your adorable rabbit is the best way to ensure that your pet is enjoying the day and night cycle.

What more? It allows them to understand the climate and adapt to it.


#3. Provide it with healthy foods

Giving your bunny the proper and balanced diet enriched with some high-quality protein and vitamins would be the best to reduce the shedding.

itamins would be the best to reduce the shedding.

I always ensure that my bunny Thumper is eating the right amount of food. I treat her with fresh vegetables and traditional healthy rabbit food.

Also, this helped her so much in reducing the shedding of her fur.


#4. Make your bunny happy

Fresh and healthy food is not what your bunny only needs but also love and affection.

Bring back the happiness that your bunny gave to you. Playing also reduces boredom, and I suggest you give your pet toys and treats!


#5. Brush your bunny’s fur regularly

Your bunny needs you to help them brush its fur. Use a soft baby brush to brush the excess loose hair.

If your rabbit doesn’t want the feeling of a soft brush, you could also use a damp cloth to remove the fur.


#6. Regular veterinarian check-up

Take your cute bunny to the vet for a regular check-up, ensuring that your bunny is healthy, both physical and mental.

And if not, at least your vet may prescribe your bunny some vitamins.


Does Shedding Affect Rabbit’s Behavior?

Molting does affect the rabbit’s behavior in a number of ways and is considered normal. For example

Rabbit acts moody, and grumpy and prefers to be left alone.

grumpy and prefers to be left alone

Their feeding habits also change and eat less than half the food they eat normally. The body temperature rises and becomes sensitive to heat.

The color of the fur changes and the change is more evident in the black rabbit as it turns into sunbleached and grey color.



Always remember that shedding in rabbits is pretty normal, but you have to consider the season to say that.

Seasonal shedding is crucial and needs to have monitoring to maintain the health of the body.

Taking care of your bunny in this cycle of its life may be a big help for them. Regularly cleaning and feeding them may reduce their stress and help them regain full energy.

Excessive shedding is dangerous and needs professional help for your bunny. If ever this would happen, call the vet right away.

I hope this article answered your question– why is my rabbit shedding.

Thank you for reading!

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