Why Won’t My Dog Cuddle With Me Anymore? 7 Possible Reasons

Why won’t my dog cuddle with me anymore? If your once clingy pooch suddenly stops liking your cuddles, there might be something wrong. It’s possible that it’s jealous, stressed, sick, bored, or has found a new favorite person. No matter what it is, there’s always a way to win back your doggo’s affection.

For this post, I will discuss the potential reasons why your dog doesn’t want to cuddle anymore and what you can do about it.

why won’t my dog cuddle with me anymore

Why does my dog stop cuddling with me?

Why does my dog stop cuddling with me

Canines are more perceptive than we think. They have heightened senses that allow them to pick up changes in their environment. This leads them to exhibit sudden behavioral changes, including resisting cuddles. If your pooch no longer wants to cuddle with you, the following reasons might explain it:

You just had another dog

Dogs can get jealous if you suddenly shower your attention to a new pet. Your pooch will realize that they are no longer the only baby in the house. This will develop a sulky attitude, which is the reason why your pooch may not like to cuddle with you anymore.

Aside from that, the scent of the new pet might be lingering in your clothes. Your doggo will not like this so it may prefer to stay away, especially if it’s the nervous type.

However, it could be the other way around. Some jealous dogs would like to cuddle with you more when there’s a newcomer.

Your dog is sick

Sick dogs will behave unusually. Cuddling with you might be worsening the pain and discomfort your dog is currently feeling. Also, sick dogs will often become agitated so they will pace aimlessly around the house. please read here how to help a dog car sickness.

Your dog might be in pain so it’s important to check for other symptoms. Aside from not cuddling with you, an ill canine will refuse to eat and become lethargic. If you notice such physical signs, it’s best to bring the pooch to the vet’s clinic.

Addressing the health problem will restore your dog’s old self. Soon enough, the doggo will be cuddling with you again.

Your dog is very social

Dog breeds like Golden Retrievers are very social. They will love to cuddle with everyone that gives them attention and affection. Sometimes, your pooch may prefer cuddling with a stranger, especially if that person is giving what the dog wants.

Nevertheless, this will depend heavily on your dog’s personality and behavior around strangers. If you’re not around, your pooch may prefer to seek comfort from a stranger. If done habitually, your pooch will soon become estranged from you. This is something you wouldn’t like to happen.

It’s best to schedule cuddling sessions with your pooch. You should also reward the behavior so your doggo will love snuggling with you all the time.

You don’t treat the dog right

Dogs are very sensitive to the way you treat them. If you shouted at your pooch, it will become pouty and will stop cuddling with you.

You probably had a bad day or going through a rough patch, but all of these treatment changes will take its toll on your dog. The longer you do it, the more your pooch becomes less affectionate towards you. Don’t be surprised if the doggo doesn’t want to cuddle with you anymore.

Also, ignoring your dog is a guaranteed way to lose its affection towards you. Your mood and behavior directly influence how your dog will treat you. So if you want your pet to be sweet and affectionate, you should do the same to them.

Your dog is bored

Cuddling will keep the dog stuck in a single position. Energetic canines may get easily bored with this setup. Over time, the pooch will find cuddling with you uninteresting and not very rewarding.

This happens a lot if you try to cuddle with a dog that hasn’t gotten enough exercise. Your pooch will squirm its way out of your arms to run around. Some doggos will also try to initiate playtime by roughhousing you or bringing some toys.

If you want to cuddle with your dog, give it a nice playtime session. After that, your dog will be tired and would want to sleep right next to you.

You encourage it

Dogs are intelligent animals so they learn from our habits. It’s possible that you’re rewarding the fact that your dog isn’t cuddling with you.

For example, you give treats whenever your dog hops off the bed away from you. And since canines are highly food-driven, they will keep doing this to get more treats.

The easy fix here is giving treats when your dog hugs or cuddles with you. Of course, you should soon ditch the treats or your dog will consider it a bribe. Slowly, replace food rewards with affection and attention.

Your dog doesn’t know if you want cuddles

Lastly, your dog will not cuddle with you if they don’t know that you actually want to. For example, if the dog is trained not to sit on the couch or your bed, don’t expect it to cuddle with you. It’s important to train your pooch to recognize commands. This way, you can call them whenever you want to cuddle. Please read here: Why Does Your Dog Sit Behind You On The Couch

Why does my dog don’t want to be around me?

Dogs develop unusual behavior mainly due to the way we treat them. You probably shouted at your dog or cut back on the time you spend with the pooch. The worst possibility is that your pooch found its new favorite person in the household.

You should also assess your dog’s experience whenever it’s around you. It’s possible that you’re always surrounded by stressors that your dog doesn’t like. Aside from that, your smell might be too strong that your dog finds it repulsive.

It’s important to avoid any reason that will drive your dog away from you. Assess your habits and behavior, which could be driving your pooch away.

Why do dogs like to cuddle under blankets?

Burrowing under blankets is cozy and it also satisfies your canine’s instincts in the wild. Wild dogs burrow in cramped spaces to hide from predators. They will dig holes and sleep side by side with the pack as a defense against enemies. please read here why is my dog digging it holes all of sudden.

In a domesticated setting, dogs will do this by burying and cuddling with you under blankets. Some dogs also like weighted blankets or duvets since it presses into their bodies. Such a sensation makes a dog feel calm and safe.

If you don’t want your dog sleeping in your bed, you can give it a thick blanket where the pooch can burrow. A bed with bolsters will also be an excellent option. Please read here: Why Does My Dog Sleep Between My Legs

Why won’t my dog kiss me anymore?

why won't my dog kiss me anymore

Dogs kiss us by licking our faces. If your pooch has stopped doing this, your skin probably tastes awful. It can be due to the products you’re using.

However, the most common reason here is that your dog is starting to dislike you or that it has found a person he likes more. But if your pooch is exhibiting sudden behavioral changes, it’s best to consult with a vet. This occurrence often indicates an underlying health problem.

If you just brought home a shelter dog, it’s possible that the pooch is trained not to lick. There’s also a possibility that the dog is being punished for licking on its previous home. Please read here: Why Does My Dog Lick Me In The Morning

Lastly, your dog probably gets nothing from licking you. This is the reason why your pooch will stop doing it.


Why won’t my dog cuddle with me anymore? It can be due to the way you treat the pooch, a health problem, boredom, or confusing signals from you. Still, you can train your dog to learn to cuddle. Lots of treats will also go a long way here as a form of reward.

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