5 Best Wireless Dog Fences For 2 Dogs To Save Money

Keeping one dog in your yard is a challenge, but having two dogs is a different story. What you need is the best wireless dog fence for 2 dogs, so you can contain both canines using one system. Some of the best picks are PetSafe PIF-300, PetSafe PIF00, and JUSTPET Wireless Fences. I also swear by GROOVYPETS and OKPET systems. All of these will keep your pets safe while helping you save money from getting a second wireless fence.

Unlike typical wireless fences, those made for two dogs have transmitters that can connect multiple collars. With that, you only have to operate one base unit for two or more canines.

In this post, I have five safest dog wireless fence reviews to find the best choice for your two dogs.

Best 2 Dog Wireless Fence: My Top 5 Picks!

1. Overall Best Pick: PetSafe PIF-300 2-Dog Containment System

Petsafe PIF-300 Wireless 2-Dog Fence Containment System

I consider the PetSafe PIF-300 as the extreme dog fence for two dogs. Hundreds of pet owners trust this unit to keep their dogs safe in their yards.

This system uses a 17.5 kHz radio fence technology suitable for dogs that are over 8 lbs. in weight. It creates a circular perimeter with a maximum range of half an acre. This is equivalent to 180 feet in diameter, perfect for small to medium-sized backyards.

Aside from that, this fence for two dogs is equipped with two PIF-275-19 collars. Take note that these collars use replaceable 6-volt batteries and not rechargeable types. And when you’re replacing the batteries, make sure that you are within the 2-feet range from the transmitter. This will save you from resetting and re-syncing the collars repeatedly.

Overall, the receiver collar suits dogs with a neck girth between 6 and 28 inches. It utilizes a warning beep as your dog approaches the boundary. But if your dog goes on to breach the limits, the static correction will engage. Don’t worry because this has a no-static reentry, so your dog can go back to safety without being corrected.

If you want to increase the range of your PetSafe fence, you can get a second transmitter and sync it to your current unit. Just make sure that their signals overlap by at least 12 feet.

  • No-static reentry
  • The highly adjustable collar fit
  • Waterproof receiver collar
  • The range can be expanded with the addition of a second transmitter
  • Bundled with flag markers
  • Works for almost all breeds
  • The collar batteries are not rechargeable

2. The Premium Choice: PetSafe PIF00-12917 2-Dog Wireless Dog Fence

PetSafe PIF00-12917 2-Dog Stay and Play Wireless Dog Fence System

Another PetSafe wireless fence I swear by is the PIF00-12917. This containment system has a portable and lightweight transmitter that you can carry on your travels. It’s also easy to install and not as bulky as the one used in the PIF-300 system.

Moreover, the PetSafe PIF00-12917 2-Dog Wireless Dog Fence has a ¾-acre range to give your dogs more space to roam. For this size, such a range is quite surprising. You can also combine two of these transmitters to double the coverage area on your property!

Aside from the transmitter, you will also receive two collars with built-in rechargeable batteries. Each one charges for 2 to 3 hours and lasts for days.

The receiver utilizes five static correction levels and a tone mode for training. It also suits dogs that are over 5 lbs. and with neck sizes between 6 and 23 inches.

Overall, you can use this containment system at home, in a cottage, on a campsite, and more. The collar is also waterproof, so your dog can go around swimming and running safely. The shock correction still works even if your dog is in water, but it tends to become more intense.

Sure thing, the PetSafe PIF00-12917 isn’t the cheapest option. But if you’re looking for reliability and a system that lasts, you’ll never go wrong with this one. It even ships for free in the United States!

  • Rechargeable receiver collars
  • The collars are contoured for comfort
  • Longer range than PIF-300
  • Portable and compact transmitter unit
  • Expandable range with the addition of a second transmitter
  • The shock correction works on water
  • Free shipping for orders in the United States
  • I noticed a buzzing sound coming from the transmitter unit, which can be annoying if you installed it near your living room.

3. Value Pack: JUSTPET Wireless Dog Fence For 2 Dogs

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If you want the best bang for the buck, you should invest in the JUSTPET Wireless Invisible Fence. This comes with a compact transmitter, two collars, a pair of chargers, and markers. For this price range, this system is already a steal. I’m pretty sure the thousands of pet owners in the JUSTPET wireless dog fence reviews will agree.

To start, this has a 1,000-feet range that you can easily adjust using the built-in knob on the transmitter. Aside from that, the transmitter has a digital display to let you know the setting you’re currently using. Overall, you can adjust the range to as little as 20 feet in exponential increments.

Moreover, this uses three correction modes: vibration, sound, and static. As your dog nears the boundary, the vibration stimulation will set off. The moment your dog steps out of the fence, the static correction will ensue, followed by warning beeps until your pet runs back.

In addition, the two collars in this package are IP67 waterproof, so your dog can swim and play with the sprinklers without ruining the signal. I also like its strong signal penetration that allows you to place the transmitter anywhere in your home. But for the best results, you should place it in the open and near a window.

If you have more dogs to contain, this JUSTPET system is also available in 3-dog versions.

  • The maximum range of 1,000 feet
  • Rechargeable receiver collars
  • Portable transmitter unit
  • IP67 waterproof collars
  • The range is easy to adjust
  • Uses vibration, sound, and static correction modes
  • Works on houses with metal roof
  • The English manual can be improved

4. Budget Pick: GROOVYPETS 2-Dog Wireless Dog Fence

GROOVYPETS Electric Wireless Dog Containment Fence & Remote Training Shock Collar No Bark Trainer E Collar Combo for Small Medium Large Dog (2-Dog Set)

The GROOVYPETS 2-Dog Wireless Dog Fence is a portable option for the traveling pet owner. It’s a 2-dog set that comes with two adjustable collars and a compact transmitter remote controller. For a lower price than the first three fences I reviewed above, GROOVYPETS offers a budget-friendly alternative.

The transmitter of this wireless fence has separate buttons for static, vibration, and tone modes. There’s also a digital display that projects the range as well as the collar number, so you’ll know which dog you’re working on.

In the transmitter, you can tweak the range of this wireless fence in five different pre-set distances. You can use this on 30, 60, 90, 150, and a maximum of 300 meters. Your two dogs will have ample space to play on with this wireless fence.

Moreover, this comes with two receiver collars. Both are adjustable from 6.5 to 26 inches, which suits most small to large breeds.

Aside from that, the receiver collar is waterproof and rechargeable for your convenience. You can take it while camping or vacationing with your two dogs. It’s also a stellar choice if you’re going off the grid.

When connecting the two collars, each one will be assigned the numbers 001 and 002. It can also connect a third collar if you have another dog to contain. From there, you can set the correction modes for each dog easily.