Hello there, fellow “pawrents”!

We are Jack and Ann, parents to two humans, one dog, and one cat. We live in Calgary, Canada, and we have been pet lovers since birth. My wife has had many pets since childhood, from cats, hamsters, rabbits, and birds. I, too, have a share of loveable pets growing up like aquarium fishes, dogs, and hamsters.

My wife thought that she’s a certified cat lover, and I felt that I’d be a dog lover for life. Now that we have Sherlock (a Golden Retriever) and Watson (a orange tabby), we realized that we are both. We can’t imagine our lives without these two amazing furry babies. They bring so much joy to our two kids and us as part of our growing family.

In this blog, we aim to share with you our experiences as cat and dog owners. We’ve made many mistakes as pet parents, but that’s where we become more responsible owners. We have our share of struggles, which we overcame and learned from.

This is the reason why we put up this blog: to help fellow pet owners who are struggling with the same problems we’ve had before.

So for every post, we perform in-depth research aside from our personal experiences. We offer straightforward solutions for every pet problem you may have or possibly be having in the future. Also, we talk to fellow pet owners to discuss pet problems and what they have done to solve it. We aim to be your ally in raising a well-rounded doggo or kitty, no matter what the breed is.

And to ensure that your pooch gets the best care, we also try, review, and suggest products that we think will improve your pet’s quality of life. Rest assured that each product we list here has been cat and dog-certified.

We know that having pets are not always a bed of roses. Accidents happen, lousy behavior may occur, and the hardest part is seeing your furry baby get sick. In our little way here, we try to ease the burden by giving you practical tips that will make your job as a pet mom or dad is much more comfortable.

Feel free to browse our articles here! We add new content each week for fresh insights and tips in being a pet owner. And if you have topics or questions that you want us to talk about, feel free to message us here or comment on our posts. We will get back to you as soon as we can!


P.S. Hug that cute furry baby for us!


Your friends,

Jack and Ann