Can Guinea Pigs Be Gay

Human expressions are distinct from those of guinea pigs. Sometimes, a guinea pig’s nibbling indicates a message he wishes to send. Similarly, two guinea pigs can display affection, dominance, and support in various ways. Often when, you may even question, can guinea pigs be gay?

How guinea pigs express affection or dominance cannot be interpreted as homosexual. Occasionally, they interact with homosexual pigs to form camaraderie. They have no sexual relationships.

Due to their intimate relationships with other pigs of the same sex, guinea pigs are frequently considered homosexual. If you are one of them, you should quickly read this article. 

What Causes Homosexuality in Animals?

Numerous variables contribute to animal homosexuality. Genetics, hormones, environment, socialization, and diet are examples. All of these factors influence whether or not an animal develops a sexual attraction to its kind.

Some individuals believe that genes inherit homosexuality. Homosexual tendencies may arise in animals who inherit specific genetic characteristics. For instance, changing the fucose mutarotase gene increased the likelihood of lesbianism in female mice.

Genuine Connection

The first and most apparent justification is that there is an actual and genuine connection between the two piggies. The fact that this bond occurs between two pigs of the same sex is merely coincidental. Love exists in the animal kingdom.

Naturally, we cannot describe what causes the link between two pigs to get stronger, just as we do not entirely comprehend it within ourselves.

But this link does not even have to be an accidental occurrence. It has been demonstrated that guinea pigs may create long-lasting ties with another guinea pig of the same sex, and they are pretty pleased with this arrangement.


Due to isolation, animals reared by humans may be more likely to exhibit gay behavior. Socialization exposes young guinea pigs to both males and females. This allows them to pick which relationships they prefer.

Physiological Explanations

According to certain studies, hormone levels and gonadal size may influence an animal’s sexual activity and preferred gender.

For instance, boosting estradiol and testosterone in heterosexual female animals increases their homosexual behavior.

In addition, increasing sex hormone levels in pregnant animals increases the risk of producing homosexual offspring.

Mercury poisoning

Research indicates that certain chemicals may induce gay desires. For example, male ibises exposed to elevated levels of mercury were more likely to mate with other males.

Sexuality in Guinea PigsTop of Form

Well, guinea pigs are sociable animals that require deep ties with other animals. This characteristic is directly related to their physical and mental wellness. A guinea pig will exercise regularly and keep a balanced diet in a friendly setting. The quality of life considerably increases. In contrast, guinea pigs in unfavorable situations choose solitude and lead impoverished lives.

Concerning homosexuality, other animals, such as swans, are homosexual, whereas bonobo apes are bisexual. The sexual preferences of different species vary. As we nurture pets at home, we form snap judgments about them based on specific habits, such as mounting.

As estrogen levels fluctuate, even spayed female guinea pigs appear to experience heat cycles, according to a research report. After administering hormone injections to 206 female pigs, it was discovered that estrogens lead to heat reactions and mounting behaviors.

Even if two female guinea pigs are seen mounting each other, you can conclude it is a hormonal response. What is it about men? Similar to females, male guinea pigs also endure hormonal abnormalities. However, they also select pigs of the same gender for specific purposes.

  • Physiological urge — When male guinea pigs experience a sudden increase in hormone levels, they feel compelled to mate with any other pig (irrespective of gender). This is relatively uncommon, however.
  • Diet – Occasionally, the type of food fed to guinea pigs can affect their hormone levels.
  • Environmental requirement – If you bring a solitary pig to another pig, he will likely mount. This is done both out of delight and to protect the environment. Male guinea pigs demonstrate their authority by mounting one another.
  • Social conduct — Some male guinea pigs appear to lavish affection on other guinea pigs out of devotion and companionship.

In each case, it is apparent that they are incapable of reproduction. They try to demonstrate their interest in other pigs in various ways.

Before concluding, you should take time to comprehend your pig’s needs. For example, a solitary guinea pig always seeks additional interactions, which is possible when more pigs are in the same area. 

Can 2 male guinea pigs mate?

The mounting behaviors of male guinea pigs are sometimes misinterpreted as mating. In actuality, male guinea pigs cannot reproduce with one another. When people experience hormone abnormalities, their behavior changes.

Guinea pigs, like all other species, suffer from hormone abnormalities. When pigs reach sexual maturity, it is best to spay or neuter them, so their hormonal effects decrease and they live safer lives. Before you can determine why two male guinea pigs are mounting each other, you must seek more evidence.

  • Do they have their chins raised over one another?
  • Do you observe an increase in the back hair?
  • Are you able to hear purring?
  • Can you identify any peculiar teething behaviors?

If you observe one or more of these actions, remember that your male pigs are not attempting to mate but assert their dominance. The time has come to interfere and prevent them from becoming hostile.

The elevated level of sex hormones (testosterone) in male pigs can enhance hostility and disrupt the environment. Some pigs are incredibly swift and can instantly engage in violent behavior. As a result of the conflict between a few of them, you can quickly identify bites or skin tears on other pigs.

When you have two pigs of the same gender, you must be cautious and keep them separate. It is also preferable to castrate male pigs at the appropriate age. The RSPCA recommends neutering male pigs if you do not intend to breed them, as it can improve their (mental and physical) quality of life.

Can guinea pigs be LGBTQ?

Female guinea pigs are incapable of being lesbians. They exhibit varied signs of dominance or reproductive preparation during their heat cycles but cannot procreate or remain homosexual.

Female guinea pigs strive to maintain friendships. During their heat phases, they become subservient to males. Perhaps lesbians and homosexuals do not exist in the family of guinea pigs.

Will male guinea pigs hump each other?

Although mounting is not sexual behavior, it signals that the dominance of a guinea pig will result in a mutually beneficial partnership.

The fights and humps of guinea pigs illustrate their aggressive nature. Mounting has no sexual connotation. In guinea pigs, dominant behavior may suggest that the dominating companion controls the dominant individual. Guinea pigs hop and bounce because they are content. A guinea pig will pop when offered their favorite reward, precisely as a toddler will bounce or fall when given sweets; similarly to how a toddler will bounce or fall when given candy, a guinea pig will pop when given popcorn. An incredibly content guinea pig will demonstrate simple affection by popping corn.

Long, hormone-induced humps are a distinguishing feature of mature guinea pigs. This will occur at some point in their lives, and there is no need for fear. If you want them to stop humming, you cannot stop them.

Are Guinea Pigs Born Homosexual?

It is difficult to say whether or not guinea pigs are born homosexual. Remember that genetics could produce homosexuality at some point. Even though most guinea pigs become heterosexual adults, they will likely demonstrate same-sex activities at some point.

However, young guinea pigs are unlikely to exhibit gay desires. It takes time before they engage in sexual behaviors with the same gender.

How To Prevent Homosexuality In Guinea Pigs?

Guinea pigs are incapable of homosexuality. The ideal would be to provide many opportunities for guinea pigs to interact and play with others. This decreases the likelihood of violence and dominance.

Homosexuality is a common occurrence in numerous animal species. Although guinea pigs are not homosexual when sexually mature, they require extensive care. Upon reaching sexual maturity, people should consider the following:

  • Food – You must consult a veterinarian regarding the dietary demands of your fully-grown pig.
  • Social environment – If too many pigs of both sexes, males competing to mate with females might cause conflict. Thus, you require improved enclosures.
  • Activity – A sexually mature female pig may limit physical activities, whereas its counterpart can demonstrate dominance in any activity.

While it is permissible to keep guinea pigs together, you must also consider the future and organize their surroundings accordingly. These can help mitigate the likelihood of hormone abnormalities.


Guinea pigs can be homosexual primarily owing to genetic, social, and environmental causes. Both male and female guinea pigs are capable of homosexual behavior. A hormonal imbalance may cause their altered behavior and homosexual actions. Pet Guinea pigs are significantly more likely to develop homosexual tendencies than their wild counterparts.

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